Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time For: Plan B

As we mentioned before, Ben Drew returns this year in the guise of screenwriter and director, with his film debut, iLL Manors. The slef-titled lead single from the soundtrack was premiered on Zane Lowe last night, to rather large fanfare.

For those that are fans of Plan B's soulful sounds, his return to his rap roots might be somewhat of a shock. Either way, win fans or lose them, Plan B insists on making the music he wants to make. Here he tells us why he loves Labrinth, discovering his inner Tina Turner and why he'll never, ever make music for money.

You started as rapper, did a Motown record and now you're back to rap for the iLL Manors soundtrack. What gives?

You see Labrinth, he gets it. I’ve been in the studio with him and he gets it; he can play different instruments and he learns about music. He was talking to me about Jimmy Coltraine and people like that. He actually goes and learns about those guys. I respect that so much. People like me and him, there’s not a lot of us, especially out of the urban scene. That’s why I reckon Labrinth, he even said this himself, he’ll put some music out that not everyone will agree with, might not be feeling, but eventually he’ll hit the nail on the head and do something spectacular, something individual and different but he needs to learn the machine before he destroys it. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I have to venture down these different paths; I have to go and do soul music, I have to go and do punk music, reggae, classical... Me, as an artist, as a person who loves music, I have to go and see what the fuss is about. And learn it so that I can destroy it and so something new and fresh. I think one day I will. One day I’m gonna do something that no one else has done before and I’ll die trying. Until then, all these styles that I’m into and I love, I’m gonna flirt with. But I’ll always come back to hip hop and essentially it’ll make my hip hop music better.

How do you think people will react to you going back to rap?
For every person out there that hates the Strickland Banks album, I know that I’m either going to win them back with this album, or future albums that I do, or make twice as many fans because the music’s gonna be better because of that album and what making it taught me. Strickland taught me how to sing. For me, this whole other voice, when the iLL Manors soundtrack comes out, people are gonna hear my voice in a way they’ve not heard it before. Obviously there will be similairites but, for me, they’re gonna hear a bit of Tina Turner in there, a bit of James Brown, little bit of Stevie. Before I was signing more like Smokey Robinson. I never would have found that out myself, that I had a voice that was capable of doing that, if I hadn’t done Strickland.

What are the sales like on that album?
Like 1.4 million, maybe more than that. It’s mental (laughs) it’s crazy. It’s the same thing where people expect something from you. It’s like the first record but an even larger scale. If 50,000 from the first album (Who Needs Actions...) expected the same from the second album, than 50% of them were very disappointed with Strickland came out. So if 1.4 million people that bought Strickland are expecting a similar record then the margins of disappointment are that much bigger but that’s something that I can’t do nothing about. I’m not going to do what other bands do and play into the market’s hands. If I was a businessman, yeah, I’d go and make another soul record. What other artists do what I do? Jump from one genre to the next, take risks like that? They don’t because it becomes a business for them and that’s when they stop becoming an artist and become business men. And that’s when the music becomes rubbish and that’s why I don’t do it.

iLL Manors is out 4 May, followed by the soundtrack on 7 May.

Time For: Dot Rotten

In case we weren't 'Entertained' enough last time, Dot Rotten returns with another explosive anthem, this time called Laughing. Oh, he likes a guitar does Dot. As do we.

G-Shock recently spoke to the South London MC about how he approaches songwriting.

“I try to have a beginning, middle and end with every song,” explains the man born Joseph Ellis. “Watching a lot of anime has definitely inspired that; drama, thriller, concepts, twists and turns. The films I watch, the depth I have from life situations, the things I’ve been through, tend to start the song and then flow throughout. I always try to paint a picture but I like to encourage people to go and research stuff that they might not understand. I like to think of myself as a young teacher slash MC.”

