Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jaden Smith Ft. Justin Bieber: Love Me Like You Do

Will Smith's son joins up with another teenage overachiever on this unreleased track. Jaden rhymes over a bonus track from The Beibs last album.

Very Frank Ocean/ Drake in his approach, we gotta say, the kid got skillzzz.

OffTheWallTV: Crack And Shine

A series documenting some of the greats of grafitti around the world, the first kicks off with Barcelona.

JLS: Hold Me Down (Acoustic)

Our favourite foursome have recorded a rather lovely acoustic version of album track Hold Me Down, ahead of the relase of their album.

Evolution is out on (remember remember) the 5th of Novemeber.

American Horror Story: Trailer

Well, now this just looks weird.

For those that have FX, tune into this new series, starting tonight - perfectly time for Halloween tomorrow!

Starring, randomly, Adam Levine (?), Chloe Sevigny and Joseph Fiennes, the story involves a sexually repressed nun and a serial killer.

Which is nice.

Tune in at 10pm tonight - if you dare.

Rude Kid: One Week EP

East London producer Rude Kid is a generous boy.

The Alien Musik maestro, who has worked with Skepta, Jammer, P Money, Griminal and Little Dee,
has dropped this free EP. The seven tracks are named after the days of the week - see what he did! - and go from brilliantly grimy to eeriely sparse. The screeching dub of Saturday is our favourite.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Daley Ft. Jessie J: Remember Me

There's snatches of Mica Paris, there's overtones of Boy Blue, there's the combined power of two amazing vocals and there's a great video.

What more do you need?

Excited about this Mancunian singer's debut, due next year. This first single Ft. the inimitable Jessie J sets him up real nice.

Sway Ft. Mr. Hudson: Charge

Utilising Crystal Waters and Hudson's distinctive vocal and penmanship, looks like Little Derek got a little hit on his hands... Video directed by Amit and Naroop.

One Direction: Little Things

You can tell this is an Ed Sheeran song, right?

Harry, Zain and the other three have recorded this gorgeous slowie wirtten by Ed when he was 17.

1D are predicted to make around £100m this year. Big up Ed and Jake Gosling!

Affion Crockett: Elementary

He's parodied everyone from Drake to Chris Brown, now it's 2 Chainz turn to get the Crockett treatement.

The comedian/ actor/ impersonator take the 'chain' out of 2's sometimes simplistic/ non-sensical/ stupid lyrics...!

Class is in session.

Damien Hirst: Straight Outta Ilfracombe

Despite complaints, Hirst has been given the ok to erect this massive beast down on the Devon coast. Arguing that it will increase tourism (and possibly scare off any pirates), the 20m bronze statue of a Prometheus like pregnant woman wielding a sword one side and her skeletal self the other is certainly, well, eye-grabbing.

Head down to Ilfracombe, North Devon to get yourself a glimpse...

TNGHT Riddim: Heatwave Refix

Right, it's Monday and it's grey outside. We know, we know. Today is grim. Monday is grim. Grim is grim.

One thing guaranteed to make you feel a million times better is pressing play on the Soundcloud link above. You will laugh in the face of grim. You will scoff at its stupid grimness. It will also wake you up really nice. You might even feel to get up and have a little dance. Do it. You know you want to.

Taking TNGHT, rolling it round in some dancehall niceness, the Heatwave boys have added Mr Lexxx and Nikisha to the mix to create a cobweb blasting smash.

Don't know about you, but we're off to roll our bumpers....

Steve x Starck = A Yacht

See what we did there? 'A yacht'. 'A lot'?!

Oh, never mind.

Anyway, before his death, Steve Jobs had been working on a yacht with uber-designer Phillipe Starck. Though the Apple giant died before its completion, the launch will be attneted by his family.

With plenty of sleek lines and the inclusion of seven iMacs in the wheelhouse, this has Steve and Starck written all over it.

Named Venus, we await our invitation aboard. We're thinking the Med next summer, yeah? Thanks.

KCat: Broken

On a bassline vibez comes the new one from north London's KCat ( or, 'Cat' if you will).

Eminem: New Album Alert

Some people have their PR write a press release, other's take to Twitter and announce they have a new album coming.

Not Eminem though, no way Jose.

Sim Shady only went and made a baseball hat and stitched in a clue. Crazy business.

The Tribute Snapback features the release dates of all of the Em's albums - including, mysteriously, 2013. WHAT CAN IT MEAN?

We think it means that there's a new Em album due in 2013, that's what we think. #JessicaFletcher.

Buy the hat and part of the proceeds will go to the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Die Hard 5: Trailer

So this franchise may have waned a little, and Liam Neeson might be your action hero's favourite (older) action hero, but we still love Bruce.

