Thursday, February 28, 2013

Youngers: Trailer

Can't speak too soon, but this looks like something a teenager might watch. Like how with Skins, they might have had actual teenagers writing this script.

It's early to call it, but think E4's Youngers could be rather good.

Yes Bro

Those krazy kids at lolsome blog, It's Pretty Real, have just re-released their very popular Broschino long-sleeved t-s.

A unisex t that costs a mere £25, cop yours from here.

Charlie Sloth: California Love

BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Fire in the Booth connesour Charlie Sloth recently headed to LA with K-Swiss to find out about the city's culture, people and music. Here's a teaser of the forthcoming series, featuring Charlie in Compton, on the beach and talking to some of Hip Hop's hottest new stars...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A-Trak Ft. Jim Jones, Juicy J: Pee Test

It just felt a bit harsh to write 'Piss Test' in the headline. Plus, it's 11.30am on a Tuesday morning as well, so...

Teaming up with quite a lot of people inc. Flatbush Zombies and his homeboys Flosstradamus, Canadian mixmaster-turnt label owner A-Trak even got Dame Dash to do a cameo in the video.

Sneaker Summit: Houston

For sneaker fiends, here's 9 minutes and 14 seconds of crep heaven.

Filmed at Houston's Sneaker Summit, check Trinidad James and A$AP Rocky talking about their favourite (Jordans, standard) as well as sneak peeks of what the likes of Reebok and Nike will be dropping this year.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wiley Ft. Chip and Ms D: Reload

Help push Wiley into the Top 5 with his latest banger by buying here.

The album drops next month.

A$AP Meets Mr. Porter

 We already know he's a pretty mother, and it's no surprise that the fashion crowd think the same too.

Mr Porter, website par excellence invited Rocky to rifle through their closets and here's the outcome. The influential online store and the Fashion Killa got all dressed up in Martin Maison Margiela as well as Rocky's oft-namechecked faves, Raf Simons and Rick Owens.

 "At the age of eight, I started getting into fashion, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Ralph Lauren," Rocky told Mr. Porter. "But in 2005 I started wearing John Richmond jeans. I was into Prada and Dolce & Gabbana at the time and that's why I started to wear tight jeans, because I wanted to be a model. I started to do freelance work for Calvin Klein so I was slim and it just stuck."

Read the interview here.

Rasals Ft. Pro Green: Fire Blaze (Remix)

East London's finest foursome enlist east London's tallest for a remix of their newest track.

Shiz and the boys tear up the grimy beat, premiered on Mistajam last night.

We love this!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Frank Ocean: Eyes Like Sky

An unreleased one from Channel Orange,  Franky Boy gets his acoustic guitar on with this smoochy number.

We say smoochy, but it's actually a bit dark. Or weird. It's about people seeing blue and green people driving blue and green cars. Well, you wouldn't expect anything less from Mr. Ocean, would you?

Justin Timberlake: Mirrors

Don't know about anyone else, but we're OBSESSED with JT's new one. Shirt and Tie we could leave or take, but Mirrors?


Here's the former curly-topped one performing the tune on German TV.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Trailer

It's perhaps not entirely obvious yet just how brilliant an actor Riz Ahmed is. If you haven't seen 4 Lions, of Shifty slap yourself. Seriously.

Increasingly making his mark on Hollywoodtown, we're sure it won't be long before the South Londoner will be making acceptance speeches and taking power meetings with, like, Ari Gold in Soho House (if he's not already).

In his latest release, Riz stars alongside hard-hitters Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Hudson and Liev Schreiber  in a political thriller of epic proportions. Riz plays a Pakistani born Princeton graduate who is a big shot on Wall Street, who is pushed to the limits by his adopted American homeland in the wake of 9/11.

Directed by Salaam Bombay's lenswoman Mira Nair, true to form, this looks like another interesting project from Riz, that will challenge audiences and Hollywoodland alike.

Odd Future: SS Collection

Those rascals Odd Future may not be mega-million selling artists (well, aprt from Frank, perhaps), but one thing that does sell well is their merch. They even have their own store in LA. We know, because we went there!

The collective show no signs of slowing down, with the new season of tombstone and donut based socks, t's, hoodies ready to drop.