As for his name, there is of course the Eastenders nod (“Big up Dorothy. We both smoke Mayfair”), but it’s more acronym than homage; Dirty On Tracks, Righteous Opinions Told To Educate Nations. “I’m for everyone,” he insists. “I’m a normal human being who grafted to get to the position in the music industry that I’m in right now. I’m hardworking, but I can slack at times, I’m very boisterous, I can be negative. Just like you and anyone else that circles this earth, I’m going through things, dealing with them and learning from my mistakes. I’m just a normal guy who has things he’d like to talk to you about.” 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tricky & Martina: Maxinquaye Reunion

The trip-hop trail-blaizer will reunite onstage with vocalist and musician Martina Topley-Bird for the first time in 15 years to perform his award-winning debut album Maxinquaye in its entirety on Friday, 27 April, 2012 at the first-ever Sundance London as part of the four-day festival’s music programme.

Lets not hold that old Beyonce Glastonbury lolz against him, eh! He'll be ace this time. Definitely ace. He'll be performing the 500,000 seller from top to bottom with Bird; perfect for fans of Ponderosa and so on!

You can buy tickets from Thursday from here.

Joker Ft. Buggsy: Lost

Bristol bass king Joker joins with Bristol MC, Buggsy, on this rather brilliant new song. Excellent video too.

The Oscars

Not sure if Ryan Seacrest took this too well. Lolz. Sasha Baron Cohen takes to the Oscar red carpet in the guise of his new role, The Dictator.

Arctic Monkeys: R U Mine?

Alex Turner and his primate pals dropped this on the Internets today. A brand new song with very questionable spelling, nonetheless, a rather great tune we think you'll agree.

Rizzle Kicks: Traveller's Chant (Video)

I think these guys should win some kind of award for their videos. They're always so ace.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time For: Elgar Johnson, Fashion Ed, i-D

When it comes to fashion, there are fewer magazines greater placed that i-D. A British institution in its own right, the title has been at the forefront of fashion since it launched some 30 years ago.

Who better to talk #LondonFashionWeek then than i-D's amazing Fashion Editor, Elgar Johnson. The Liverpool fan talks us through the last week's madness of front row with Rihanna, why we should all wear balaclavas and why Greggs is the saviour of LFW!

How was LFW this season?
It was a very exciting season this year, especially with the younger wave of designers coming through, London is bursting with talent.

Which shows stood out for you?

Shows this season that really stood out for me were Meadham Kirchhoff, Sister by Sibling, Christopher Kane and Lou Dalton. A special mention for the MCQ, which was a great show and hardcore production.

What key looks should we be looking for over the coming months?
There are so many this season and to be honest, there's a real mish mash of textures. Personally I would insist that everyone go and buy a Sibling balaclava and whack that on big bold colours . Can imagine how amazing that would look if everyone working in the city at rush hour had a different coloured balaclava on? Brilliantly trippy (laughs).

Which new designers showed promise? Who should we keep an eye on?
Again, there's a lot of choice but I'm gonna go Astrid Andersen, just because she is taking menswear there and Simone Rocha (video below), a HUGE talent for the Ladies.

LFW is a full on week - how do you survive?
The only way to survive is a Lucozade and Greggs which is nicely positioned at the side of Somerset House!

What was your own favourite outfit that you wore?
My orange Stone Island cardigan was my favorite garment for the shows. Stone Island rock my world.

Who was the most amazing person you saw on the front-row?
The most amazing person I saw Rihanna - just HOT!

As a fashion editor at i-D, what is the toughest part of your job?
I think it's thinking when is the right time to release an idea. The best bit of being a fashion editor is that fashion is, and should be, fun. You can have a giggle with it; there not a lot of industries that can let you do that.

Where can people catch you online?
I'm on Twitter where you can get not only fashion updates but sport ones too - I'm a big Liverpool Fan, quite rare in fashion I think.

Follow Elgar on Twitter.
i-D's latest issue is on shelves now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

City Lights: Fuller Refix Vs Gold Top Remix

This remix of A*M*E's City Lights is hugely, disgustingly, massively big. Bought to my attention by Michael Cragg in the Guardian, I need to find out more about these remixers. Oof!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Santigold: Disparate Youth

What a clever lil video this is. Looking forward very much to Santi's second album, due to drop in April.

The Amazing Spiderman: Trailer

 Some more webbed wonderment for the Spidey fans in the house.