The bald one is joined by his son and a lot of guns, bombs and car chases as John McClaine heads to Moscow.

We'll have to wait until 14 February for this unfortuntaely. On the upside, it's the PERFECT date movie...!

The Weeknd: Enemy

The Toronto semi-recluse drops this little number in aticipation of the forthcoming Trilogy.

The Encounter: Prequel

Another day, another RZA post (is it Groundhog Day today?).

The Wu frontman has been going hard in preparation for the release of his Quentin Tarentino supported directorial debut, Man With The Iron Fists.

Above is an animated prelude which finds the Blacksmith (RZA) on his way to China via a Dutch shipping vessel. At port, the crew have an unfortunate encounter....

Amazing artwork by Eric Calderon.

Angel Haze Ft. Scrufizzer: New York

Another day, another Angel Haze post...!

This time, The Haze has teamed up with one of our favourite's Scrufizzer for this remix of her hit New York.

In typical Fizzy Flow style, Scru's flow is fast. Very, very fast.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Angel Haze: Classik

Including Angel's versions of Missy's Gossip, Hov's Song Cry, Lauren's Doo Wop and the explosive Cleaning Out My Closet, Haze has dropped another hot mixtape, following on from the critically lauded Reservation.

Download here.

We Found Love (In Ireland)

Please watch this.

This is just amazing.

Found via @lindatowers.

These boys are incredible..!

MMG H&M Launch

Not a huge surprise to see that the whole world and its mother tured up to the Martin Mason Margiela and H&M launch.

Julianna Moore, Helena Christianson, Alan Cumming, Mena Suvari, Sarah Jessica Parker and some guy called Kanye West all hit the red carpet at the New York launch.

Check the above a-listers talking about the line, above.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time For: Angel Haze [Cleaning Out My Closet]

As she just released her version of Eminem's Cleaning Out My Closest, we decided to drop a sneak preview of a little chat we had with Angel two weeks ago when she was in London to perform at the Hoxton Bar & Grill.

One of the most searingly honest rappers out right now, on the song, Haze talks with a shocking starkness and intricacy about sexual abuse.

Here's what Haze had to say about the track.

It's fair to say you had a full-on upbringing, right?
My mum and I have a really weird relationship. My dad has never been around, he died before I was born. We’ve always bounced around from here to there, A to Z. Like, whatever. We’ve always had a lot of conflict but now we’re just getting more towards having an actual relationship. I guess that's from getting older but more when you move out. Like, ‘I don’t have to deal with your shit 24/7.’

What does she think of what you're doing?
She's really proud. It worked out. It’s weird. I recorded a song recently that’s due to drop in a couple of weeks and she heard it. I think it’s one of my most insanely honest, vulnerable, crazy songs ever and my mom ended up apologizing for everything that ever happened. It’s so surreal for me. It’s something that you wait for [an apology] your entire life and then it happens and I don’t even know how to deal with it. It’s weird. It feels like a release. It feels good. The song is called Cleaning Out My Closest.

What can you tell us about it?
Nothing. You have to wait and hear it. I don't want to say anything about it yet.

We'll be back with more from Angel Haze in the next few days....


A little sneak peak of the clothing collab that has us all very excied.

Maison Martin Margiela will be winging its way into H&M very shortly, and some kind people (the marketing or PR dept one would imagine) have allowed us a glimpse of what to expect.

Launching tomorrow at the Mondrian in New York's Soho, expect the queue's to be round the block when the line hits the stores on Nov 15th.

Behind The Scenes: Emeli Sande

Featuring on super-producer Naughty Boy's debut single Wonder, filmed on a lake in Copenhagen.

This is the first single taken from NB's concept album, Hotel Cabana.

Blink and you might catch a quick glimpse of the mysterious composer!

K Koke Ft. Maverick Sabre: Turn Back

What happens when you team one of UK rap's most emotive with one of the UK's most emotoinal singers?

A pretty great track is your answer. This redemptive track from the Jay-Z approved, Roc Nation signed rhymer is a stark look at what happens on the streets.

G-Shock 30th Awards

Last Thursday was a pretty incredible night. Hosted by Nihal, attended by Louise Grey and MNEK and featuring the legendary Ghostface, Dazed and Confused helped G-Shock celebrate their big 30 with a night of art, music, fashion and sport awards, topped off with delicious cocktails and an unforgettable performance from Ghostface himself.

It was a pretty incredible night of somewhat epic proportions. It took our poor little heads a good day to recover...!

Stooshe: See Me Like This

Continuing in the same 60's soul of Black Heart, the Stooshe girls have are releasing this similarly themed smash as a warm-up for their forthcoming album. Touted as a 'lyric video' this seems more video to us!

