Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cosmopolis: Trailer

Finally lets see if the vampire poster boy Robert Pattinson can drop some of his 'Twilight' fans out with this new thriller 'Cosmopolis'. The trailer for the David Cronenberg written and directed flick leaves enough to the imagination to make us all want to run out and see it following it's airing at Cannes Film Festival.

Labrinth: Express Yourself (Video)

Lab is really going in on his videos, from the visuals for Last Time courtesy of Colin Tiley to the 90's inspired 'Express Yourself'. Well done Labrinth for raising the bar we're looking forward to be entertained even more...

Nicki Minaj Ft. Chris Brown: Right By My Side (Video)

So it's not enough to have Chris Brown on the feature Nicki had to show her superstar status can get not just any old video eye candy but the hip hop legend that is Nas. 'The Don' himself has just been added to Radio 1's Weekender next month so if you're lucky enough to have tickets well done, if not make sure you tune it to listen to the weekends line up which features everyone from Florence and Jay Z to Azealia Banks and Simian Mobile Disco.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Damien Hurst @ Tate

Groundbreaking artist Damien Hurst has brought his works of art to the world since the late 80's when he decided to curate a show including his own work alongside his fellow students at the University of London's prestigious college, Goldsmiths. Since then there's been pieces that even those uninterested in art completely can identify with such as the shark suspended in formaldehyde pictured above. Damien once joked with David Bowie about possibly getting the chance to show at The Tate although now with a full display of his most recognised works they've stopped laughing at the prospect. Showing until this September make sure you pencil in some time to enlighten your artistic side and check out the exhibition for yourself over on the South Bank. To get an idea of what you'll see watch the video here where the artist himself walks you through the gallery.  

Ram Jam @ Fabric

Rodigaaaaan is set to give a special talk ahead of his Fabric event curated by Mr MBE himself on 24th May. In conjunction with Red Bull Music Academy and FABRICLIVE the reggae and roots master of the decks will be speaking at a lecture in the VIP room of the superclub where he'll reveal never seen before photos, tales of his trips to Jamaica and of course his love for dub. Proving although recently turned 60 he's still able to go against the young ones; expect the night which follows the lecture to take you on a journey of the influences reggae has in music up to this day. Ms. Dynamite, Toddla T, Bitty McLean, Caspa, The Heatwave all play/perform alongside Rodigan in this special one off event so make sure you all find yourselves there or you'll have missed out on something rather special!

The Raid: Official UK Trailer

Being tipped as THE action film of the year, 'The Raid' which hits cinemas here in the UK on Friday sees one ruthless crime lord go against 20 yes 20 super elite cops!!! So you already know exactly what the level of action is going to be especially when the cast features the world's very best martial arts experts. We'll let the trailer do the talking...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snow White & The Huntsman: Trailer

This twisted take on the original fantasy tale is completed by a load of goth glam, special effects galore and lots and lots of action plus eye candy comes in the form of stunner Charlize Theron and vampire lover Kirsten Stewart. Out on June 1st get booking into your local cinema now!

Devlin: London City Part II (Video)

One of our favourite lyricists is back!!! Devlin dropped mixtape 'The Directors Cut' last night which you can download here and quickly followed up with this video for 'London City Part II' following the original track which catapulted him into the limelight. Keeping things going he's already been back in the lab with ahem Lab following their 'Let It Go' chart hit and no doubt they'll be some cuts from long time collaborator Lewi White too.

Time For: Disclosure

With Guy at 20 and his brother Howard just turning 18, Disclosure as their musical followers know them are just at the beginning of what is sure to be a fruitful career. Ranging from the soulful house side of things to the old skool garage and the spacey end of the scale, the pair are constantly pushing their sound to stand out amongst the crowd. We caught up for a chat with the duo whilst they were busy working on even more tuneage in the studio ahead of the release of 'The Face' EP.
What have you been up to then?
Guy: We’ve just been writing and stuff… we don’t really have a plan for what it’s for, but something always comes up.

Where did you think all this popularity has stemmed from? Your tracks are being played all over the radio, in the clubs. How did it all take off?
Howard: Well, we definitely had a lot of help from Annie Mac at the start. She gave us a lot of support in the early days. Other than that, just a lot of support from blogs and things. 

How long have the two of you been working together musically?
Howard: We’ve always made music together, since, well, forever! Under this name, and with this sort of music – the first track we had out on Moshi Moshi was the first time we made music together – so about two years ago.

