Friday, July 8, 2011

Photographer Spotlight: Ravi Sidhu

We catch up with Ravi Sidhu, the man who took these great pictures at G-Shock East's anniversary last week.

Why did you want to be a photographer and how did you get into it?
I have always had a creative eye and a passion for art and design. Photography allows me to translate the creative vision or ideas that I have in my head into something physical and plus it’s fun! I was always out and about wanting to capture the moment using standard cameras until I got a SLR for my birthday and my passion for photography developed from there
I started to learn the different aspects and creative control you can achieve when taking pictures and was amazed at how much information you can capture from just one picture at a precise moment - the mood, lighting and most importantly the vibe. I was able to combine photography with my love for fashion, art and music along with my natural (sometimes obsessive) hunger to get that perfect picture.

What's the toughest part of your job?
The toughest part of a shoot for me is to be sure to never miss ‘the moment’ so you’re always observing what is going on and always on edge to ensure you capture everything. The toughest technical aspect and something you fight with all the time is ensuring you have enough light for all the shots.

What are your ambitions as a photographer?
The creative possibilities of photography are endless and each day I discover new aspects and techniques to develop my own style. The long term goal is for my photography to have its own stand alone identity that can be associated with me. When taking pictures I like to capture everything so that the end results whether an event or product, can be viewed like my personal journey as if you’ve seen everything that happened or was there from start to finish. For me detail is key.

How did you find the G-Shock anniversary?
It was messy and considering it was pouring down with rain - the crowd turnout and participation was great! It shows how much of a dedicated following the brand and the store have with its customers. More than a brand it’s a lifestyle thing.

Where else can people catch your work?
I’m out and about so expect to see me at your favourite brands’ events, art exhibitions and shows along with photographing for Hypebeast, Sneaker Freaker and RWD.

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