Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Nine Muses: [Trailer]

INcredibly well received at Sundance, not much is given away in the trailer for this film by John Akomfrah. A little bit of research (well, IMDB) tells us that this is part documentary and part personal essay that tells the story of immigrants arriving in the UK from the '60s onwards.

The Nine Muses is out now. It might not be showing at your local blockbuster, but we think it's well worth searching out at your local cinema.

Nneka: My Home

This song just makes you feel so well happy when you're listening to it. And then sort of a bit sad, and a bit like your heart is all exploding. Nneka is really a great artist, that is, as yet, woefully unrecognised on a mainstream level. Has she played Jools Holland yet? If not, she really should. And she should be on Radio 1. For reals. Bookers take note...!

Her new album features Ms. Dynamite and Black Thought from The Roots and I think it will be very brilliant!

(A long time ago-ish Chase & Status remixed her track, Heartbeat. I't's one of the best songs in the world ever. Check it):

Marc Jacobs x Yayo Kusama

Mr. Jacobs talks about teaming up with seminal Japanese artist  Yayoi Kusama on a new collection soon to come from Vuitton.

The D.O.T: Is The Water Wet?

Under his new guise of The D.O.T, Michael Skinner asks a question some might consider 'burning', others 'a bit silly'. Regardless of the track's title, this new offering from The Streets star is light on the vocals, hard on the samples and sturdy on the nodding of headness. Nice club tune Mr. S!

The Cold Light Of Day [Trailer]

Bruce Willis, Sigorney Weaver, big screen newcomer Henry Cavill from The Tudors (soon to play Superman), a boat, a briefcase and a kidnapped family. This has all the right ingredients for a top-class Hollywood thriller. Cavill must unearth his father's murky past in order to save his kidnapped family. Can he do it? (We think, yes, probably. This is Hollywood after all people).

Big Boi: The Crown Life [Europe]

"Since I was a young child, I been an international player. I don't know how to do anything else."

Crown Royal follow the ATLien as he heads to a muddy Glastonbury, meets Mumford & Sons, loses his bags and is forced to perform in flip flops. Directed by Jacob Lincoln, this is a a beautiful depiction of one of rap's finest on the road.

Margiela: New Season

We're just a teeeeeny tiiiny little bit obsessed with Maison Martin Margiela. In fact, we might love the label more than Kanye and Jay-Z put together.

i-D magazine posted these pictures by Mitchell Sams live and direct from Paris. Red leather and black leather together? We want! We want!

Kid Cudi: Teleport 2 Me

The new one from Cuddster suggests some inspiration from The Weeknd/ Frank Ocean school of sonic thought. Atmospheric, very, weird, also yes.

Skin: A Documentary

Skin from Stamp on Vimeo.

Somewhat of an incredible idea, five people from as far flung cities as London and LA, volunteered to be tattooed by the likes of Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Richard Prince and Raymond Pettibon. Lending the skin as a canvas to these celebrated artists has subsequently made them living, breathing works of art. Documented by Ryan Hope, this is a beautifully shot film of the work in progress. Featuring a soundtrack by Amon Tobin, Skin asks questions about what is art, how tattoos are perceived and how art is transformed when put onto the human form.

If you have a spare 40 minutes this film, admittedly a bit pretentious in places, is very, very worth watching.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Original Fake: Stop In The Name Of Humanity

While everything we love sells out in seconds at his online store, you should have better look picking up one of these KAWS designed OriginalFake tee's that have just dropped. Featuring the eponymous KAWS character, this Stop In The Name Of Humanity t-shirt is available in white, black, heather grey and navy for around £60.

Shop for yours now

Madonna Ft. M.I.A & Nicki Minaj: Give Me All Your Luvin

Seems like Madonna hasn't forgotten how to spell! Anyway, Madge, MIA and Minaj (M&M&M anyone?) recently joined forces for the new single taken from the Like A Virgin star's forthcoming album. This isn't so much a peak, but a teeny tiny glimpse of said record. Madonna, presumably joined by the other two, will be performing the single for the first time at the Superbowl next week.