And you decided that this sound is the way forward now?
Howard: Yeah, we heard things like Burial and Joy Orbison and found a similar interest in it. 

What were you both doing before this?
Howard: We’ve both just been learning to play our instruments. Guy’s been playing drums and guitar and I’ve been playing bass and piano. Just listening to lots of music to kind of learn to play them. I’ve been listening to lots of pop and things from the 80s that our mum and dad showed me, a lot of hip hop and weird jazz to learn to drum and stuff like that. Then we both started liking the UK dance music and wanted to make that!

What do you look for in singers?
Howard: I think we just go for people that we get on with and have similar interests, with Sinead, she listens to a lot of garage and we do as well, so there’s a lot of stuff to talk about.

How did the Sinead Hartnett feature come about on 'Boiling'?
Guy: Just through mutual friends really – our managers are friends with her manager or something like that. She just came down for a session and yeah, just went from there really!

Tell us about the EP then…
Howard: Well there’s another track on it that’s gonna be another full vocal as well, 'Control' with a girl called Ria Ritchie. That’s a bit heavier – I’ve played it in clubs a few times and it’s had an amazing reaction – definite old school garage vibes. There are a few club-orientated tracks as well, with no vocals. We’ve just dropped another one called 'What’s In Your Head', and another called 'Lividup' as well, which has mad summer vibes.

So you’re releasing 'The Face' EP with Greco-Roman… are there plans for anything more with them? 
Howard: No, I don’t think so. I think we’re just gonna do the one EP. They’ve all been helping with feedback and stuff, but to be honest they just let us get on with it. They did their thing, we did ours, we delivered the tracks and they liked them! I think we’re gonna have a good summer with them – doing some shows and stuff. We haven’t got any future releases planned with them though, just the one.

I know that you guys are both into different styles of music, but who would you say influences you most musically?
Howard: Um, we listen to a lot of J Dilla – that’s probably a big influence in terms of production. He’s our favourite producer in terms of the sounds he used and his mixes. In terms of songwriting though, I’m not sure. We definitely took influence from a lot of things, but we didn’t really know what we were writing. I mean, we took Joy Orbison style synth sounds,  Dilla-esque beats with a garage sound. We wanted to mix all of that into one sound. We definitely have a clearer idea of doing things now, especially working with vocalists because you can make it fit them rather than just making an instrumental. It’s a different way of working – more fun. But teenage years were spent listening to American hip hop like A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, Gang Starr, all that kind of stuff. That got me into the electronic side of things. We didn’t really come together until the UK scene started bubbling up again, because once garage died nothing really happened in the UK that was really our sort of thing. It was just drum and bass really. 

What was it like to be involved in a documentary on Radio 1?
Howard: Yeah, it was cool! We were at Radio 1 anyway doing Annie Mac’s 'Special Delivery'. It was cool to go in and look around the whole place because normally you just rush in, do your thing, and leave again. I think the good thing about that documentary is that everyone put across really similar views – there was definitely a similar vibe from everyone. I think Mosca really smashed it - his was just the most honest. Whereas, our managers were there and they were like “yeahhh, be nice”. But Mosca just went all out because that’s what he’s like. Good lad!

For people that haven't caught you guys live yet, what are the Disclosure live shows like?
Howard: Yeah, well we do DJ sets using vinyl, but the live set is different. We use Ableton to control certain parts of our tunes and then we play bass and synth and drum machines and cymbals, etc. So yeah, there’s actual music being made. You’re watching a band as opposed to someone pressing pads and knobs. We just got our first Ibiza booking, so I reckon we’re going to play live there. The show there is actually on my 21st birthday so it’s gonna be mad! 

Make sure you put everything on your rider cause it is well expensive there!
Howard: Yeah, we will definitely. I think Joy Orbison and Jackmaster are playing the same night so we’re just gonna go mad for that one! We’re so tame on the rider. We’ve only just updated it and it’s like… cheese and ham... a bottle of Grey Goose…

What’s the remix schedule like at the moment after the amazing Jessie Ware 'Running' refix?
Howard: Pretty minimal to be honest. I don’t think we really need to step up and do any sort of remix any time soon. I think we’re doing one for the rest of this year…Can’t say who it is yet, but you’ll find out pretty soon.