Mad Men: Series 5 [Trailer]

One for the Don Draper/ Christina Hendricks fans among us; Don and his Mad Man are on their way back for a fifth series.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Time With... Plan B [Interview]

We caught up with the brilliant Ben Drew recently to talk about his forthcoming directorial debut, iLL Manors. We've seen a rough cut and were absolutely blown away; it's provocative, shocking, funny and really clever. Incredibly impressive not only for a first-time (ish) director, but a director full stop. Is there nothing this man can't do!

Here's a small part of our conversation, in which Mr. Plan B describes how the film came to be.

Talk us through the concept for iLL Manors? There's overlapping, inter-weaving stories, a narrated rap soundtrack...
I only get budget to make videos for singles, which was quite creatively frustrating. So I decided that i'd  do it myself then. The concept was an accident. Initially, a few years ago, I’d written a normal film, just a regular type film. Well, concept wise, it wasn’t regular at all – it was about a necrophile cop! But I’d written a film that was just gonna be shot as a film. I realised,  that just like with music – telling people how good I am is all very well, but nobody believes you till you do it. So I made a short film, but in preparation for making that short film, I worked with director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas). We shot a short in Shoreditch, one night, no money on a DV night vision camera. We had Adam Deacon in it, and some pals of mine in it. When I originally wrote it it was about twenty pages long, and I thought ‘We can’t shoot this – it’s like twenty minutes long. How the hell are we gonna do this in five pages?’  So, I was sitting there racking my brains and I realised BANG! Write a song! Write a rap song and you can have little bits of dialogue within it. And so I did. I got Killa Kela down and we recorded a really lo-fi beat-box and put my rapping over the top of it and we went and shot the short film and it was wicked! 

How was it received?
It was shown at a film festival and they played it late night on Channel 4 and so I brought it to this film company. They loved it and said 'Oh, have you got an idea for a movie?' I told them this story I had in my head for an hour. They said 'This is great! Have you got a treatment?' I didn’t even know what that was. So they gave me the Full Monty treatment and said 'Right, that’s a treatment – go write one for your film.' I went away, came back with a 25 page, half treatment/half script and they said 'This is basically a script, you should write the script'. I wrote the script, come back, and they asked who I wanted to direct it. They said 'How about that guy, Mike Figgis?' and I said 'No actually, I want to direct it'. And they went quiet and said 'Okay, go and show us that you can do it.' So I met this guy who ended up being my producer and we made Michelle

Which became the initial idea for iLL Manors?
The reason we made Michelle is that nobody watches short films. I needed a reason for people to watch my short film, so I put the element of my music into it which meant my fan-base, which at the time was 40,000 strong, would watch my film. I loved the film so much that I didn’t wanna just put it on Youtube. I wanted to turn it into a feature. And so I spent the next three to four years trying to do that. At the same time as giving the label their next record - Strickland Banks. So I made iLL Manors because of the first film I wrote. Because I wanted to make that and no-one would trust me with their money. I had to show I was a capable director so people would trust me to do a full-length.

Do you think you’ve shown that you can direct?
Yeah definitely. But then, it’s not enough for me! I've spent so many years working on this film that I actually want this film to be brilliant. I want it to be amazing. I don’t want it to just be like ‘Yeah I can direct’. The kids, the actors, that helped me make it, they’ve given me everything. And they’re stars, they’re gonna go places, and I just wanna do the best job by them. It’s not even about me anymore. I wanna like, smash it with this film. I want people to love it. 

iLL Manors, directed by Plan B, with an accompanying soundtrack, is released 4 May.

Jay Norton: Spare Room Sessions [Free Download]

Uber-talented Jay Norton decided to add some warmth into our chillsome hearts this February with a free - FREE - mixtape. Featuring Jay's versions of the Wiz Khalifa co-signed Black & Yellow (guess the mystery song that mashes in at the end), to the Yelawolf approved cover of Daddy's Lambo, there's also original tracks and demos, all of which were recorded in his mama's spare room!

Download Spare Room Sessions now and you will not be disappointed.

Jagga & Devlin: Keep On The Lights

As they mentioned to us last month, producers TMS (Dappy, Dot Rotten) are set to release their debut single with Jagga and Mr. Devlin. In celebration/ promotion of this, the Island signed (Devs) and the Sony signed (Jags), teamed up for a special acoustic version of the forthcoming single.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rodigan: M.B.E.