Justice: On'N'On (Rick Rubin Remix)

The big bearded beat-monster Rubin collects some cowbells and sends Justice's new single straight into a space in a 1970's shuttle. Seriously spaceage stuff.

Frank Ocean: Voodoo

We can't get enough of Frank right now - can you? This free release via his Tumblr is reassuringly Oceanic - woozy, syrupy chill out music with just a hint of Prince. Gorgeous.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dazed Meets: A$AP Rocky

Dazed's Tim Noakes headed to Harlem for a "wild 24 hours". Meeting the No.1 rookie in the rap game, he made a film with Rocky and his crew about his prettiness, fashion, Harlem and how he's the saviour of hip hop.

Monday, January 23, 2012

G-Shock Spotlight: Barthoven

We met him last week featuring on A*M*E's new single, City Lights, and we've met his brother, MNEK several times here before. Today, we are proud to present 18 year-old Lewisham resident Chimezie Bartholomew Emenike, AKA Bartoven. This rapper, writer, producer and director is the third part of the teenage trifecta that are fast becoming the most interesting thing on the scene. Citing influence from Dizzee, Kanye, Jay-Z, Dot Rotten and his brother MNEK, we catch up with the wonderkid to find out what's next.

Firstly, the name, please explain. Word to Beethoven and all that!
Word to Beethoven! (Laughs). You sussed me Bart + Beethoven = Bartoven. I just took away the 'H' for easy access. I really love his work and admire his angle, I produce most of my stuff so it's a big name to live up to, but the same way that he was one of the greatest composers of his era, I want to be one of the greatest of mine

You've been about for a little while now, but it seems like things are starting to build. How has that happened?
I reckon it happened though tiny power moves and the important people that I bugged on the net (laughs). Two years ago, I did a random feature on a friend's song and it ended up on Popjustice's song of the day as well as opening for N-Dubz, G-FrSH, Griminal and Skepta. Last year I supported the likes of Pro Green and Aloe Black as well as releasing two EPs, my first single and consistent music through my Youtube channel. This year, I ended up on Popjustice again for a feature I did and so I reckon that pace picked up as years went by, and also word of mouth goes a long way too. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that were directed to my music through their friends making noise, I'm too grateful.

You come from a musical family (MNEK) but also strict parents. How are your family coping with two musicians in the household?
It's hell, there's arguments everyday about it, but I'll be addressing that whole African child expectation saga in my music throughout this year (laughs).

A*M*E, MNEK and yourself seem to be quite the musical family. Why does it work so well with you guys?
Because it isn't planned and therefore sounds far from manufactured. MNEK's a genius and A*M*E's a great vocalist so I feel inspired to say the least when I'm around them

Describe your music in 6 words.
Urban Alternative Unplanned Melodic Merssshh (slightly commercial) Marmite. 

Talk us through the ace new video Above The Law and also the lyrics featuring you as a big ole cheat!
In the video, I find myself trapped in a never-ending cycle of falling for the same girl and never connecting the dots in terms of why I've ended up in the boot three times. So it's a portrayal of a cheat that never learns despite Karma hitting hard three times in a row - with the same person for that matter! 

What's the toughest decision you've had to make?
Dropping out of college to focus on music more, my parents are still furious until this day, but I'm so sure of myself now that it's a tough decision I don't regret making.

What's the toughest things about being Bart?
Combing my hair in the morning, making time for all my real friends and my mum's expectations of me being the older brother

What's next for you?
This year, I have got plenty more singles to release and also a May mixtape called The Raggedy Tape which will have features from Joe Black, Cashtastic, Benny Banks, Young Mad B and many more. I don't like planning or predicting my year much, I love surprises!

There's a whole load of rappers/ directors/ producers/ talent out there. What makes Bartoven stand out from the rest?
I look at my songs like art, when I produce and vocal a song, I don't have a certain structure I use everytime because I mix and match and experiment with sounds. Essentially when people hear my songs they know it's me, but in terms of standing out, I don't know anyone else on the up who creatively handles practically everything in their music career, from instrumentals, to visuals, to online presence and image.

