Thursday, June 27, 2013

Raf Simons for adidas

Lets just say we MUCH prefer Rick Owens collaboration with adidas than Raf's offering.

We will say this, it's, um, interesting.

The 10-piece collection goes on sale Feb 2014 and will cost from 270 to 350Euros

Jay-Z Talks Oceans

There's literally no one we love listening to more more than Hov when it comes to an artist talking about thier lyrics.

Check Pharrell's reaction when Jay explains the sea/see sick double entendre.

Angel Haze: Initiation

"Purple kisses straight from your codeine cup...."

Ahead of her forthcoming album, Haze drops an outtake, a track from the cutting room floor, a lil summin summin (etc) that didn't make her debut album, Dirty Gold, dropping in October.

Initiation is rather sultry and seedy, just the way we like it.

The Counsellor: Trailer

We're into this slick-looking flick featuring a steller cast and an incredible director.

With Ridley 'Gladiator, Alien, Prometheus' Scott behind the lens and Bradley Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Michael Fassbender in front of it, we're sure this will be a movie not to miss.

Written by the fellow that wrote the brilliant No Country For Old Men, the trailer doesn't give much away, yet mos def makes us want to watch more. We'll have to wait until October until the film drops.

Rick Owens for adidas

We're actually dying.

Rick Owens contribution to adidas is all kinds of amazing.

Described as delivering a 'minimalist, architectural and graphic aesthetic', Owens and adi turn the trainer on its, um, head, with this design. Owens. who designed this with his own cardio efforts in mind, also offers an alternate take on the 3-stripe

adidas by Rick Owens S/S 2014 goes on sale in December. Prices range from 400-500 EUR 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Duck Sauce: It's You

They always smash videos (remember Barbra Streisand?), and this is no exception.

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden turn barber for the day and create some really strange hairstyles. Don't try this at home, kids!

Order this brillz song from here

Jay-Z: More Magna Carta

And so it continues....

Today, Hov drops some more footage of him being, lets face it, a bit of a chatterbox again, boring off at Rick Rubin, Swizz, Pharrell and Timbaland. That said, as Rubin points out, there's gonna be some good picnics this July 4th! Good one Rick! I'm also giving whoever titled the above clip the benefit of the doubt that it's supposed to mean 'to many' as opposed to 'one too many'. I suppose in the context of this clip the latter wouldn't make sense. Unless it's a subliminal to Hov, about having had too many and now he can't stop talking.


Also unlocked by Samsung users today are lyrics to a track featuring Frank Ocean called Oceans. Ahh.

Here, Jay discusses his feelings towards American history, slavery, Christopher Columbus and by dint the 4th Of July (the album's release date). There's also a nice Billie Holiday/ Strange Fruit/ money reference, before ruminating that it's thanks to Obama that he even votes now.

Drake Ft. Sampha: The Motion (Remix)

A great collabo as it is, the Drake and Sampha collab gets a 'Chop Not Slop remix from OG Ron C and the Chopstars.

Drake sounds like Sidney Poitier and Sampha sounds like, well, Drake.

Casey Veggies: Everything Wavy

Taken from the LA rhymers mixtape Life Changes, the OFWGKTA affiliate is one of many rhymers (Joey Bada$$, Chance, Zombies, YG etc etc) looking to break through to that next level. Will he do it? Time will tell.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

M.I.A.: Bring The Noize

Exclusive to Noisey is this visual to accompany M.I.A's recent release, Bring The Noize.

Starting, presumably, on the West London estate she grew up in, Maya takes on banks and broken teeth before calling herself the 'Female Slick Rick'. This is also, presumably, a nod to her and her child's ongoing US visa issues. You tell em Maya.

Action Bronson: Heel Toe

An outtake from Saaab Stories, one of Hip Hop's most visual rhymers proves that even tracks from the cutting-room floor are above excellent. Musica a tha Harry Fraud, of course.

Decoded: Jay Rock

Part of TDE, Jay Rock talks to Jay-Z's Life & Times about his verse on Kendrick's Money Trees.

Jay breaks down the meaning of his lyrics, which talk about how and why it's so hard in the hood.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Disclosure: F For You

Fiiiiinally the Lawrence brothers appear in their own video, in this performace based visual for F For You.