Look forward to the album girlzzzz!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kendrick Lemar: Big Boy Freestyle

Pretty much five minutes of serious spitting.

Get Lemar's new album on iTunes now or your local record shop, if indeed there is still such a thing.

LV x Yayoi Kusama

Currently atop Selfridges (well, a model of her at least), Yayoi Kusama is one of art's most recent success stories. It feels like you can barely turn the internets on or turn the page of a fash mag without seeing 'the Dot artist' fantastic face.

Even Louis Vuitton love the Japanese octogenrian, who recently painted a line for them. LV presents here the artist at work as she careates an astounding 100 pieces.

Very, very beuatiful.

Road To Brooklyn: Ball So Hard

The latest instalment from the Jay-Z/ New York Mets series takes a trip to the streetside courts that are so much a pivotal part of New York and b-ball culture.

As you'd expect, this is beautifully shot and well informed.

If nothing else, this will probably make you want to go to New York as badly as we do right now. Ahhh the Big Apple.

Iron Man 3: Teaser

Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow return for the third instalment in the series.

Is there much point in a teaser when a trailer itself is only ever a minute long? Is there any need really?

(We still watched it, obvs).

Devlin Ft. Wretch: Off With Their Heads

As previously mentioned, we LOVE this song.

This is the ultimate gym track - you'll be up at 15 on the running machine when this beauty comes on.

Tulisa: Sight Of You

Directed by Luke Hyams who directed Tulisa all those years ago in Dubplate Drama.

We like the slower vybz Tulisa, yes we do.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday BAPE

To celebrate being in London for 10 years - that's a whole decade! - BAPE teamed up with legendary Japanese graphic artist Sk8thing for a 10th anniversary t-shirt.

The store is also re-releasing its Very Ape line. If you notice, the Very Ape looks towards the East, as opposed to the original East which faced West.

Get down to the store in Upper James St, London from this Saturday to pick up some great new stuff. Beware the queues though - collectors might want to roll up early or go online and buy from here.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Trailer)

For those that like to put in earpieces and shout at other people via the internets, this one is for you...!

Little Mix: DNA

The video to the amazing DNA from our favourite female foursome has arrived.

LOVE this song. It's so epically compelling and huge and mssive and all of those types of things.

GREAT video too. Very Sin City.

Pre-order now. That's literally what we're about to do.

Ghostface: G-Shock Awards

Fantastic to meet and talk to the legendary Tony Starks yesterday. Ghost was in the UK to help G-Shock celebrate their 30th with the Dazed & G-Shock Spirit of Toughness awards.

Interview with the Wu-Tang-er to follow.

The Weeknd: Wicked Games

Great to get a video for one of 2012's greatest songs.

The trilogy is releaseSimple and understated. Rather like the track itself!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Angel: Time After Time

No, sadly not a cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic, it is still rather a great track.

Kanagawa X Casio Collab

Japanese broadcaster Televison Kanagawa have teamed up with Casio for a "Jason" G-001 anniversary watch, celebrating the station's' 40th birthday.

With calender, alarm, stopwatch and gorgeous blue colourway, these will be snapped up super fast. You need to be Japan-sides to get one of these, so for those that are, head to LOWERCASE for yours.

Wu-Tang Clan Ft. Kool G Rap: Rivers of Blood

Another release from the soundtrack to RZA's forthcoming directorial debut, Man With The Iron Fists.

This track is actually amazing. The driving bass from BADBADNOTGOOD and Frank Dukes is almost overwhelming in its build.

Can't wait to see Ghost himself tomorrow at the G-Shock Awards!

Rudimental: Not Giving In

These boys look ready set for their second No.1.

Great visuals too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Child Of Lov: One Mo'Gin

TCOL twists up D'angelo's One Mo' classic to almost unrecogniseable proportions.

Toro Y Moi: So Many Details

Beloved by Tyler, The Creator, singer and songwriter Toro has just released a brand new track taken from the forthcoming album, Anything I Return, out January 2013.

Hodgy is on the b-side btw.

Like this? Follow Toro.

Kendrick Lemar: Album Snippet

The highly anticipated (and strangely titled) good kid, M.A.A.d city has leaked in snippet form.

Featuring producion from Pac Div, Hit-Boy and Pharrell and guest spots from MJB, Dre, Drake and MC Eiht, we are very much looking forward to getting our mitts on this.

The album is out next week.

Carrie: The Remake [Trailer]

It's hard to say what is more exciting about this Carrie remake. That it stars Chloe Grace 'Kick Ass' Moretz as the evil child prone to mass murder with telekenisis, or that the amazing Julianna Moore plays the part of her craycray mother.