Shy FX: Jinxe

Shy One - Jinxe by ShyOneBeats

Following a 'bad day', D&B legend and all-round ace producer Shy FX has dropped this minimal slice of bassy goodness for absolutely free. Thanks SHY FX!

BAPE: London Pirate Store

Get ready for queues aplenty as A Bathing Ape opens their European flagstreet store for a limited time only. The Pirate Store wil be open from 27 January to 5 February. As well as the usual hotness from the Nigo owned brand, you can pick up exclusive Pirate Store T's for just 60 British Pounds.

Head down to 4 Upper James St, London from Friday.

Shut Up And Play The Hits [Trailer]

He might have retired LCD Soundsystem, but James Murphy has one more treat in store for fans.

Recorded over 48 hours at Murphy's Madison Square Garden farewell gig last year, and shot in part by Spike Jonze as well as Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, this will be part live footage as well as an intimate documentary into Murphy's band. By the look of the trailer, this will be a fitting tribute to one of dance music's most progressive acts.

Ps, is it just us, or does Murphy look a bit like Guy Gurvey from Elbow fame?

Youngman: Who Knows [Acoustic]

The bass-master being championed by Annie Mac and Mistajam shows a serious side with this incredible acoustic version of his Skream-produced tune Who Knows. Youngman, who has toured with Skream and Benga and is signed to Shy FX's Digital Soundboy label is being touted as the male Katy B. We just think he's the male Youngman; a very talented Young Man.

Follow Youngman
Hear Youngman
Like Youngman

Rita Ora: Video Diary

Now look, we've told you about Rita Ora before. She's going to be big. Really, really very big.

Anyway, Rita just turned 21, and is busy on the circuit performing smash-in-waiting Hot Right Now with DJ Fresh. Here's what happened on her 21st and during all that crazy performing stuff.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A*M*E: City Lights [Video]

We at G-Shock have a lot of love both for Aminata Kabba  as well as her collaborators, beatmaking genius brothers, MNEK and Bartoven. Featuring the trio themselves, this video accompanies a fanzine edited by A*M*E - which you can download for free from here. Yeah, a fanzine, making videos, making music. Teenagers these days, eh! What's wrong with drinking cider in parks? Eh? EH!

We had a quick chat with A*M*E recently. Here's what she had to say about herself.

* I'm influenced by the '90s, Diane King, Madonna, Florence and Rihanna. I’m doing something different to the stereotypical black, teenage, urban thing, so I hope people appreciate that. But it’s fun pop music, nothing too heavy or tragic or sad or anything like that. Something people can relate to. I’m bringing it back 90’s style!

* Moving from Sierra Leone to London when I was 8 was shocking! Literally from nowhere, to seeing, like, trains and hills and perfume was just massive to me. It was a massive culture shock.

*I have a piercing addiction. I’ve got 13 piercings! Yeah.  I went and got my bellybutton pierced once. My mum was like 'No more, no more'.  I was like 'Alright mum!' and I got 12 more. I wanted to feel like a bit of a rebel. 

* If I could work with anyone in the world, it would it be [Producers] Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Aretha Franklin.

* My favourite item of clothing are my lilac DMs.

* If I wasn't making music, I'd be in college studying history, English, dance and music.

Stinkahbell: Switch Up The Gears

Initially worth watching just for the videos' visuals, but soon the track's insistent bass grabs hold of your ear and gently, but firmly, tugs right up on it. Stinkahbell is Nutty P ( a man known for his work with most of the UK underground scene) and DJ Janset, who combined forces a couple of years ago. They've received acclaim both for thier original productions and remixes, but it seems like the heat is really rising with the release of this dubby smash.

Tinie Tempah: Disturbing Milan

Spotted on many a front row, here's what happened when Mr. Tempah popped to Milan for last week's Fashion Week.