If you don't already have this album, you are slipping right now.

Jay-Z: Holy Grail [Lyrics]

If you're a Samsung user, then this won't be news to you. BUT if you're not, then, well it may well be.

As part of Hov's campaign with Samsung, there will be various pieces of content delivered to Samsung phones in the lead-up to Sean Carter's latest album, The Magna Carta, released in July.

The first thing to drop, after those videos, is the lyric sheet to the Justin Timberlake featuring Holy Grail.

On the track, Jay takes on fame's evil demons with his usual panache and flair.

Billboard recently confirmed that they won't be counting the 1 million free albums donated to users by Samsung. Editor Bill Werde explains why here.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jay-Z: Magna Carta [4 More]

Another sneak peek of the beats we can expect from Hov's forthcoming 12th album.

This record is getting straight downloaded from iTunes as SOON as it drops. Timbo's beats are sounding nutz.

Professor Green Ft. Miles Kane: Are You Getting Enough

The video for Green's rabble-rousing, foot-stomping anthem to avarice has arrived.

Are YOU getting enough?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anchorman 2: Trailer

They're back. Watch out for witty one-liners, Paul Rudd in his pants and Steve Carroll being a general lol.

Big K.R.I.T: King Pt 3

We have a new found respect for K.R.I.T after hearing him slay his verse on A$AP's 1 Train, despite stiff competetion from Kendrick, Joey Bada$$ and Danny Brown.

We overlooked his ability to create raps that reach right inside and sum up things without wasting words. "Most rappers pay the world ends so they don't have to drop another album," was just one 1 Train highlight. So damn good.

On this, over Nas/ J Cole's Stay instrumental, he once again gets emo, never angry, as he talks about poverty and pain with trademark mind-spinning wordplay and flow that is fast but concise.

Newly converted, we're off to download this year's K.R.I.T mixtape right now.

Juicy J Ft. The Weeknd: One Of Those Nights

Now in, what must be the fifth stage of his decades spanning career, the newly succesful as a solo rapper, Juicy J, teams up with Canadian muser and man of dubious spelling abilities The Weeknd.

Love the combination of whimsical shakey voiced Weeknd with the rambiunctious, wild Juicy. Great video too.

This might not be entirely safe to listen to at loud volume if you're at work. You might want to stick the headphones in. Yeah. And as for the video, well, it's very very dark. Very dark. It all ends with a lot of blood and guns and a splattered Weeknd. Who thinks of these things!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eminem: Symphony In H

We've been on a shoot all day, so only just got to listen to this new one from Em. And oh gosh.

We honestly think he remains the world's greatest ever rapper. But that's just us.

Taken from DJ Tony Touch's mixtape, The Piece Maker 3: The Return Of The 50 MC's (check out the first two from a few years back, they're classic tapes)

Here's a couple of our favourite lines. Can't wait to see Em live at Reading this year.

 "Don't ask me wassup with the hoes, I'm still working the kinks out/ Love stinks, that explains all this anger that's spilling out, and I ain't chilling out/ Got an Oscar, but I'm still a grouch/ I use as a door stop and a prop for the broken leg for the couch,"

Course, you know Em. He loves to take a pop at a celeb. This time, he has La Lopez in his sights.

"Hell yeah I nailed J. Lo — to the railroad". Ohh, he's such a cheeky one that Marshall!

Wretch 32 Ft. Jacob Banks: Doing Ok

Another massive track from Jermaine Scott, who teams up with brilliant Birmingham singer Jacob Banks.

As ever, Wretch's mellifluous wordplay sits itself beautifully next to the sax flourishes and fluttering drums.

As with Blackout, 32 is once again in reflective mode as he talks about his gran, his children and taking rap from the tower blocks to festival main stages.

The single is out 18 August.

Follow Wretch

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pharrell Talks BBC Turning 10

Not that BBC, the other BBC (Billionaire Boys Club).

Pharrell talks about how the likes of Ralph Lauren and Chanel have inspired his own fashion leanings ("You know Commme De Garcons when you see it. It's based on greatness and I respect that) and also compares the similatities between creating music and clothing. He also shouts out not only the designers and collaborators but the shop workers who do the day to day of keeping the line running.