We will decide on the film's release, later this year.


Bluey Robinson: The Late Shift (Download)

We have a lot of time for Bluey Robinson.

One of the UK's most under-valued singers, the Swedish born, London raised writer and singer is a seriously special talent.

Download his free mixtape, Ft. Joe Black and Bento RIGHT NOW from RIGHT HERE.

Phlegm: Doncaster Art

His name might be nasty, but his piece's are real nice.

Phlegm recently completed this wall up in Doncaster. A bugle of nails.

2 Chainz: This Is How I Made It

MTV sat down with 2012.s hottest new rapper, the man who likes not one but two chains around his neck.

2 Chainz aka Tity Boy talks through growing up in College Park, Georgia, playing basketball at college, forming Playaz Circle, signing to Ludacris, and making the amazing Duffle Bag Boy with Lil Wayne, before becoming 2 Chainz, the guy featuring on just about every hot rap song out.

Jay-Z: The Power Of Our Voice

Jay delivers his own party political broadcast, encouraging the nation to get out and vote.

It's a beautiful thing.

Frank Ocean: Steak and Dogs and Love

Another Text Edit via Tumblr post from the one and only Frankie Boy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Time For: Dappy [Interview]

I’m a good, warm-hearted person. I am a bit spontaneous. I get hot-headed, I do get in trouble. But I’ve made a conscious effort recently to think before I speak. I want people to talk about my music, not me. The music comes first each and every time.

With a No.1 and a No.2 single under his belt, expectations are high for Dappy's debut solo album, Bad Intentions, due on 22 October.

Below is a sampler of what's to come from the record. Before that though, we had a chat with the multi-platinum selling singer, rapper, writer, composer and producer.

Tell us about the album please.
What you’ve heard already - Rock Star, No Regrets, Tarzan, Good Intentions etc., -  is just one side of the album. I’ve established a lot of genres of music on there; R&B, pop, hip hop, bashment, rock, ballads, it’s a bit of everything. I wanted to show everyone that you have to be able to do everything to be a great artist; you can’t just rap, you can’t just sing. So I’m killing it with the metaphors and the punchlines for the rap thing and then I’m killing it with Adele type singing on the other side. I’m going in, man, on each and every type of angle.

The majority of artists in our scene, they’re all afraid to expand their degrees of knowledge of music. They’re very narrow-minded, you have to be open-minded. 

What's your favourite lyric on there?
I’ll tell you right now. On the Intro, I say ‘I feel to say some sh*t and tattoo it on my skin/ But when there’s so much to address, tell me where the f**k do you begin/ I think I’ll start with my community/ When I see Cameron I should grab him by his neck, and raise him up like a uni fee/ How can these greedy bastards put our tax in their pockets/ Fuck an MP, to me, that just stands for Maximum Profit...' I don’t think people these days are smart enough, so I want to show them. That was my frame of mind. When there’s so much to address, I thought if I mixed the political talk with the street talk, that will get people talking. Hopefully it will make people look at me different.The majority of artists in our scene, they’re all afraid to expand their degrees of knowledge of music. They’re very narrow-minded, you have to be open-minded. 

How did you get The Wanted on the album?
Their manager got in touch with me and I was supposed to write a track for them. But I liked what I wrote so much I was like ‘F**k that, I’m keeping this for me!' (laughs). Fraser T Smith produced it. I've got Marga on there too, but the rest is me proving myself as an artist. I need people to hear it and say ‘this kid can go in'. I don’t want too many features on there. It's my baby.

You're quite a perfectionist, right?
With every note. Like they left one mistake today in the master. It drove me crazy. It was just one high-hat – tss – you can’t probably even hear it. But it should have been muted. Composing is a big thing, especially when you do it all yourself. You know how you want it to sound. I need it to be perfect for when I listen to it. Otherwise, every time the album comes on in the car or wherever, I’m going to want to turn it off. All I’m going to hear is that high hat.

How did you develop your musical knowledge and ear?
Well, my pops, obviously. When we were bunking off school to go studio, I’d learn there. I’ve got bat ears. I’m grateful to whoever gave me then. If you hear something amazing, your ear should go clammy. That’s what good music is supposed to do. It’s supposed to bring good energy, it should go clammy. It’s a deep thing. If something is sh*t, or ain’t booming or ain’t unique, it’s not going to tickle. When something is amazing, it’s like… your ears should tickle. The ears are a very important thing. That’s what made me the way I am. That, my bat ears, and my dad, and bunking off school from 13, and going to Dollis Hill, Willesdon and Neasdon to where we had the studio. That was it.