What’s next for you guys?
Howard: We need to get this (secret) remix sorted, and we’re just slowly continuing to write music. Then hopefully through summer and into next year we’ll have a nice collection of material. We’ve had a lot of shows recently, but we’re just in the studio a lot trying to get things done before festivals and stuff. Got to make the most of this time!

How would you describe the music that you make in a sentence?
Howard: People call it bass music but I don’t like ‘bass music’ – I think it makes the bass seem like the most important part of everything. I can see why that might be important, but we’ve got so much going on with our tunes. We’ve got vocals, melodies, chords. I think a lot of the so called bass music actually lacks chords and melodies – it’s just all about the drums and a huge sub. But if I had to explain to my Nan what we make, I’d just say we make electronic dance music. Simple as. You can sub-genre it however you please.

'The Face' EP is out June 4th and make sure you follow Disclosure on Twitter.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Delilah: Breathe (Video)

North London songstress Delilah has released 'Breathe' today, one of her favourite tracks taken from the forthcoming album you guys won't be let down when the full LP is released but for now grab the remix package including the Liam Bailey collab and the Sub Zero refix.

Mary J Blige Ft. Rick Ross - Why (Video)

Start your week with some seductive soul courtesy of the Queen of R&B who brings Rick Ross along for the ride for the visuals for 'Why'. Taken from 'My Life II' an album you need to have in your collection is you're a serious fan of good music we're looking forward to more singles dropping from the sequel.

SNL's 100th Digital Short

Although Saturday Night Live is more of an American based entity, when they release their shorts they go viral we all remember Justin 'Trousersnake' Timberlake's first appearance. This video above being the celebration of their 100th digital short it's onl;y right that we blogged about it especially when they rounded up everyone from Justin Bieber to Michael Bolton and Usher to Justin Timberlake not forgetting the recurring cast including the likes of Will Ferrell and The Lonely Island. Not sure we would have celebrated the occasion in the same way but hey...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ed Sheeran: Small Bump (Video)

How beautiful, although heartbreaking at the same time is this song, from the international star and also lovely guy that is Ed Sheeran. The simple video lets Ed's songwriting skills do most of the work, recently flying the flag for the UK over in the states Mr Sheeran has also been named as the most streamed artist online beating the lips of Lana Del Rey and monotonous tones of David Guetta. We're looking forward to hearing some new material from Ed soon...

Lethal B Ft. Emmanuel Frimpong, Scrufizzer, JME, 2Face, Frisco & Flowdan: Leave It Yeah Remix (Video)

Lethal's called in a few peeps to star in the 'Leave It Yeah' remix - too many to name again but check the title or just watch the video - following his last 'Leave It Yeah' video (you know exactly which one we're talking about) we're sure that the views on this are gunna be a lot especially with Carly Cussen on the visuals. You can grab the release on 10th June.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time For: Dismantle

Hailing from the south coast this producer/DJ has been working his way up through the scene for a while. Helped along by plays on national radio his 2011 hit 'Computation' garnered fans in the shape of Digital Soundboy later signing with the label and in the studio developing his sound for the future debut album. We chat to Dismantle about his journey to this stage, new single 'Detonate' and his Brighton based collective Gangoon Dubz.

What have you been up to today? 
I'm just jamming with Breakage having a laugh, we've been both meaning to get into the studio today. I'm signed to Digital Soundboy now, so got a few different tracks coming out through different singles. 'Detonate' which is out on Black Gold recordings, I've got 'Destroy' which is coming out on Wheel & Deal with 'Computation' VIP mix, then i've got my debut Digital Soundboy EP which is coming out in May sometime. It's good, it's healthy man to have a few releases out and be working with different people before signing to Digital Soundboy.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background.
I'm 19, (20 in July), I started music when I was 13, I bought a cheap pair of turntables - like how most people start - for Christmas and started mixing a bit of D&B. I didn't actually know what I was doing but had love for D&B. The first vinyl I actually bought was a Digital Soundboy one which is kind of funny (laughs). I got into producing a year after that when I got into Reason, the software I make music on at the moment and I use Logic 9 now to mix down and stuff. When I was 14 that's when I started listening to dubstep properly so I was making D&B and dubsteppy stuff until about a year ago and I got well into house for like the last two years. Now I started making 130 stuff, I was playing in nights around Brighton when I was like 16/17 so I wanted to play them out so I sped them up to 140 and that had a sort of dubsteppy vibe to it. That's how I'm making the stuff I am now really. I don't really know what it's called.