Happy 10th Birthday BBC.

Sophie: Bipp and Elle

Already decreed as Diplo's favourite song of 2013, super cool label NMBRS just released Sophie's (we like how she's just rolling with the one name like Beyonce or Rihanna) double A, Bipp and Elle. Expect this to be a bit huge over the Summer.

Buy from here and find out more about Sophie here.

Brenmar: New Slaves [Remix]

Talking of Yeezy,  his Chi-town brother Brenmar has just done a rather lovely mix of New Slaves.

Cop it while you can....

The Wolf Of Wall St: Trailer

Directed by Scorcese and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew Mchoweveryouspellit, The Wolf Of Wall Street is based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort who was jailed for fraud and money laundering in the late 80s.

We're into this mostly because we're not so botherred about Leo when he does a period drama. We much prefer him when set in the modern-ish day. Or at least within the last thirty years. The Great Gatsby and Aviator and all those biopics don't do a massive lot for us. Unless they're Romeo & Juliet of course. And then they do.

We also hugely approve of the use of Kanye's Black Skinhead, as the trailer's soundbed.

Even better than the rather great trailer is the resulting gif's taken from the trailer. This is our particular favourite.


Monday, June 17, 2013

M.I.A.: Bring The Noize

Finally an official track from Maya's fouth album, Mathangi....

Produced by long-term collaborator Switch, you can buy this tune from midnight from here.

Knowing M.I.A the video will be amazing, watch out for it premiering soon on Noisey,

Travi$ Scott Ft. T.I., 2 Chainz: Upper Echelon

This is the kind of directorial debut that gets us excited.

Filmed in some woods in deepest darkest Atlanta, the H-Town rapper is the lensman behind this spooky, owl infested, midget roaming, lion roaring video that features Tip, 2 Chainz and those weird Twin dudes. What does it all mean? Who knows. But we're into the heightened levels of creativity. This is some upper echelon stuff for reall

We think that Travi$ might be about to be one of Hip Hop's most exciting new talents.

Jay-Z: The Magna Carta Holy Grail

Can you even imagine being in the room when this was filmed?

Hov, Tim, Rick Rubin, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell hang out while S Dot talks about Hip Hop, creatitiviy, art, and creating this new album.

We are excited/com.

Jay will release his 12th - 12!! - new album on 4 June. If you're a Samsung Galaxy owner, you may well be one of the million who will be given it for free. Doubtless part of the rumoured $25million deal the Brooklynite recently signed to the phone giant.

adidas: The Enforcers

These be some crazy old-skool sneaks from the house of adidas Originals.

First seen in the 90s, the Enforcer Mid will drop later this year and will be available in white. black/ yellow/ purple and black/ white/ red/ blue.

We like the doubling up of the logo on tongue and strap.

If you like these, you'll have to wait another few months before they hit Originals stockists later this year.

Christian Louboutin: Rollerboys Spiked Leather Loafer

These are what some might call 'statement shoes'.

If you have a whole lot of swank, then you might just be able to rock these crazy spiked slip-ons. You might also need a whole lot of wallet, as these grosgrain-trimmed, soft leather lined, red bottomed beauties will set you back around £875.

Available now from Browns Fashion.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kick Ass 2: Trailer

We must admit to having no idea this film was in the works - our bad!

One of the greatst action films ever, and one of the most effective to challenge the medium, Chloe Moretz, McLuvin and Aaron Taylor Johnson are joined by the funny guy from Hangover and Jim Carrey. We hope this follow up retains the brilliance of the original and doesn't try too hard to hit the mainstream audiences.

Man Of Tai Chi: Trailer

Keanu Reeves turns director in this John Woo approved martial arts flick that promises some incredible fight sequences.

Inspired by Tiger Chen, the stuntman that worked with 'Neo' in the Matrix, this film tells the story of a tai chi master tempted to the dark side by Reeves who is seeking a killer marital arts expert. Will Chen resist the forces of evil or will he give in? Either way, it looks like it will be an action-packed two odd hours.

Man of Tai Chi is released on 5 July.