I never ever use paper or pen. Always in the brain. If you’re reading off paper, spitting in the booth, that’s unnatural. You have to have it in your brain. 

There's a theory that all great creatives spend at least 10,000 hours perfecting their craft.
(Incredulous look).  Oh yeah, loads of practice. I did that probably just in my teens. In the Likkle Rinsers [the original name of N-Dubz)] alone, we did hundreds, thousands of hours. Even with Tulisa and Fazer, from the minute I stuck us lot together with dad, I knew exactly what to do. The hat. I’m not stupid. Putting a hat with strings on it up in the air, with a girl in the middle – sorry, no one looks like that. That’s getting famous straight away. I knew what I done and it worked. That was the easy part. We’re known now, now how do we stay here? We sold albums and went double-platinum. And we left it there. I thought ‘Lets not do a fourth album and sell 200,000. Lets leave it there’ See you lot later, you do what you’re doing and maybe we’ll do something again in the future. But yeah, when I put Tulisa and Fazer there, I knew what type of music I was going to make; me fighting the girl and Fazer fighting the girl, female male perspective, arguing, teenage fanbase, singing along and catchy arena music. I knew it would work. Now it’s gone I can bring out my new thing, I’m not a stupid boy. Now I can go in. I want to keep switching, do bashment, do pop, do hard rap, then a ballad, then an acoustic. I wrote a song called I Owe You. I wrote it for my mum and it’s psycho, it’s powerful man. It’s too deep. I’ll get emotional when I sing it. The bars are stupid, it’s so powerful. It’s me saying ‘I owe you one’ to my mum. Fraser T on the guitar, and me. I did it in one take.

How you write?
I never ever use paper or pen. Always in the brain. If you’re reading off paper, spitting in the booth, that’s unnatural. You have to have it in your brain. Reading off a Blackberry or paper doesn’t seem natural. Look at the mic and let it come out from the brain.

Now Dappy, you do get yourself into trouble a lot. Do you have good intentions at heart?
I’m a good, warm-hearted person. I am a bit spontaneous. I get hot-headed, I do get in trouble. If someone chats sh*t to me, then I’ll say something back. You’ll always be able to take the boy out of the hood, but you’ll never get the hood out of the boy. I’m gritty. But I’ve made a conscious effort recently to think before I speak. I want people to talk about my music, not me. The music comes first each and every time.

 Fishing? When my dad died I carried on his legacy; man against nature. I love it. I went to a tackle shop and I spent £8000. If you think that’s a joke, come fishing with me. 
How old were you when you bought your first album? What was it?
I was 11. It was some punk-rock CD called The Offspring. 

What song makes you cry?
(laughs) The Titanic theme song, by Celine Dion! My Heart Will Go On. When I hear that, I get water in my eyes, I cry. I think about one of my female loved ones – my mum, my girl, an aunty – I think of them drowning and me having to let them go.

You're a keen fisherman. What's that about?
Before my dad died, he was born in Egypt, he was born into that whole 'man against nature' thing. Then he went to Africa, then to Greece, met my mum, come back here, so he used to love fishing all the time. So when he died I carried on his legacy; man against nature. I love it. I went to a tackle shop and I spent £8000. If you think that’s a joke, come fishing with me. 

What's the biggest fish you've caught?
A 12lb carp. You don’t eat them, you take a picture, you put it back.

What's the most you've ever spent on something?
£12,000 on jewels in Trotters, Bethnal Green. Also £8000 on fishing equipment. 

What’s the toughest part about being Dappy?
Trying my hardest to get my mum out of the hood into a nice place. I will go and view a house, I’ll like it and my mum will come and see it and say it’s sh*t. So we keep looking. 

How about the biggest lesson learnt?
Don’t be so genuine; don’t splash your money and help people. And don’t give your trust to just anyone cos people will backstab you. People are two-faced. It’s a very snaky business. 

Rose Gabor: Stars

Easily single of the week so far.

Ok, it's only Monday but we have the faith.

Produced by Redlight, out on Toddla T's Girls label, this is a mammothly amazing track.

Follow Roses.

Joker: Old Era

Bristolian dubstepper Joker takes an animated journey through time in the video for his lovely new single, Old Era.

Encountering extra tererstrials after leaving the club, sounds like a normal Saturday night out for us too.

This rather ace single is out 5 nov on Kapzize

Follow Joker

Supreme X Clarks

Oochi Wally Wally, oochi bang bang, we're loving this Wallabee collaboration between Clarks and Supreme.

We reckon Ghostface would choose the yellow ones, right?

The Clarks X Supreme Wallabee is available from 18 October online and in-store's across the UK.

Breton: Population Density

We know little about Breton, but we do know we really love this song.