We'd like to offer our congratualtions to David Rodigan M.B.E. who received the presigious award from the Queen yesterday.

Having partied to many (and we mean many) of his soundsystems over the years, his work within reggae and dancehall has been pretty much untouchable over the last few years. Whether you tune into him on Kiss, watch him live in the flesh, buy his amazing compilations, quite literally wear the t-shirt, or check out all of his appearances on Youtube, we're sure you'll agree that this man is an absolute legend in his own right.

Pull Up Rodigan and sound the Air Horn!!!

Usher: Climax

Climax by diplo

Oh my gosh - this is a TUNE! The Atlanta singer joins with the Florida producer in what is basically described as baby-making.

Happy (belated) Valentines Day everyone.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shepard Fairey x InCase

Graphic designer, illustrator and artist Shepard Fairey is on of the US's foremost creative forces. Remember the Obama screenprint? The iconographist has joined forces with InCase, the guys who created the spongily delicious case that holds many a MacBook, ours included. As well as suitcases, you can travel in style with Fairey and InCase's range which includes bags and cases/ pouches/ products and so on for iPods etc. Available in three designs (the above is the Yen), our favourite might just be Elephant.

Have a look here for yourself.

Ed Sheeran x Yelawolf: Slumdon Bridge EP

In what could be a canny move for both of them, Edward of Sheeran has teamed with skater rapper Yelawolf to release a free four-track EP. Rather than emailing each other parts, the pair actually worked together in the studio alongside longtime Sheeran producer Jake Gosling. Amazing, we agree.

Featuring Faces, For F--- Sake, London Bridge and Tone you can expect some dark emo rap/ singing that suits both boys down to the ground. Rather ace.

Download it now. NOW!!!

Rck Ross: MMG Untouchable

This isn't a post to demonstrate what a master in the art of MCing Rick Ross is. It's to draw attention to approx 1.19 mins in when he gets his belly out. It's brilliant. Honestly, absolutely brilliant.

Burial: Kindred EP

The man behind Night Bus has got the Internet going nuts over his latest three track release. All but crashing the Hyperdub website when this EP was released on Sunday evening, it seems music fans can't get enough of his ethereal vocaled two-step-house-dub vybzs. Oh gosh, we just used the words vybz. Forgive us.

Do yourself a favour and head to Hyperdub to stream/ download this now. Even if you don't like it, it'll be a release to talk about if you want to look well cool in front of your friends. Truth.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bourne Legacy: Trailer

There might be no more Matt Damon in the starring role, but we're sure Jeremy 'Hurt Locker' Renner will do a stirling job. Ed Norton and Rachel Weisz also appear in the latest instalment, alongside Bourne regulars Albert Finney and Joan Allen

RIP Whitney

Very sad news.

Blue Ivy: Toddler Tumblr

The broody among you might want to steer clear of Jay and Bee's new Tumblr; featuring pics of Blue Ivy, it's cuteness personified. Jay, you certainly know how to rock the dad look. Cute! The couple set up the site as a way to avoid selling pictures/ paparazzi scrum and thanks fans for 'respecting their privacy'. A great idea, and what a handsome looking site it is too.

Labrinth: That Dude Right Now

Labrinth is coming on like Clive Davis right now - the super-producer hosted a pre-BRITs party a couple of weeks ago and invited a few friends down; Plan B, Rizzle Kicks, Emeli Sande, Little Mix, Chipmunk, Wretch popped down to Lab's 'restaurant' (his words) to celebrate the forthcoming BRIT awards and the fact that they're all mates and creative and everything. Aww.

Lab's album, Electronic Earth, is out next month.

Sway: Level Up

Produced by basshead Flux Pavillion, the new one from Sway is a a stormer. His last self-released single touched the Top 40, lets hope this one does the same and more.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Converse X Gorillaz X Andre 3k

The eponymous sneaker brand has teamed with virtual rocksters, The Gorillaz, for a new line of Chuck's launching this month. Utilising artist  Jamie Hewlett's amazing illustrations, the prints will incorporate iconic Gorillaz artwork created by Hewlett over the years.