Where did the name Dismantle come from? 
My name…it came from a grime track from a set and it had loads of grime MC's on it. I can't remember what it was but it said Dismantle on it and I said dya know what I'm gonna call myself that. It just sort of caught on after that it was on flyers and stuff and then when my music started getting heard obviously.

What are you like in the studio then? 
Today we ate quite early so it's a bit of a lazy one. I get distracted by Twitter usually, but yeah building beats I go in with the drum beat which is predominantly kick drums with a 4x4 beat and then sometimes just go straight in with a riff because it's quite stripped back. As the track goes along I work around that way and then add and take stuff out. Then go onto introduction make usually the drop next and then different special effects and the drop which I'm probably known for now. That's how I start building my beats nothing too technical or special.

Are you quick on the buttons then? 
Usually sequencing can take four hours to a few days if I get bored I leave it and go to a next one and come back to it a few months later. So making it is so quick on Reason but then mixing it down in Logic takes the most time.

Lets say a year ago when 'Computation' first came about did you think it would be as big as it was?
What it was I wasn't even playing out at that time, so it was Kutz, he's the main guy who got it through. I made 'Computation' the day before and then he was playing on Kiss and I said I've got this new one you might like. He played it that night, the next day Hatcha hit me up like 'I need that tune man' so alright wicked only made it a few days ago but okay. When I made it I never ever thought it would have the support that it had, like Annie Mac, Diplo, Zane Lowe, I didn't even think it would get as far as Hatcha and that. Then I had some of the 130 boys like Zinc and Redlight so I did some 130 edits and they started playing it. I was playing at a night in Brighton and N-Type came down and was like do you want to sign it to Wheel & Deal with 'Word Dance' another track I'd sent to Kutz earlier as well and it sort of happen from there really. Toddla T asked off Hatcha and Diplo asked of Toddla and it just kicked off!

How do you feel about 'Detonate' coming out now, do you feel a bit worried?
I think yeah I'm much more comfortable now I'm signed to Digital Soundboy. I run my own label Gangoon Dubz as well but I feel much more settled down now because there was a point whereIi felt like I needed to make a track like 'Computation' but really I just think it's the natural progression. I just think that if I keep making things that I like and other people are willing to play out, then it's all good. Because I'm signed now as well there won't be a whole string of releases that I'll be doing, I'll just be working on a few EP's and then onto my album.

Any ideas for the album yet?
It's one of those things that you've got to really think about in a year or two, it's definitely going to be coming but I've got to get myself in the mind frame to do one and I think I need to settle down here first and have a few more releases and a big plan of action of what I'm gonna do.

Finally tell us about Gangoon Dubz?
We're all good friends, me and Hizzleguy when I was making beats and we've deejayed together since I started. He's helped me quite a bit and he said that a few of his mates started this thing called Gangoon Dubz do you want to come over and show them some bits. Then we'd only recently started thinking about putting out loads of records, our own tunes, other peoples as well we've got some strong releases lined up. It's Brighton based, a few people like Stinkhabell did a few things, so this year is going to be good for the whole scene. It's nice to know you're going to be running your own stuff and everyone there puts so much effort into it so I think it's going to go really well. We've scrapped ideas and gone onto a new thing about five times because the production we want to be that good.

Grab Detonate if you know what's good for you and follow Dismantle on Twitter.

Two Inch Punch Ft. Mikky Ekko: Paint It Red

This spacey yet soulful T.I.P track (not to be confused with T.I.) signed to PMR who also have Jessie Ware, L Vis, Julio Bashmore on the books, London DJ/Producer Two Inch Punch has remixed everyone from Birdy to Metronomy plus his beats have been vocalled by the likes of Lil Wayne. The track above featuring Mikky Ekko is taken from the forthcoming EP Saturn: The Slow Jams soo look out for that dropping soon.

Lianne La Havas: Lost & Found (Maya Jane Coles remix)

Lianne's newest single Lost & Found gets the MJC treatment, already beautifully soulful London DJ/porducer Maya adds her unique house twist to the track, it's kind of addictive. Check out Maya's current compilation with DJ Kicks for a real taster of the sheer scope of the house music scene right now.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nigo's Human Made Hits Dover Street Market

Referencing the A Bathing Ape founders' love for all things vintage and Americana Nigo's Human Made brand has found a new temporary home this month in London's Dover Street Market. A replica of Japan's Cold Coffee store the set up features custom made crates and of course the clothing which pays serious attention to recreating vintage designs of the 1950's rockabilly culture. Check it out whilst you can!