The London based band recorded this track in-between festivals, debuting it last month at Route De Rock in France.

We love the way this track builds, love the drums, love the vocals, love the tone of lead singer Roman's voice. Love love love, basically.

The video is a collab between the band's video directors bretonLABScollective and ze fans.

“We went to route du rock & asked people on twitter & FB if they wanted to be part of a video project," says lead singer Roman. "We assumed about 20 people would turned up, but in the end 120 arrived to part of the video.
It was a collaboration between photographers, film-makers and the 120 people who turned up on the day.”

Follow Breton.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sky Ferreira: Red Lips

Following the brilliant Everything Is Embarrassing, Sky Ferreira channels her inner Shirley Manson on this Greg Kurstin, Shirley Manson (surprise!) co-written grungey grunge fest.

The video comes courtesy of Tezza Richardson and features a tarantula crawling over poor Sky's undercrackers.

And there you have it.

Sky's Ghost EP is out next week.

Wu Tang: Six Directions of Boxing

Minus M.e.t.h.o.d Man sadly, but the rest of the Clan line up for yet another track from RZA's The Man With The Iron Fists.

Ghostface drops our favourite verse. Thanks.

Justin Bieber Ft. Nicki Minaj: Beauty & The Beat

Our Beibs has only gone and directed his own video. Starring a (typically) strangely dressed Minaj, we do love her dropping Selena Gomez's name in the rap like, 'What'!

Kanye West: White Dress

As mentioned on this very here blog yesterday, here's the full audio of Kanye's potential Kim dedication, White Dress, taken from the soundtrack to RZA's forthcoming directorial debut. Or could it be, with the model references, about Amber?

Remi Rough X G-Shock: Never Give Up

I’ve never given up. I think the fact that I have been a fairly successful artist and self-employed for up to 15 years, I think that shows my will to never give up.

After painting G-Shock East rather brilliantly for their Never Give Up campaign, artist Remi Rough joined G-Shock at Moniker yesterday for another fantastic installation. 

These pictures are taken from Moniker, which saw Remi paint an entire street scene, including a bus stop with Moniker timetable. You wait hours, and then four come along at once (etc etc)...!

We had a chat with the boundary breaking, creatively progressive graffiti writer about his work.

G-Shock was developed from “a desire to create an unbreakable watch” – what was your desire/ambition when starting out in your career?
When I initially started out it wasn’t really a career, it was just rebellious reflection; my point of view at that time was just to be rebellious. Looking back, as a 41-year-old, there are slight differences – now I just want to produce good, quality work.

How would you describe what you do?
It’s hard to describe in a sentence. I started off painting graffiti and it morphed into this geometric, abstract thing steeped in the references of my past.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on a new body of work for my first LA solo show, which is opening on October 25th. I have just finished a very large painting for the futurism 2.0 show, which opens in London on September 27th.

Could you run us through your general day to day?
I’ll get up, take the children to school, jump on my bike to the studio. The studio is just up the road from me in Peckham. I work from there most days, making sculptures and painting.

The G-Shock ethos is “never give up” – can you relate to this?
Absolutely. I’ve never given up. I met with someone yesterday who said, “Oh, what’s your day job?” And often I reply, “This is my day job.” I think the fact that I have been a fairly successful artist and self-employed for up to 15 years, I think that shows my will to never give up.

Was it tough to get to where you are?
God yeah – it was hard! And especially in London; someone was telling me yesterday that in the Shoreditch area there is a three-mile radius where something like 80,000 artists work. That’s not even including Peckham or west London.

I had my first Casio watch when I was about six years old. It was my first digital watch. Later I had a calculator one. 

Would you say your job is still tough today?
It’s definitely become a lot easier. I’ve always been quite involved with brands – I’ve worked with so many different brands over the years. I’ve got a good working ethos with them, and I understand how brands work. I’m not one of these precious artists who says, “Oh no, I can’t do that,” because brands put money into art whereas the government doesn’t. Obviously everyone has an agenda, but when you compromise that you can collaborate and make something really good.

How important is the role of technology in your life?
I think it’s very important. Being part of this 2.0 show, you understand how important it is, because the whole show is about how futurists were trying to obtain technology and utilise technology as much as they could. We have it on tap – we can email, Instagram each other and tweet. Your connection is instant, it makes it very easy – maybe too easy – but I think it is an important part of being an artist now. If you don’t have a presence online or you don’t utilise the world of online to your advantage then, quite frankly, you are silly.

Is technology important in a watch for you?
Absolutely. I’ve always been into good timepieces. I think having a watch doing all the things you need it to do is a very important thing. G-Shock watches are really good – I’m not just saying that.