To celebrate the release, Damon and his compadres have joined up with Andre 3000 and James murphy (he of LCD Soundsystem fame) on a track called DoYaThing (yep, no spaces to be found there). The track will be available from Converse from 23 February. Before this, Gorillaz will play a one-off date in London on 15 February at the 100 Club. Holla at Converse for tickets and details.

We look forward to seeing what those crazy primates have created!

Kanye & Jay-Z: N-- In Paris

As the internets go nuts trying to find Kanye 'East' (he wasn't in Chariots, American Apparel or Rich Mix, but at a car park in Brick Lane) the WWW plot-spoiled the premiere by upping the whole point of his PA - a screening of the video N--- In Paris.

It may only essentially be a live video, but it's pretty darned amaze.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RB8 Revealed

Just unveiled at the Factory in Milton Keynes, this gorgeous piece of car will be the machine of choice for Vassel and his teammates to tear up the track in next season.

Come on RB8!

Time For: Benny Banks [Interview]



He might have only picked up the mic a couple of years ago, but Benny Banks has taken the UK Rap scene by storm. Signed to 679/ Warners, he's worked with Maverick Sabre and toured with Dappy, while his debut single, Bada Bing! is causing so much hype that schools have rung Benny's label to complain about kids playing the song in class! G-Shock meets the 24 year-old Londoner to find out how he does the damn thing!

You haven't been rapping for that long. How/why did you getting into it?
To be honest, I was kind of wasted, jamming with my friends, and I just started rhyming along to some mixtape that was on. My friends were like ‘Yeah, you’re alright’! I was just mucking about really. A few months later, I saw this guy in the street - I thought it was Fazer from N-Dubz. It wasn't! It was Zee, who ran ZEE TV, but I recognised him from there. I told him I was a rapper, and he laughed and told me to call him when I was sober! A few months later, he was managing me and from there I did Charlie Sloth, SBTV, dropped my mixtape, Patiently Waiting and then late last year, I got signed!  

What sort of music were you bought up on?
I grew up on Eminem, up to Jay-Z and then Wiley and his Eskimo Dance on the pirates. Also Skinnyman, Giggs, Swiss, Joe Black, Klashnekoff. I’d listen to grime on a Saturday. I wasn’t any good at grime, vocally, so I waited for rap; I like listening to grime, but it’s not my story as a rapper. Back then, hip hop was dead, so there was a wait until rap, like we do now, really came through. In Islington, we had Joe Black like Peckham had Giggs but outside of that there wasn't loads of people really doing it. Now it’s on every corner and every estate in London. Every kid wants to rap now.

So are you a 'Road Rapper', an MC...?
I’m an artist first and foremost. If I have to be put into an MC category I’d say I’m ‘Reality Rap’. I don’t see road rap as particularly positive, so I’m really trying to move away from that. I want to make music to inspire people. I’m just your normal youth. My music is the everyday struggle; not having food in the cupboard or hot water for a bath, everyone can relate to that. I’m the best of myself, I’m real to me. I’m the realist. I don’t lie.

How do you plan to progress from hot on the street to established MC?
I’ve got to conquer it to get away from it. I think a couple of more Bada Bing's should do the job. Think of me as Dennis the Menace or Oliver Twist, the Artful Dodger; I’m a working class kid using my smarts to get by [grins]. I’m not a thug, I’m not a gangsta, but lock up your sons and daughters cos I might just cause a bit of trouble while I’m here. I’m a tearaway!

Do you have any good stories from the Dappy tour?
You know what, everyone thinks he’s some big party animal rock star, but he’s laidback. We just chilled out on the tour bus really, there weren’t no parties. But I did enjoy myself. I learnt a lot too. I think I can go onstage myself now and rap and look at the crowd without sunglasses. I learnt that you just say ‘Dappy’ and they go nuts! I’ve got ideas about how I want to do my own show.

What's next for you?
I'm doing the Mac Miller tour in March, which I'm looking forward to, and then the single/ EP is out that month too. It’s competitive out there right now, but I’m ready to win. Statistically I am the best [laughs]. It might sound ignorant for me to say that, but I’ve only just started rapping and the response has been incredible. If I win 5-0 at football, I’m not going to tell you I won 3-0. This is just the warm-up, I’ve got a lot more lined-up!