Cop your socks etc., from the OF Store

Friday, February 22, 2013

Duke Dumont Ft AME: Need You (100)

Looking to be a sure-fire hit, the Duke and A*M*E have smashed it with his delicious house track. Almost as good as the tune is this brilliant video.

We know videos without the actual musicians can be boring, but this one's really good. Really!

Need You (100%) is out 31 March.

Time For: Luke Monaghan

A good friend of ours, Luke is fast becoming one of the UK's most prominent video directors.

With Flatbush Zombies and A$AP already under his belt, earlier this month, Luke travelled to Detroit to film White Noise for Disclosure, possibly the hottest duo on the planet right now. Apart from perhaps AlunaGeorge, who, guess what, also feature on the single. Double double whammy. Quadruple whammmy in fact.

Check out the amazing video for White Noise and read below as Luke explains the making of it.

How did you get involved in directing White Noise?
 I pitched on the video as is the normal protocol for directors. I also spoke to Disclosure's manager Sam, a while ago, about shooting in Detroit. He was set on the idea of shooting there before White Noise had even been made. Then I came up with the narrative and the idea around a guy that works looking after these amazing abandoned buildings, then he reclaims them, setting up speakers and going wild in these amazing spaces.

What's the video's concept and how does it relate to the tune?
I wanted the dancer to not be a typical dancer, when we were casting we saw all different types of people. We needed somebody special, with a story, someone who had lived the role. We luckily found him, a legendary dancer from the Hardcore Detroit crew, called Kafani. His dancing style was perfect with the track, intense but also floaty and melodic in places, and a real House dancer.

What sort of things inspired you, creatively?
My main inspiration for this was an incredible documentary called 'Searching For Sugarman'. I took the profile walking shots straight from that documentary, it's brilliant. Also, concept wise it was important, because it's the story of a guy who is inherently special, but lives a normal life. Kafani stands out from these bleak landscapes and lights them up.

What was the toughest aspect of shooting the video?
The weather, it was freezing. I caught the flu halfway through the shoot. The whole crew was then infected, some people couldn't get their flight back and were throwing up in the toilets. Troopers.

What's next for The Monaghan?
Working on the pilot for my TV series, it's a mockumentary on the music industry. It's interesting and hopefully mildly funny. I hope to work on some more music videos in the next few months, but you have to pick the right things to work on. After working with A$AP Rocky and Disclosure on my last videos, the next people need to be amazing oto. I'm doing some work with Tinie Tempah at the moment. And want to work with my bros Flatbush Zombies on their new stuff.

See more of Luke's work here and follow him on Twitter here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time For: Miguel

Seeing as he just dropped the video for his super-fine new single, Candles In The Sun, here's a very tiny excert from an upcoming chat with the Grammy winning, San Pedro resident.

We are huge, big, massive fans of Miguel. Oh yes we are.

According to your song, 'How many drinks' would it take to…
(Laughs) Oh no.

Oh yes. Eva Mendes?
Oh my god. Well, for her, it wouldn’t take any drinks. Zero drinks.

Rosanne Barr?
The comedian? I don’t think there’s any number of drinks. I'm sorry. She’s not my taste.

The Queen?
Could I not go to jail for that? Isn’t that, like, treason. I mean, it’s historical thing to do, but… You know that moment in Boomerang where Marcus is at the new owner's house and she’s coercing him with the sexy lingerie? I suppose I would feel like him in that scene, like ‘I guess I kind have to’.

Based on the album, Kaleidoscope Dream, what's been your wildest night out in recent memory?
I love those, wild nights. But I never started forgetting things until recently. I’ve done things and then I’m like ‘I did that, really?’ I’m not the blackout guy. I’m the guy who would normally tell everybody else what they did. But recently there’s been a couple of nights like that that have been really, really great nights, but I can’t precisely exactly what happened. I just remember the feeling. That’s where [the song] The Thrill came from. Last year we were at BET with Wale and we won best collaboration and that night was crazy. We went to Mark Pitt's afterparty and it was also his birthday party, so it was like the perfect storm; everything was already there. Every one of my friends was with me and we were in my home town so procuring any type of party ‘favour’ (laughs) was tremendously easy so… I didn't sleep that night, no. I slept the next morning.