SBTRKT: Atomic Piece

This mysteriously masked musician created one of 2011's most critically acclaimed albums. And the south Londoner starts 2012 strong with this gorgeously ethereal free upload on his Soundcloud


Ruff Sqwad: Mario Balotelli

Rapid, Slix, Tinchy and Dirt Danger drop this homage to the football star, with lens action courtesy of Luke Monaghan and James Barber.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Santigold: Big Mouth [Free Download]

The Philly born, New York residing sonic spawn of M.I.A. finally returns after a huge hiatus with a new album, Master Of My Make-Believe. Where's she been at? Who knows, but we think this songs just might suggest she's not a fan of Lady Gaga! Beef! Beef!

Check the video below and download the song for nada from Santi's site.   

Edgar [Trailer]

Film Trailers by Filmtrailer.com

Has Leo ever made a dud? Well, it's a rare occasion if so. One of this generation's finest actors takes on the role of J Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI. Naomi Watts and Judi Dench also star.

Emeli Sande: Next To Me

One of our favourite songs from Sande's forthcoming album, Our Version Of Events, here's the video for the reecntly engaged singer's new single.

Rusko: Someone To Love

Directed by Jason Miller, this might be my favourite video of 2012 so far. LOVE this video and LOVE Rusko!

Somebody To Love is available to buy on 24 Jan and is taken from the British dubstepper's new album, Songs, out in March on Diplo's Mad Decent label. Grab a free download of Rusko's remixes for everyone from Skream to Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and Mr Hudson over here.

Dappy: Rockstar

As TMS who produced the track told us yesterday, Dappy enlisted Queen leg-end Brian May to play on his new single, Rockstar. May also joins Dapster in the video. Lulz.

Yet another incredibly catchy 3.5 minutes from the former N-Dubzter. Lets not be too surprised when he hits No.1 on the 26 February.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Azealia Banks: NEEDSUMLUV

NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND) by Azealia Banks

Pretty much the hottest new rap chick in the game, the totally tipped Banks just dropped this ditty. No longer signed to XL, expect to hear news of her new label home this week.

War Of Words: Battleground

Working with Ben from La Roux and featuring remixes from La Roux of, well, La Roux, we're  big fans of this 90s throwback jam. Loving the vocal arrangements, loving the chorus, loving the video. Triple love really.

The Bullitts: Supercool [Video]

The Bullitts bring the lolz in this video for their new track, Supercool, starring an unsuspecting Rosario Dawson.

G-Shock Spotlight: TMS [Producers]

Tom ‘Froe’ Barnes, Ben Kohn and Peter ‘Merf’ Kelleher had a great 2010 (albums cuts for Tinchy and Devlin followed a cut on Lily Allen's Alright Still album), and a very impressive 2011 (No.1’s with Professor Green (Read All About It) and Dappy (No Regrets). We can only imagine what 2012 has in store for the talented trio! Well, actually, we know what 2012 has in store for these three friends, cos we popped to their west London studio for a chat. Get ready for singles with Devlin, Clement Marfo and Dappy's Brian May featuring next track, Rockstar. We had a chat with Froe, to try and discover how on earth they do the darned thing.

You’ve been in the game a while; initially making dance music and travelling the world.

How have you managed to make such major moves in the world of urban/ pop?
When we started we were making hip hop, then we moved on the dance stuff, then for a few years in-between we weren’t really sure what we were doing, we were just copying Amy Winehouse tunes, doing what we deemed as pop. Then the urban thing came into the forefront at the same time as us, so we decided to start making the music that we enjoy. If you’re trying to do stuff that you don’t enjoy, it’s never going to come out that well. You’ve just got to go with what you believe in. We did Spaceship for Tinchy and Dappy, that was our first single, and from then on we’ve just been really going for it and running with all the ideas that we think are really great. 

There are three of you, who does what?
Well I’m the drummer, Merf went to uni and did a sound design course, he can play a few different instruments, he’s a bit of an all-rounder. Ben is a people person, if we do a session he gets the most out of artists and leads the way. That’s how it rolls!

Are there artists that you work particularly well with?
We work well with Dappy – he’s like a driving force. If you’re doing a tune with him and it ain’t right, he’ll tell you it ain’t right, and he’ll tell you to fix it. He’s a perfectionist. Dot [Rotten] is someone we work well with, he’ll come into the studio and just search through our hardrive and find beats that we’ve done on like a Sunday afternoon in fifteen minutes and turn them into something. It’s easiest to work with the people you’re most comfortable with too. 