Bada Bing! is out 5 March


Maverick Sabre: I Can Never Be

Maverick Sabre - I Can Never Be (LIVE) on MUZU.

The London born, Ireland raised singer dropped his debut album this week. Shooting straight to the top of the Hit Parade, Lonely The Brave is definitely worth a buy.

Mav recently performed I Can Never Be Live. Have a listen and head straight over to iTunes/ HMV!

French Vogue: Wham Cover

Right so, the old editor of French Vogue (Carine Roitfeld) has left, so the new editor (Emmanuelle Alt) has made a video. A cover of Wham's Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go). Starring herself as George and a bunch of models as Andrew Ridgeley.

It was done to drive traffic to the French Vogue site, which it has by the bucketload apparently. Strange. Just very very strange*.

(*If not slightly amazing).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

D'Angelo: James Blake Remix

Oh. Um. Yes. Well perhaps some things are better off not remixed, eh James? Just a thought.

The Amazing Spider-man: Trailer

 "38 of New Yorks' finest versus one guy.. in a unitard".

We do like it when a blockbuster brings the lulz. In this brand new Spidey, we're taken all the way back, before the days of Mary Jane, to Peter Parker figuring out how on earth he became a mutating spider in the first place. Starring Andrew Garfield as well as Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans, the stellar cast look like they'll do justice to director Marc Webb's re-imaginings of the arachnoid adventure.

Lady Leshurr: Good God

Taken from the intro to her DJ Whoo Kid mixtape, Leshurr is, well, off the leash lyrically with this rapidfire tongue-twister.

A serious talent for 2012, check out the free mixtape cos we think this Brummie MC, who has over 2 million hits on Youtube, is going to be big. Real big.

If you don't believe us, here's why The Lady herself thinks you should check her out: 

"I’ve got a squeaky voice," she told us recently.  "My voice is completely different to a lot of other females in the scene. That probably doesn’t sell me much, does it? I really like to have fun with music and I want people to grasp that I’m having fun. It’s not a job to me; it’s something I love to do.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Triumph In Barbour

For the stylish motorbike riders amongst us, check out Triumph's latest model. 

Designed by Ray Norton and Tom Kasher, the 'Speed Twin' is a reworking of the classic 'Bonneville' complete with Barbour signature fabrics on the seat an handlebar grips. We likey. A lot. 

Not available for sale just yet, keep your eye right here for this beautiful bike's release.

Marni For H&M

Imagine the queues when this line drops in March. Gorgeous Marni in affordable H&M, advertised by Sophia 'Lost In Translation' Coppella to a soundtrack by Bryan Ferry, natch. Oh hi credit card bill!

Jean Paul Gaultier: Spring 2012

It may have caused some controversy (Mitch isn't a fan), but we see this more as a homage than a distasteful take to Amy.

Die Antwoord For Alexander Wang

Fashion and music - the perfect bedfellows. Well, most of the time.

Weird South African duo have teamed up with one of our very favourite designer to launch his Spring 12 collection. Featuring their appropriately track titled Fatty Boom Boom, we're not sure we'll buy the record, but we'll definitely be getting the t-shirt!

Shop away at Alexander Wang online or hit up your nearest department store right now to stock up on some delicious new Wang.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

David Choe: Art Millionaire


Have you heard about the dude who painted Facebook HQ in exchange for some shares in the then fledgling company? Well, David Choe is about to come into some $200 million dollars when the social networking site goes up for public trading next month. Despite not being a fan of the idea in its early inception, Choe chose shares over cash when given the job, and so the street artist will be rich. Very, very, very rich.

The original painting for Facebook HQ, commissioned by Sean Parker was said to be quite 'rude'. Choe apparently isn't shy of a graphic image or two, although they have since moved offices. To see the man in action at the new offices of Zuckerberg's behemoth, check the footage below. They say don't hate the player, hate the game.... But damn!