Dot Rotten Ft. TMS: Overload (Video)

Dot's teamed up with hitmakers TMS on this Robert Miles sampled track. There's a little kaleidoscope action here too, seems Jay Z, Kanye and Givenchy started a whole trend after their 'Ni$$az in Paris' vid. Look out for the single out June 3rd and also Dot's on the road this summer everywhere from Wireless to BCM and throughout the UK so catch him if you can.

Swizz Beatz Ft. A$AP Rocky - Street Knock

Last week the trailer for the collaboration between the producer and Harlem's newest shining star saw car chases, girls and a couple dances. Now you can see the full version of the Araabmuzik produced track in all it's glory taken from Swizz Beatz upcoming mixtape, Limitless.

The Campaign: Trailer

Two of our most favourite funny men, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis come together or should we say go head to head in new comedy, 'The Campaign'. Completely ripping the US elections and Ferrell having practiced impersonating the one and only George W Bush in his regular 'Saturday Night Live' skits the comedy is a certified lolathon which you can catch this September but for now just enjoy the trailer above.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meek Mill Drops Dreamchasers 2 Mixtape

Maybach Music's major artist Meek Mill is carrying the torch for the crew at the moment. Dropping his 'Dreamchasers 2' mixtape today proves just how far the rapper has come, calling on a few people you may have heard on for features wasn't a problem at all. Drake happily accepted following his time on The Paradise Tour whilst Maybach Music familia Wale was a given, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz all got involved too. Something to bridge the gap between the release of debut LP 'Dreams and Nightmares' this August click here to download the current mixtape.


Andre 3000 To Star As Jimi Hendrix

Okay, we'd much rather a new Outkast album but any chance to see or hear Mr 3000 is a bonus right now. Done with the sporadic features, Andre is going to be taking on the huge role of playing legend Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming biopic. The forthcoming flick entitled 'All Is By My Side' has yet to set a release date but we know with Dre in front of the lens at least the finished product will be worth waiting for.

Masker: Tree Growing From His Ear

This weekend if you were trotting around Shoreditch as one does you may have noticed a talented artist doing his thing over by the old Foundary. The Czech artist goes by the name of Masker aka Jakub Matuska and as part of his new exhibit, 'Tree Growing From His Ear' recovered the Foundary building with his award winning artwork. His Red Gallery show will be his first London showing since 2007 and explores the shifting idealogical and pictoral perspectives in the dynamic and constantly evolving world we live in. Showing until May 13th, Masker's mix of street art, graffiti and surrealism is something you should check out.

Friday, May 4, 2012

RWD Release The Legacy Album

Purveyors of the underground scene RWD celebrated 10 years of publishing last year and this month they further celebrations with the release of The Legacy. A three disc album featuring the best in old and new skool, everything from Pied Piper and PAYG to BBK and Roll Deep to K Koke and Magnetic Man the last ten years of underground music have well and truly been covered so garage, grime, dubstep and hip hop heads should be more than satisfied. Head here to pre-order RWD The Legacy album and enjoy the Redlight megamix above a true taster of the hits that could be all yours for just £11.99!!!

The Expendables 2: Trailer

The second in the series of all action film, 'The Expendables' is once again reeling of a cast list of who's who in action - Jet Li, Jason Statham, Van Damme, Willis, Stallone, Schwarzenegger and more. Check out the trailer and look out for the release later this summer.

The Hundreds: Tim Biskup (Video)

Get an insight into the world of The Hundreds via Tim Biskup in this house visit video. Also, you can check out the latest collaboration with our very selves; the second link up with the screen printing geniuses, their sleek multi-purpose timepiece is definitely one for all of the G-Shock collectors out there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak Rework MJ's Bad

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of legendary album 'BAD' from the late musical genius that is Michael Jackson, Pepsi has teamed up with some pretty cool producers currently taking over the globe with their unique sounds. Diplo, Skrillex and A-Trak are all reworking tracks from the '87 released album and songs will soon become available via codes on Pepsi cans for fizzy drink fanatics to download. We're looking forward to this... 