The Wolverine: Trailer

Hugh Jackman is back with those big ole chops as the burden of immortality looks to be taken from him in the latest instalment of slasher fingers, martial arts and big explosions.

The Wolverine is out on 24 July

Pusha T Ft. 2 Chainz & Big Sean: Who I Am

The former Clipse MC unleashes let another G.O.O.D slice of Hip Hop. Co-produced by Kanye and Mano and with the classic UFO sample, Pusha is joined by the man with two chains and the short guy from Malibu.

The Virginian arrives in London next month for a show at XOYO on 2 July, while his album is due on 16 July.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amplify Dot Ft. Busta Rhymes: I'm Good

We're a little late on this, but here's the video to go with A. Dot's summer-smash-in-waiting, I'm Good.

Shot in Jamaica, there might be no sight of Bus but oh well.

The single drops on 21 July.

Action Bronson Ft. Prodigy and Raekwon: Seven Series Triplets

Our new favourite NYC rap obsession, Action Bronson, teams up with two legendary NYC rhymers, Mobb Deep's Prodidy and the Wu's Raekwon on a typically 70's sounding dark silce of soul teamed with macabre musings.

Get Bam Bam's new EP, Saab Stories, from iTunes.

Kanye Talks Yeezus

Ms. Info went to the Kanye West playback last night (some dude called Jay-Z was also there wiht his wife Beyonce) and here's what Yeezy had to say. He talks about the way he's releasing the album, Rick Rubin exec-producing, plus the likes of Travi$ Scott and Hud Mo featuring on the record.

Of the album title he said, "Simply put, West was my slave name and Yeezus is my God name."

Get ready for Yeezus people.

Luther: Series 3 Trailer

One of TV's best cop shows ever (apart from The Wire, obvs, which Idris Elba also starred in), finally returns for the third and (booo) final series this Summer.

We've spotted film trucks all over East London this Summer but managed to restrain ourselves from begging the drivers to PLEASE tell us WHERE IDRIS is. We just want to shake that man's hand.

Luther airs this Summer. Set the Sky+ now (well, not literally now, that would be pointless).

Monday, June 10, 2013

A*M*E: Heartless

Brand new one from our girl Ami Kabba, following up the Duke Dumont smash Need You (100%) No.1 hit.

Typically bright and colourful, the new video does justice to the 90's flavoured new smash in waiting.

BAPE: Chambray Apesta Hi

Now that Nigo's leaving BAPE (booo hoooo), he's clearly looking to go out on a high, if you will forgive the pun.

These light blue chambray hi's are clean and simple; low-key logo on the tongue, one all over colour and white fronts and bottoms, we look forward to seeing what else the innovative Japanese designer has up his 'sleeve' before he leaves.

Check BAPE for more.

Ice Cold Coke

Following this great idea, the guys at Coca Cola continue to innovate and put new twists on the same thing.

Though this is currently only being marketed in Coumbia (hence the Espanol video), the bottle made of ice is another great idea from the marketing people at Coke. Someone deserves a pay-rise! Guessing this country might be a bit too cool for it to work. The bottle would just stay freezing cold. Sadface.

G-FrSH: Never I Can

Produced by the grimy twosome that are Ballistiq (Delilah, Dream McClean), south London spitter G-FrSH keeps 'em coming with this, his latest vid, taken from his Legoman: 2 mixtape.

Scrufizzer: Illusion

Having signed to the rather brilliant Black Butter, Scru gets his fizzy flow on again with Illusion.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Show N Prove: Zimma Frame

Since hearing this on Mistajm a couple of weeks back we've been obsessed with this massive banger from British producer Show N Prove, who's crafted hits for everyone from Rizzle Kicks to Wretch 32.

More of this please S-N-P, we absolutely LOVE it.

Amplify Dot Ft. Busta: I'm Good

Someone Pass The Courvoisier cos Amplify Dot is bringing the party on this one.

Teaming up with the growliest of growlers (Busta), the tune is actually massive; switching between about four differnt tempos, Dotty even gets her sang on. Plus, it's very, very, very catchy.

Watch the video, shot in Jamaica, due to drop shortly.