Are there any functions on the G-Shock watch that you find particularly useful?
I wouldn’t know where to start. Having the ability to tell time in different parts of the world when you are travelling is a great thing. So that’s a big help for me as I’m always travelling. I also do like a stopwatch feature as I run a lot.

How does G-Shock fit into your personal style?
When I was looking through the G-Shock look book, I saw about 50 watches that I thought: “Yeah, I could wear those.” I think it goes hand in hand with cool trainers; if you wear a luminous yellow T-shirt then people think, “Oh God” but if you have a cool watch, slightly flamboyant and colourful, or you have bright shoes or trainers, then it’s not as big a statement.

Did you grow up with Casio?
I did. I had my first Casio watch when I was about six years old. It was my first digital watch. Later I had a calculator one. It was a big brand, growing up in the 70s. And still a great brand. It’s quite interesting how Casio has adapted throughout the years.

Check out more of Remi's work here.

Gangster Squad: Trailer

Fans of the Untouchables and Boardwalk Empire, this new Josh Brolin film will likely be right up your strasse.

Ryan Gosling plays a cop in love with Emma Stone who's after the bad guy (Sean Penn).

This looks stylish, slick and exciting. Sign us up.

(Also love the use of Hov's Oh my God as the trailer soundtrack).

Scrufizzer: Rap Rave

Back with his Fizzy Flow, Scrufizzer makes us rave with his rap!


Loving this.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Django Unchained: Trailer

Talking of RZA, the Wu Tang Clan creator can be seen in Quentin Tarentino's new film, Django Unchained.

Starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson and Jonah Hill, Tarentino casts a bloody eye backwards to the slave trade, as Foxx sets out to rescue his wife from the hands of the dentally challenged Leo.

Django Unchained is out this Christmas.

Kanye West: White Dress

Taken from RZA's forthcoming directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fists, this is a snippet from Kanye's contribution to the soundtrack, White Dress.

Talking about the lady in his life over a sweeeeet soul sample, specualtion is of course already rife over the internet as to who the song is about (AKA Kim Kardashian). Talking about meeting a girl in a club but immediately picturing her in a white dress - 'I seen you in the club in a tight dress, but I picture you in church with a white dress' -  the internets are of course is going nuts over speculation that KimYe are about to be betrothed.

RZA has apparently stepped up, explaining thus: "So that's basically talking about, you know, some of these girls, you know, you want to make a wife out of them. But they got to get it together."

Regardless of the deeper meanings of the lyrics, this is a great song and sees West returning to his earlier soulful side. We LOVE!

Josh Kumra: Jessie Ware Cover

Josh Kumra, who you might remember from Wretch's Don't Go, takes on Wildest Moments by the brilliant Jessie Ware.

What a lovely voice he has. Looking forward to hearing his solo material due in the next month or so.

Lady Leshurr X Paigey Cakey Freestyle

Taken from Semtex's show (the very man that put us onto Ms. Cakey), these two female MC's work really well together.

Love this freestyle; it seems so soft but if you listen, the bars are very, very hard.

Can't wait to hear more from Paigey.

Follow Paigey
Follow Leshurr

Sway Ft. Mr. Hudson: Charge

Joining Mr. Example on his tour next year, Sway has also hooked up with his buddy Mr. Hudson on this effervescent new single, taken from his forthcoming third album.

Love lines like "Positive energy/ Cos when I pick up a magazine, that's the only time I'm looking at an enemy (NME)". Sway really suits this beat and it's always great to hear Mr. H having a lovely sing. Lolz at the snatches of Gypsy Woman refrain from Crystal Waters.

Follow Sway.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BET Ciphers 2012

We love it when the annual BET ciphers drop; Nicki Minaj killed hers a few months before she blew up. This year, there's a lot of newbies looking for similar shine.

Our very own Chip features on the Grand Hustle Cipher alongside Iggy Azealia, while Angel Haze looks to get some freshman love, as does Hopsin, the man who some say preceded Tyler, The Creator by a couple of years.

Love how the way they've split the ciphers; 'The True School' features Jean Grae, Sarkodie from Ghana and Talib Kweli. 'The Iron Mic' sees A$AP and Angel and go head to head with Joey Badda$$ and Childish Gambino. 'The Hip Hop Awards' features Schoolboy Q and Mac Miller, who 'shouts out' Rita Ora! The 'West Coast' features, as you might expect, Kendrick Lemar, Snoop, Xhibit, YG, Kurupt, E-40 and DJ Quik.

Mystikal does something that really needs to be seen to be believed. Yeah. Just, yeah.

By the way, the ad's before each one are very annoying, yes, but persevere.