Homeland: Trailer

The levels of excitement/ anticipation for this one are quite high. Not only critically acclaimed over in the US, tele journalists this side of the Atlantic are giving this new series rave write-ups. Starring Damien Lewis and Clare 'My So-Called Life' Danes, this tells the story of a CIA agent (Danes) obsessed with the idea that a prisoner or war (Lewis) has been 'turned' by his captors and is plotting an attack on the USA. From the makers of 24, expect high-octane, nail-biting, heart-stopping cliff-hangers each episode.

Airing on Channel 4 this month, make sure you either cancel going out for the next few months, or (slightly more social option), set the Sky+.

M.I.A.: Bad Girls [Video]

We are actually obsessed not only by this Danja produced song, but also by the video. We could be wrong (doubtful), but this might be the track that takes M.I.A. to those Rihanna proportions that she's been threatening for years. She's the predecessor for any girl with an eye for style, a desire to be different and a dislike of being controlled by 'Tha Man'.

Yes M.I.A!

In other news, this video > the one below. Oh Madge.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Teacher Schools Rapper

Blizzard gets served by a teacher, Mark Grist. I mean, Blizzard, you do have much skillage, but teach puts it down without one tiny swear (nearly), let alone mind-spinning wordplay and brilliant putdowns. Yes teach!

Beckham: Pants

Beckham in his underwears? Happy Friday from us. Posh's hubby rocked up to H&M in London on Wednesday to promote his new line of pants, PJ's and long johns for the clothing giant. While there, Davey boy did a little press conference. Here's what he had to say:

"At my age, now, my style has gone that way [British gentleman] ; the way I dress, my hair. I just think it's a great look for a man. For me, the English gentleman look is a nice suit, nice tie, nice shoes - and I think long johns underneath. It starts with the underwear of course - then you know I always have a nice pair of vintage jeans, vintage boots and a white T-shirt. I don't think you can do wrong with that.
"This [collection] has come from my time with Armani. We had a good, successful couple of years with them. Then I had the idea of wanting to do something myself. It had been successful with them, so why not? H&M came up and said: "We can make this bigger for you. We can take it to 1800 stores, 40 different countries." So I said "Great!" It's been a good partnership one so far, an exciting one."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elton John X SUPER

Elton John's AIDS Foundation have teamed with italian eyewear company Super on a limited run of shades. Italian white leather, zeiss lenses and matte silver arms as well as signature markings, the glasses will only be available at the Elton John AIDS Foundation White and Tiara Ball auction in June.  The auction is held right next door to Windsor Castle and always brings out the A-listers. AJAF have already raised over £40millions for the fight against AIDS.

Eastbound & Down: Season 3

Corse, crude, dumb and laugh out loud funny, failed baseball player Kenny Powers is back for a third season of inappropriate comedy that will simultaneously make you wince and chortle all at the same time. You can actually catch up on the first two seasons or super-cheap courtesy of HMV, who have a deal on the DVD's right now!

B.o.B: Ft T.I. & Jeezy: Strange Clouds (remix)

Bob's last album might have erred towards the wetter side of rap, but judging by these super-grimy single, Bob seems to have toughened up. This beat to this is actually ridiculous, made even more surprising that it's the (usually terrible) Dr. Luke on the buttons. Respect!

Avengers: Teaser

A teaser for a trailer? Sure. Sure. Such is the excitement surrounding the Avengers trailer, airing at this weekend's Superbowl, that they've done a teaser. For the trailer. For the film. Out in April.

A clash of the superheroes, it's fairly certain that this will be doing some very big box office.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

M.I.A. Bad Girls

 Ahead of her (rumoured) appearence at the Superbowl next week with her Madgesty, M.I.A. has decided to release this massive banger, produced by Danja. A new version of a track from her Vicki Leaks mixtape last year, we're massively loving this new diretion from Maya, after her last less 'enticing' release.

 There's no way, if you heard this in a club, that you couldn't dance to it. Even just a bit.

Ed x Yelawolf: Slumdon Bridge

Yes please, we like the look of this. Ed jumped into the studio with Yelawolf (as you do) and the pair have created an EP, due for release some time this week. We love Yela, we love Ed, so we think we'll love this.

Great kick off for Ed's incoming US takeover too. Watch this guy blow the hell up in the States.