Who’s on the wanted list?
We’re doing stuff with Syco for Little Mix, which is cool. We’ve got Professor Green, we’re doing stuff with Wretch and Dot, we’re really excited about that. We’ve got a single with Devlin coming out soon. It’s just good to work with exciting, new talent, which is hard to find. 

Anyone you’re working with at the moment who you think might come through in the next few months?
We’ve got Dappy’s next single, he’s got Brian May playing the guitar! We’ve got Tulisa in next week, she should do some good things. There’s a kid that we’re working with in the next few weeks called MNEK– he’s one to watch definitely. He could be the next Labrinth. We’ve got a single coming out with Devlin and Jagga, who’s an artist signed to Sony, it’s a TMS featuring record called Keep On The Light. That’s one to watch out for, it’s us exploring our non-pop side. We’re not trying to make a massive impact - we’re just doing it for sh*ts and giggles, as they say! 

What’s the goal for TMS?
We want to cement ourselves as being consistently at the top of the UK music scene really. We want to make sure this year is better than last. We’ve got some more hits on the way, and then I guess we’ll try and crack other countries as well. But right now we’re just trying to crack the UK. 

D&G: Behind The Scenes

This looks suspiciously calm and beautiful to us. Bet there's lots of screaming, shouting, tears and fear the day before! How gorgeous does D&G's latest collection look? Very gorgeous, is the answer.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom [Trailer]

Moonrise Kingdom from Flush the Fashion on Vimeo.

This looks pretty amazing. If not totally weird. But then, everything Wes Anderson does is a bit bonkers. Also, can we talk about Bill Murray's hair? Wow.

Asher Bradshaw: 7 year-old Skate Sensation

Asher Bradshaw (7 yrs old skater) from eDsanca on Vimeo.

What was I doing when I was 7? Finger painting and times tables I reckon. And falling off my BMX.

Check this 7 year-old future skate champ in the making. Kid is ridiculous!

BRITS: Congratulations Sheeran

A lovely evening at the Brit Nominations last night. The G-Shock crew headed to The Savoy to witness this year's Brit's Critic Awardee Emeli Sande and the night's big nominee, Ed Sheeran, perform in front of industry types and slebs including Professor Green, Rizzle Kicks and Jessie J.

Ed led the pack with an incredible 4 nominations. "Exactly a year ago to the day I signed my record deal with Asylum/Atlantic Records. Today I have an album that's gone triple platinum, 3 sold out tours and now four BRIT Award nominations. I'm over the moon! I really couldn't have hoped for a better start to 2012."

Ahh, congratulations to our very favourite ginger. It was also a good night for Jessie J and Adele, who had three nominations, while Florence, Coldplay and Emeli all received two nods. The Brit Awards willbe broadcast on ITV1, live from the 02, on Tuesday 21 February.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mary J Blige Ft.Drake: Mr. Wrong

New one from the Queen, who celebrated her birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday MJB!

White Powder Gold: Can't Stop Me Now

New band White Powder Gold combine rock, punk R&B and some serious soul in an aural alchemy of epic proportions. We meet the London fourpiece…
‘White Powder Gold’ is the stuff of precious metal legend (See: Harry Potter). How/ why did you come up with the name?
We have always been into seeking knowledge; we watch a lot of documentaries  and read a lot of books. We are fascinated by ancient civilizations, so when we came across Monatomic Gold and what is was used for it seemed a fitting name for the band. White powder gold is said to be a super conductor; when consumed it heightens ones sense of awareness and balances both hemispheres of the brain, this is what we feel music should do.   