Trailer: The Canyons

Direceted by Paul 'Taxi Driver' Schrader and starring Lindsey 'Uh Oh' Lohan and porn star James Deen.

The Canyons focuses on the sexual exploits of a group of 20-something friends. Given that it's written by Bret Eastern Ellis,  you can imagine we're in for a lot of sex, drugs, whiny self-analysis and brilliantly self-centered behaviour. The releases promises "deceit, paranoia, cruel mind games and ultimately violence."

Abaoslutely loving this retro trailer. Not sure if the entire film will be like this, but promises to be an interesting watch regardless.

The Canyons is relesaed next year.

OFWGKTA: iPhone Cases


Tyler etc., have teamed up with InCase of these iPhone 4S cases.

Featuring the ubiquitous OF images and type, we want the tie-die cat one please.

Buy yours from here.

Check the video below for a track and also Tyler and Domo talking nonsense about China, Steve Jobs and lasagne.

Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith: Latch

Brothers Guy and Howard are two of the most exciting producers working in music right now. Their music is just so gorgeous, hard to classify and of its own ilk.

"We listen to A LOT of J Dilla that’s probably a big influence in terms of production… in terms of the sounds he used and his mixes," they told RWD recently. "We took Joy Orbison style synth sounds and Dilla-esque beats with a garage sound. We wanted to mix all of that into one sound." 

Love their choice of vocalists too - Ria Ritchie, Sinead Harnett and now Sam.

Thumbs up emoticon.

A fantastic video too, one that you actually want to watch the whole way through. A rarity!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Child Of Lov: Heal

We've told you about Child Of Lov before. He's ace!

TCOL is one talented mother. He writes, produced and plays everything - including guitar, keys and "a cheap pink bass" apparently. Other than that not much is known about this reclusive character, other than that he's been living in London, Paris and Amsterdam with roots in the ATL.

This is the first track to be taken from an album that features collaborations with Doom, Damon Albarn and Thundercat. We can't wait to get our mitts on this lovely piece of music.

As a warm up, we have the D'angelo (One Mo'Gin) referencing Heal, with video direction from Focus Creeps (Arctic Monkeys) as TCOL heads to Atlanta for some rollerskating, lolz on the rail tracks and school lessons.

Heal is available on Domino affiliate Double Six and can be bought from here.

Clement Marfo: Last Night (Preditah remix)

The latest one from the one like Clement.

The video is now available online and features, for some reason, the cast of Made In Chelsea! We decided it was maybe not too safe for work, being full of naked ladies and such. Tsk tsk!

Here's the Preditah remix of the seven-piece's new smash.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jay-Z In Subway Shocker

Probably seemed like a good idea at the time, eh?

Next time bring the Phantom or something Hov.

Champman Bros X Supreme

LOVE these bizarre boards designed by acclaimed Brit artists the Chapman Brothers.

Featuring the grotesque figures that Jake and Dinos are known for (peens for noses etc), these five limited edition boards will be available from Supreme stores in London, New York and LA from 11th October.

Gotta love art, eh!

Coldplay:Hurts Like Heaven

Father of Apple and lover of G-Shock, Mr. Martin's brilliant band Coldplay release their SIXTH single from Mylo Xyloto.

I'd like to know who created the fantastic animation, and sure we'll find out soon as the band prepare to release a comic book story based on the album.

Misha B: Do You Think Of Me

We do our Meesh. We think about you ALL the time.

Produced by the brillz TMS (Dappy, Pro Green), this is the former X-Factor belter's latest.

It's got one of these smashing uptempo bridge builders. Nice.

Angel Haze: I Don't Like

Delivering her own take on Cheif Keef, this freestyle might silence any doubters unsure of how hot Angel Haze is right now.

40 seconds in? Phewwwwww. "Basically, all the n****a you look up to looked up to a n**** that did not succeed."

Watch out this week for an interview with Ms. Haze on this very site.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Broken City: Trailer

Number 1. Russell Crowe's hair.

Number 2. Russel Crowe's hair.

Number 3. Russell Crowe....

Ok, you get the picture. But OHMYGOD that HAIR.

Aside from that troubling barnet, basically any film with Mark Wahlberg is it is a film we want to see. Who doesn't love the silky-voiced actor that used to rap and pose in his pants with Kate Moss?

He's ace.

Also starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Broken City, is out in January.

OFWGKTA: Carnival

 It's like Grease. Kinda.

Odd Future got their 'We Go Together' vibes on for the end Camp Flog Gnaw tour with a Carnival in LA. Rather than Rizzo and Danny Zuko though, they had guests like Lil Wayne and Action Bronson.

That's the kind of Summer Lovin' we're talking about.