Based on the album Part 2, how DO you d'o a girl like drugs'?
Not sparingly. (Nods wisely)

What's the toughest thing about being a singer?
(Long pause) Sometimes it's the things in-between being an artist, like being a business-man. There’s times when you’re clearly one or the other; sometimes it’s purely artist-mode, like when I’m on stage. You came here to see me do just that otherwise I’d be cheating you. On the other hand, there are times I have to remove all of that and think from a big picture, be logical, take an unemotional point of view. I’ve learned to be better at that but it’s completely different, the polar opposite of being an artist. And then there’s the stuff in-between where I have to do both. That’s the hardest bit, that’s the bit I hate. 'You’re neither hot nor warm, you’re lukewarm and I spit you out'. But that’s part of being an artist and if that's the worst part, well… I've done worst things. Like, I was an extended car warranty car saleman. That’s like, 'we’re going to trick you into giving us your information and you’re not going to get a quote, you’re going to get a phone call, and not only once, but we’ll badger you until you take us off your list'. It doesn’t make for happy people. I could sell you extended car warranty though, I was damn good!

What three albums should everyone own?
Prince's, Purple Rain. I hate to be cliché and although it’s a soundtrack, as a body of work, it’s perfect. Ready To Die by Biggie and any Beatles album... I’ll say Sergeant Pepper.

Most shocking thing you've done or seen on tour?
One of the funniest things I’ve seen, in the middle of  performing Sure Thing, was two women get upset. One takes a picture in front of the other one and this causes tension in-between two couples. So I’m singing and out of the corner of my eye, I see two women with big, huge wigs on full-out beating each other. Their boyfriends jump in, and everyone’s fighting, the whole foursome are going at it. I go over to them and sing at them as they get carried out. All that’s left is weave all over the floor. I didn’t know my music inspired so much anger!

The amazing Kaleidoscope Dream is out now. 

Time For: MckNasty

Is his face a bit familiar? His amazing talent somewhat reminiscent? If you have the feeling you've seen this drummer/ singer/ DJ/ multi-talented man before, then you're probably right. Not only the brother of a certain Timothy 'Labrinth' McKenzie', MckNasty has drummed for everyone from Lady Gaga to Tinie Tempah.

Preparing to release his solo material this year, the 29 year-old's talents are a bit mind-boggling. i-D recently caught him on camera doing his signature DJ set - involving live drums and pads that are set to play songs in sequence, it's really something to watch.

We had a quick chat with Mr. McKenzie to find out why he drums upright, how he got his break and the toughest thing about his job.

My first gig drumming was with...
Daniel Bedingfield. Yeah, he was the first. It was straight out of school at 15 or 16 years-old.

The most fun I’ve had as a drummer is… 
With Tinie. That was a strong, emotion, vibe-y relationship. Being around the same age, listening to the same kind of music... we’re just connected.

I stand up when I play because... 
I went away to Europe for two years on tour and when I came back home, all of the young drummers were sounding very different. Drumming had evolved into something that I wasn’t aware of. It kind of freaked me out a bit. I thought ’I need to stand up and change the whole vibe’. The drumming/ DJing is quite technical, there’s quite a few things to it all. The long and short of it is that I’ve got the songs that people are familiar with,or songs that I’ve done or remixed, cut up, on my pads, and I place them over 6 pads and I trigger them off. That it’s basically but there’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot of preparation.

My influences include… 
I grew up playing gospel and jazz bands in school and I did steel pan, so there’s Caribbean influence. I really love Coldplay and Mumford and Sons and then I love Meek Mill. It’s a broad thing.

I want people to be like ‘That’s MckNasty’

The best song I’ve written so far is… 
Watch Me Beat My Drums. It’s says a lot. It’s revolutionary. It says what I intend to do, it says a lot about me as a musician but it shows my ability as a singer. I suppose drumming isn’t always seen as a melodic instrument so to try and evoke some melodic vibe in there that’s distinctly mine. I play other people’s tunes when I’m DJing so I want people to be like ‘That’s MckNasty’.

All 9 of my siblings are involved with music, but...
It’s still the same family set-up. The more everyone gets into what they’re doing, the more they might be absent, plus we have families and partners. It’s not the same now as waking up on Christmas Day and being together. But we don’t sit round and talk about record deals! We all share the same passion and love it.