How did the band form? Jermaine and Jamie you went to college, but how about the rest of the band?
When we started, we were producing and writing for the two of us in mind but the sound grew beyond two guys performing to a CD. We initially had two of our friends in the band to, but then soon came to realise that finding the right musicians was no easy task! Three drummers and three guitarist's later we bought in Corky (drum's) and Chris (Guitar). He had just finished playing in a band that we liked, so we stole him [laughs). 
When you sat down and started writing, what were your intentions as a band? 
Having grown up listening to the likes of 2pac, Bob Marley, Rage Against the Machine, The Sex Pistols and Public Enemy, who were all quite revolutionary in their own right, we felt that it was really missing in the industry. There are a lot of artists out there, chatting a lot of  sh*t and considering the current economic climate it’s unbelievable that there are not more artists out there speaking the truth. We are not here to preach, everybody likes to have a good time but there is still sh*t that needs to be said. As for how would we describe our sound? The Future (laughs).

How do you feel about comparisons to Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Sex Pistols and The Beatles? They’re pretty big boots to fill! 
A journalist compared us to those artists and it stuck until now. We would never compare ourselves to those artists; those are some big ass boots to fill (laughs). 

If you could work with anybody in the whole wide world, who would it be?
The Prodigy.

How has 2011 built for you, and how do you plan to expand on that this year?
2011 was amazing so far, we found our sound, the band came together and the music was received well. This year, more gigs, release the singles and then an album.  

We’ve heard four great songs from you guys; what can we expect of new music from you?
You can expect our music to keep progressing and evolving. Our music surprises us sometimes, so even we don't know what to expect. Our first single is out February 2012 and our EP is out now in Rough Trade. We’re aiming to drop an album by the end of next year. 

Who are your tips for 2012?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jay-Z Ft. BIC - Glory

Jay-Z ft BIC - Glory by thatsdopedaily.com

Featuring the gurgles of Blue Ivy (vocodered as Westwood joked yesterday), Hov dedicates some lovely, ovary-twisting lyrics to his newborn daughter. We broodily approve. A lot!

Professor Green Ft. Fink: Read All About It (Part 2)

Pro rejoins his album collaborator Fink to refix his recent No.1 single.

This is, in just one word, moving, as Green looks even deeper into his father's suicide.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spotlight: Amir Amor [Producer]

26year-old London producer Amir Amor has a finely tuned ear. Working with artists as disparate as Ed Sheeran, Plan B and Scrufizzer, this beatmaker/ songwriter and artist is an incredible talent that we at G-Shock are very, very big fans of! We catch up with Amir in his Major Toms studio to find out what 2012 has in store not only for himself but those who he's working with.

You might know me for.... 
Oh My!  A female duo signed to 679 recordings, I've been producing most of their stuff, and writing it with Example.
Plan B: Paint It Blacker mixtape"
Ed Sheeran: Lego House (Rudimental Remix)

You can look out for....
Plan B: Ill Manors the movie score to Plan B's directorial debut, this is a big project I'm currently working on! It's a deep film, very relevant to our times, and it will definitely cause some chaos
Rudimental: This is my artist project, there's four of us in the crew. We're going to start playing some festivals later this year, it's gonna be a mad show. We've got some very big plans for this one. 
Watch out for our remix of Lego house for our pal Ed Sheeran, and our first single dropping on Asylum this year.
My own solo A.Amor record. The first track is called I'ma Do Me featuring the incredible Scrufizzer… This one's pushing the boundaries!

I'd describe my sound as... Always evolving.

The best song I've written to date is.... I don't know cos I haven't written it yet!

My favourite artists in the world are... Prince, Wu-Tang, Sun-Ra, the Kinks... This is too random to complete!

The toughest thing about my job is... Working under pressure to tight deadlines, sometimes you have to fight through the writers block.

The toughest decision I've made so far is... Jumping into music full time... or was it the easiest?

The three people I'm tipping for 2012 are:

Rudimental: I started off producing them then ended up joining the band. Rudimental have a few massive anthems coming out this year.

Yogi: An incredible producer and songwriter, and my regular collaborator. He already did Traktor for Wretch 32, I predict he's going to hit the charts a few times this year.

Oh My!: My favorite pop group, they just brought out  song called Bad Date. They make really cool pop music that reminds me of when Fun Boy Three and Bananarama got together in the '80s. They're set for big things this year.

