Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lovebox: Ed Sheeran

RWD cover star, owner of a No.3 and all around rather brilliant singer/ songwriter and guitar player Ed Sheeran popped by the bus after a stellar performance on the Gaymer's stage on Friday.

How was your set?
Lovebox was wicked! Great crowd, great reception, I loved it. It was really cool. Every show is always different. The London crowd always need to be warmed up but by the end of it they tend to be more into than other crowds.

What's the toughest part of your body?
Probably my legs because I do a lot of walking and a lot of runnnig. My hands are quite tough too I suppose, with all the guitar playing.

Are they insured?
No, they're not. I should get them insured...!

Tell us about the video for your next single, 'I Need You'?
It's like Jay-Z's 'Onto The Next One'. I'm not in the new video, the main dude signs throughout it. It's really cool, I'm so happy with it.

How's fame and fortune, going to No.3, and all that good stuff?
It's still No.3. It's great because it means i get to play bigger gigs, which is exactly what i want to do.

Directed by Emil Nava and starring 17 year-old signing actor Matthew Morgan, this is the brand new single from Ed, 'You Need Me'.

His album '+' is out 12 September.

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