Do I have plans to work with my brother...
Maybe. At some point. Tinie and Lab together? That would be epic.

The toughest past of my job is that...
I’m a bit of risk taker so everything is quite tough. To do this, to do MckNasty and come away from what I’ve known and what I’ve done and something I have a love for... to come away from that and take this jump, that’s the biggest risk so far. But I don’t see it as a risk, I see it as a jump and a leap to what I should be. When you’re touring with people, it’s not on you. But now it’s just me; it’s hardcore.

Tinie and Lab together? That would be epic.

The most shocking thing I've seen on tour is...
Onstage and we had these moving risers and the keyboard risers fell down during the show. It's like, ‘Do we stop? Do we carry on’? The same thing happened to Natasha [Bedingfield] at the Scala. She came out, doing the catwalk, and the drop was… I wanted to help her, she’s so lovely. But we carried on playing. She got back up and carried on. Superstar.

The mixtape 12.12.12 is available from here
Follow MckNasty on Twitter

Monday, February 18, 2013

MMM: Pewter Sneakers

One of our favourite fashion houses, Martin Mason Margiela, continues to keep things fresh.

The popular high-top padded sneaks return, this time with a metallic pewter colourway. Featuring premium leather, hidden lace-ups, padded velcro straps, inside is also luxuriously lined in leather.

No surprise to learn that this beauties will set you back a lil summin summin. Cop yours from SSense for $690

Jetta: Hear Me Now

Liverpool singer and songwriter Jetta has already made her mark with her amazing track Start A Riot, which we featured back in November.

Jetta recently performed this little number for i-D online and we thought we should share it. Just Jetta, a guitar, an amp and a random street in South London is all was needed.

Love the voice, love the lyrics, love Jetta's whole style.

We had a quick chat with the former Paloma Faith and Cee-Lo backing singer about her mix and match musicality.

The best song I’ve written so far is… 
Start A Riot. I’ve only released that so far, so I want to keep the rest a surprise for the live shows.
I’d describe my sound as…
Raw, cavernous, soulful and industrial because I like to mess around with the sound of real instruments and make them distinctive.
My career highlight to date is… 
Making the Start A Riot video because it I got to make it in Liverpool and London with all my friends and family. I co-directed it and it involved everyone I love. I wrote the song with a brilliant producer called Jim Eliot. (M.I.A). It was a very natural collaboration.
I’d love to work with… 
Andre 3000. I love him. He’s brilliant.
I would describe my style as… 
Mix and match. It’s similar to my music; crossing over has always been what I’m about. I like to mix High Street with vintage and top end.
Someone else who might do well in 2013 is… 

JME: If You Don't Know

Boy Better Know if you don't know Jamie Adenuga is one of Grime's Kingiest Kings.

To prove this, the North Londoner has released this slice of white-hot heat featuring Big Narstie, in which he takes on bass. And wins.

Pre-order If You Don't Know from here.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lazy Oaf Bring The Cali Lifestyle To The Forefront

Since the sun has decided to grace us with its presence today, we have got a little excited about our upcoming two, possibly three - at a squeeze - days of sunshine. The first thing that we need to do of course is make sure we're looking good for those 72 hours and Lazy Oaf have got exactly what you need, with the addition of their iconic patterns to funky cotton shorts and shirts, not forgetting the ladies too who see a burst of colour added to the unique and equally crazy prints in the capsule 2013 collection. 

Usher and Diplo Hook Up Again On New Track Missin

After their previous absolute banger 'Climax', it's going to be pretty hard to beat but new track 'Missin' might just be a grower. Usher is still on his falsetto vibe and we kind of like him like that, will probably have to give this one a few more listens but we're willing to give it a chance.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Justin and Jay (Finally) Release Video For Suit & Tie

What happens when two ridiculously talented and business minded folk link up... laughter, lots of laughter and money in the bank, lots of it. With a tour about to take place, that Grammy appearance where Jay Z went from sipping brandy in his seat (breaking the rules) to joining Justin on stage, an upcoming BRIT Awards set and oh yeah the fact that the song suddenly appeared online and almost straight away went to number one proves that the pair are basically winning. Like on a big scale, so if you haters could just fall back and watch the video below that would be great, thanks!