Kanye West: New Slaves [Snippet]

After premiering the track on museums over the world (sure), here's a tiny snippet from Yeezy's New Slaves, taken from his forthcoming album due later this month.

Action Bronson: Strictly For My JEEPS (Remix)

Queens unites on this remix of Jeeps, which sees the old-old skool LL, the oldish-skool Banks and the new skool Bronson represent for the biggest Big Apple borough.

Action joins DJ Semtex this Friday at Koko. Get your tickets here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Railway Redemption: Trailer

UNDERCRANKED: Director, Santiago Posada 'Railway Redemption' - Trailer from Undercranked on Vimeo.

We love a good documentary (current recommendations include Jiro: Dreams of Sushi, Searching For Sugarman and McCullin) and this forthcoming film looks to be another beautifully shot, detailed, moving watch.

Columbian born, Hackney raised director Santiago Posada is touted as 'realist fiction' and follows Sri Lankan man Vijay as he travels home to see his dying brother. Vijay, an ex alcohic and petty thrief hasn't been home in over years, decades after the 'questionable' death of his mother.

The film can be seen at on the 30 June at the East End film festival at the Rio Cinema, Dalston, London. Otherwise, keep an eye for Undercranked dropping on iTunes and other film outlets.

Rizzle Kicks: That's Classic

Harley and Jordan return with a swingin summertime tune that delivers on their ska, hip hop roots and also hints towards their album title, Roaring 20s.

If you recognise the voice at the beginning that's because it's Dominic West AKA McNulty from the Wire. Amazing.

Preorder the new album from right here.

2 Chainz Ft. Pharrell: Feds Watching

Pharrell continues his ubiquitous takeover, this time swapping disco for Hip Hop with a spot on 2 Chainz hard-knocking, 808 clapping Feds Watching.

Odd Future X Vans Syndicate

The new OFWGKTA and Vans collab is pretty - in the words of Tyler - tight.

Love the fresh blue suede colourway, Golf Wang on the heel and the special edition box. There's also branding on the tongue and graphics on the sole. Nice job Odd Future.

Cop a pair from here.

NikeiD Air Force 1 Invisible

We remember the days when the only way you could get a pair of NikeiD's was to hope and pray you got an invitation to the secret studio where the likes of Madonna would be found working on their own designs.

In recent years Nike have managed to broaden it out to the wider public with great success. Stores like Boxpark in Shoreditch have the studio tucked away upstairs, so it still feels like something exclusive and exciting.

New to the world of iD is the introduction of the 'invisible' and 'sparkly' for the upper. Pictured above is the weird, glass-like invisible variety, though you can also choose a patent version.

Order the trainers now from Nike for $190USD and you can get them delivered in around 36 days or pop.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pro Era: Like Water

Produced by Statik Selektah, Pro Era pay homage to Capital Steez who died last December. Steez takes the first verse, Joey the second and CJ Fly the third. Shot in and around Williamsburg and Brooklyn (same thing, yes, but also a bit different) by Jonah Schwartz, the multi-membered crew pay homage both to Steez and 90's boom bap.

"Capitalizing the name "Capital STEEZ" is now as good as remembering any credible historic leader leading a militant army of troops. "Like Water" is the visual stepping stone to what STEEZ lead for the listeners of revolutionary music."

DJ Semtex: Kendrick Lamar Interview

Semtex told us about K. Dot some three years ago; now he's one of the world's biggest rappers who boasts the best hip hop album of 2012.

Lamar just played Radio 1's Big Weekend, and Semtex took the opporunity to catch up with the Compton rapper to talk abotu Nas, Emeli Sande and TDE.

Angel Haze: No Bueno

Taken from her forthcoming debut album, Dirty Gold, No Bueno is the first official single from Haze, following various mixtapes, including the one that made her mark, Reservation.

Though she stated that any beef with Azealia Banks was definitely done with, certainly seems like there's some female out there feeling the wrath of Haze.

“I went in on bitches who dyin’ to quit/ I went in on bitches I’m hurtin’ these hos ’til they cuttin’ they wrists/ ‘Til they slittin’ they wrists with their hands on the Bible/ Yelling out Angel, I’m so suicidal.”

You can buy the single now from iTunes.