Listen to Amir
Follow Amir
Read Amir

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wiley: Highs & Lows

Ahead of Eskimo Dance at Proud o2 this weekend, Wiley gave this track to Time Out magazine. He talks to the publication (click here), re-cooking a quick beef with Lethal and explaining why getting a reload for a lyric at a rave beats playing a sold out Arena show any day.

Wiley will be joined by a veritable 'who's who' of the grime scene, new and old, with Skepta, JME, P Money, Slimzee, Jammer, Scrufizzer and Flirta D all on the line-up.

Wiley - Highs and Lows by timeoutlondon

* Update - This has now been taken down. But fear not, here's Will's new video for Boom Blast!

Josh Osho x Shadez The MIsfit: Hey Ya (Cover)

Loving this reworking on the Outkast classic by Island signed Josh Osho (ohh that voice) and our very own Shadez. Filmed at G-Shock EAST, the boys put their own twist on the Andre 3000 banger. The 1ast episode of Take Two is a combination of Old Skool and New Skool. For their time OutKast always represented the inventive left of centre New Skool and I feel as a creative not just an artist Mr.Misfit fits the bill perfectly! Helping me reinvent an Old Skool classic… Don’t you," said Josh. To see Josh reworking Adele with Angel and covering Kanye West, check out his site.

Friday, January 6, 2012

G-Shock Spotlight: Luke Hyams [Director]

31 year-old West Londoner Luke Hyams is hardly a newcomer. As well as writing and directing the game-changing Dubplate Drama (starring then unknowns Tulisa, Dappy, Adam Deacon and Noel Clarke and the very first series to use viewer interaction via text), he was the man behind the camera for Bars For Change, as well as head writer for Katemodern, the world's first interactive show. We talk to Luke about his ever-expanding career as well as who we should watch out for in the world of screen in 2012.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m adapting JG Ballard’s Vermilion Sands for the BBC and am also getting ready to shoot my first feature this year, both of which should be hitting screens by years end.

I'd describe my work as... Grime and gimmicks.

The best show I've made to date is.... Over the twelve episodes of Dubplate Drama: Series 2, I really feel like we got to take our characters on a journey that really resonated with our audience. Episodes 5 and 6 of that series really stand out as good examples of what we tried to create with that show.

My favourite director in the world is... Danny Boyle. Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and The Beach have heavily influenced my work to date.

My favourite writer in the world is... Steven Moffat. His Press Gang episodes are over twenty years old and are still exemplary examples of what you can do within the constraints of a thirty minute TV format. 

The toughest thing about my job is... Remaining enthusiastic when so many ideas you are so passionate about don't make it from the page to the screen for one reason or another.

The toughest decision I've made so far is... Deciding to walk away from a big-budget feature project with an amazing cast because I couldn’t come to an agreement on the script with the producer.

Some people I'm tipping for 2012 are.... 
Davie Fairbanks and Marc Small are a very brilliant new writing team with an expert handle on the subtleties of dramatic and comedic writing . They have a number of projects in the works including two films they co-wrote with Noel Clarke, The Knot and Storage 24, both of which will be in cinemas this year.

The Brownlee Bros, Arran and Corran, are two undeniably talented Canadian film makers responsible for the very captivating and unique short film The Suicide Bros. I am very excited about the Brownlee’s next projects, a new series of internet literary adaptations entitled Short Tales and an as yet untitled feature film about a witch starring Keira Knightley.

Anna Jordan is an award-winning writer who captures the spirit of our generation and translates it into drama with startling ease. She’s responsible for plays including Short Stuff and Vote Of No Confidence and is about to make the transition into writing for the screen with an as-yet-untitled TV series about addiction and a feature film adaptation of her play Bender. 

For Luke's thoughts on lentils, Jessie J and much, much more, follow him on Twitter.