Wiley: Step 1 (Freestyle)

The Godfather of grime has been giving his own account of grime over the past decade whilst BBC 1Xtra and RWD magazine have both been celebrating the same thing. The fact that Wiley can still spit over anything and everything at the drop of a hat proves exactly why he holds the title he does. His Eskimo Dance back and in full effect you can catch the Eski boy alongside Newham Generals, BBK, Flow Dan, Gods Gift, Scrufizzer, Lady Leshur, Trilla, Kozzie the list seriously goes on but also manning the decks everyone from Logan Sama, Target and Hatcha to Marcus Nasty, Preditah (whose Circles instrumental Wiley goes in on above) and Rattus Rattus. Tickets start from £15 for next Friday's Eskimo Dance (Friday 11th May) at Proud2 located in The o2.

BAPE To Drop Swarovski Studded Swag

Spring is in full force but just like the weather, fashion is getting a little dark over at A Bathing Ape headquarters. Teaming up with Japanese retailers ZOZOTOWN this new all black everything collection of t-shirts, accessories, denim and sweatshirts has that added swag, each piece adorned with a few Swarovski crystals. Available to pre-order now we advise you head to Swarovski at the same time and buy a few extra to sew on because missing crystals are not cool. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swizz Beatz & A$AP Rocky - Street Knock (BTS Videos)

Although the title may lead you to think the upcoming collab produced by Araabmuzik is all about the streets, the Street Knock video features as expected expensive cars and random celebs popping up in the shape of baller Allen Iverson. The first single from Beatz forthcoming mixtape 'Limitless' is setting the bar for what's yet to come though, that's for sure...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing: Gerlan Marcel

This Mid-Westerner has taken the US fashion scene by storm over the past couple of years, Fader, WWD, Nylon, Interview all featuring the Central Saint Martin's graduate in their publications. Putting in some serious groundwork following her studies Gerlan Marcel designed some pretty wacky prints for Jeremy Scott's collections, becoming known for her innovative prints and patterns PRINTS PLEASE Marcel's design studio soon emerged. Not to mention the energetic bubble of a designer honing in on her technical skills at other fashion houses including Coach, Calvin Klein and Hussein Chalayan.
Of course with the likes of Patricia Field behind the designer it wasn't long until the music stars started banging down her door so even if you think you're not familiar with her designs everyone from Katy Perry to M.I.A to Beyonce (remember her Video Phone video) is a fan so no doubt you've clapped eyes on her designs before. Her current collection for SS12 intriguingly titled 'Mall Witch' has done the blog rounds, especially the dripping green creation which closed the show. Gerlan Jeans manages to fuse primary colours with striking prints and patterns to make you dizzy, if you're into what's next we suggest you keep an eye on this woman. 


Time For: Liam Tootill

Google adverts, Times' Rich List and a Channel 4 series just the norm now, Jamal Edward's online hobby turned business, broadcasting company SBTV is proving that there's more than enough young people with good ideas and an even better work ethic here in the UK. We talk to SBTV's MD Liam Tootill about bringing the brand to the stage it's at now and what he sees happening in the future; plus the obstacles of making SBTV a profitable business and how he entered the scene in the first place via our very own Hattie Collins.

LuckyMe London Special: Lunice & Friends

Part of Diplo's Mad Decent family and also creative collective LuckyMe which includes Scotsman Hudson Mohawke, Montreal's Lunice is set to bring his experimental take on hip hop to London tomorrow in the heart of Shoreditch at basement venue, Concrete. His recent mix on Diplo's new Radio 1 slot will give you an idea of what he's about and having been a dancer before deejaying and producing (he's worked with Gucci Mane, Azealia Banks, the xx and Elephant Man) his sets are like no other. Head here to sign up for guest list for tomorrow's one off show where the Canadian is bringing along a handpicked selection of guests, show starts at 9pm sharp!!!

StooShe: Black Heart (Video)

A slight throwback vibe from the StooShe girls for the upcoming release 'Black Heart' which drops 10 June. The visuals were only unveiled yesterday and already they're about to top 100K, that's a lot of views in 24 hours, we're looking forward to what comes next from this unique trio.

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Anyone else get the feeling they're being drip fed...? Okay now we're all agreed that we enjoy that fact who else want's July to roll around a lot quicker so that we can go and check this out on the big screen, it looks AMAZING!!!