Skream: Scrooge's Revenge

The Croydonian dubmaster drops a little free bass heaven for your (a bit fat from Christmas) face. Scrooge's Revenge by SKREAMIZM

G-Shock Spotlight: Matthew Walker [Director]

As soon as we saw JME's video for 96 F***ries, we immediately asked ourselves, WHO DIRECTED THAT?! (Take a look here if you'd like a reminder). Noting the director's name and production company (Scorcher's Staple House), we took to Twitter to catch up with the talented lensman. With a couple of years experience under his belt, we don't think it'll be too long before 26 year-old north Londoner Matt Walker gets his goal of making videos for Tinie and taking on Tinseltown. The director and animator sat down with G-Shock to explain his shooting style. 

How did you start out as a video director? 
Well, after I finished my digital animation degree, I met Scorcher who wanted to use my editing skills on some videos. After a year or so of mainly post-production work, I got an opportunity to direct a Skepta Vs N-Dubz video (So Alive)... and the rest is history I guess.

What videos have you worked on to date? 
Wow, there are a few. I guess the notable ones are Skepta Vs N-Dubz, Skepta Mike Lowery, Wretch 32 - Forgiveness and Skepta's new single - Hold On (out now, go buy it!). I also did the VFX for Scorcher's Dark Knight video, which is one of my favourites. I have a few coming up, but the only one I can speak about is Scorcher's new single, I'm exited about it because the song is incredible - not being biased!. I've also made it a 2012 Resolution to work with Tinie Tempah this year, he makes the kind of music that gives me ideas instantly. So if somebody could tell him...that would be nice!

Talk us through the new JME vid - how did you do it!? How long did it take in post-production? 
[Laughs] JME and I vowed not to reveal the exact method, although people on Youtube seem to have figured it out. I can say though, that it was a really fun shoot. We shot all around London over three days. It wasn't a conventional song, more a freestyle and the energy was so crazy that the visuals had to match it. I will also say that JME is the only artist I know would've been up for those crazy/dangerous filming techniques.

How did you end up working with Scorcher over at Staple House
Well as a matter of fact, Scorcher and I started Staple House together in 2009. I guess I'm a Co-CEO. We met through a mutual friend in 07 or 08. I think I designed his first tattoo for him, we became friends after that. I started off doing more of the editing/VFX/production and gradually evolved into a director.

How would you describe your creative style?  
I'm really not sure what my 'creative style' is yet, Eclectic maybe? My style of shooting differs with the types of song I get. I guess that is what I offer, a fresh, honest approach to every song without being limited to one style...if that makes any sense.

What's the toughest part of your job? 
Making my imagination fit the budget.

What's the toughest decision you've had to make? 
Deciding to make this a career.

What new talent should we look out for in 2012? 
I really like the work of new director Chas Appeti (Sneakbo, Krept & Konan). He's very talented, I have my eye on him. Also an MC called Raptor from Sway's DCY camp, he's an amazing lyricist.

What's your personal plan for the future?
In the near future I'll be fighting for that Tinie Tempah video and I'll also be trying to build the Staple House name. Further down the line, I want to get in commercials (Nike/adidas commercials to be exact) and I want a summer blockbuster one day. There's no rush though!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yasmin: American Wedding [Cover]

Shout out firstly to Soulculture for this tastily filmed piece of footage and shout out secondly to Yas to a) choosing an amazing track from Frank's Nostalgia,Ultra and b) for a job well done. Great cover!

Yas releases Light Up The World Ft. Ms Dynamite this weekend - go and buy it! The MJ Cole remix is well amazing!

Clement Marfo Ft. Kano: Mayhem


This 7-piece rock/ rap/grime collective are basically amazing. See them live and prepare to be blown away - there's some serious energy afoot!

Recently signed to Warners and tipped by HMV, check Clement's new dub-fuelled monster, Mayhem. 

Clement will be taking to the road next month with Lady Leshurr on the MOBO tour, which you can go and watch for absolutely free!

G-Shock Sessions: Lady Chann & Blacks

We caught up with Lady Chann and OG'z Blacks on the G-Shock bus, after the two rrrrrripped up the stage at G-Shock Sessions, just before Christmas. The pair, and producer Marco Del Horno tell us about working together on Just Rewind, which Del Horno co-produced with DJ Swerve.