Ryan Gosling Joins Stellar Cast In Another Drive Type Flick

Ryan Gosling has a bit of a habit of playing the mysterious auto obsessed stunt driving guy so naturally he plays the lead in the latest motorbike crime flick, 'The Place Beyond The Pines'. With bank robberies, babies arriving out of the blue and police chases you can expect a little more than 'Drive', especially considering the cast which features Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta. Catch the film out in cinemas very soon.

Skepta Drops An Emotional Vid For Valentine's Day

Skepta wanted to let everyone know that even if you don't have a Valentine's Day plan in action, out there, somewhere, you could be somebody's everything. Check out the latest video to drop from BBK's head honcho's ridiculously good 'Blacklisted' release. Happy Valentine's Day folks hang on in there there's always next year!!!

Grime Knows How To Do Valentine's Day Too

You don't have to get super soppy just because it's Valentine's Day, as Elijah & Skilliam prove with the mix of grime and R&B below. You can catch the Rinse DJ's celebrating the 3rd birthday of Butterz next week on 23rd February to be precise over at Cable in London. Special guests are expected to line up alongside the forward thinking grime fans and the likes of Swindle, Joker, Flava D, Champion, Dark E Freaker, Sticky, Spooky... the list is long and sick so get involved.

Kanye Is Coming Back To Town

When 'Ye isn't busy snubbing the Grammys and having fun with his boo out in Brazil, you'll be glad to know that he's actually busy cooking up one off shows for his fans. Yesterday the internet went nuts on the announcement that Kanye West would be performing in London and Paris later this month and no huge stadium gig either, a more intimate - and pricey with tickets start at £65 - experience at Hammersmith Apollo on 24th February. Expect a huge light show and lots of extra spesh tech activity, (we're speculating i a big way here) but well, there must be a reason why he's picked the spot that he has done and the price is mega steep because god knows they don't need to set up a baby fund. Tickets go on sale 9am tomorrow so good luck homies!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

George The Poet Talks About His City

Delve into the mind of George The Poet for a moment as he talks you through the thoughts of his city. With the freezing temperatures we're currently experiencing the carnival backdrop of the below video shot for Channel 4's Random Acts, late last year is just the ticket to get you through the day!

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Show A Hit

It's New York Fashion Week - in case you didn't know - and Mark McNairy's catwalk show has gone down a storm. The designer who is know to collaborate with everyone from Billionaires Boys Club to Timberland and even Keds unleashed his New Amsterdam collection on the NYC fashion scene this season. Managing to create a fun yet street and most importantly wearable collection of hoodies, the compulsory camo details of course, leather trousers even get an airing alongside more polished tailoring, the range is endless. You can see the full collection here and don't worry about the whole clown face balaclava it's all the rage, even Kanye is at it...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Al Pacino Gives An Intense Performance As Phil Spector

Al Pacino stars as the flamboyant record producer Phil Spector in the upcoming HBO biopic. Expect a volatile performance from the legendary actor, sporting an impressive array of wigs throughout the film. Spector, is a well known US producer who crafted a whole host of hits, way back in the 60s - including the backing track to the trailer below, 'Unchained Melody' and the biopic tracks the relationship between his lawyer (played by Helen Mirren) during his time on trial of murdering actress Lana Clarkson. Look out for the film heading our way this March...  

Rihanna Takes A Deep Soak In Stay Video

Following on from her Grammy performance Rihanna has released visuals for the Mikky Ekko written and featuring 'Stay'. Set to take the stage on our side of the shores later this year, dates are being added by the second for the Bajan stars upcoming performances. For now have a gander at the side-shaved ones bathtime.

Monday, February 11, 2013

James Blake Channels D'Angelo in Retrograde

We've missed the sultry yet eerie sounds of young Mr Blake so glad to see he's back and on a soulful tip. We're getting a D'Angelo 'Brown Sugar' type vibe from this track and having announced new tour dates will be excited to see how this sounds live. Enjoy the interesting video below...

Grammy Awards 2013 Recap

The first shout out of The Grammys has to go to J Lo's leg on the red carpet, forget all of the guidelines US network CBS gave out, Jenny proved that she is most definitely from the block. Besides that Ye and Hova pretty much scooped up the rap category, allowing Drake to win best rap and poor 18 times nominated Nas with nothing to pop on his mantlepiece. Besides that Chris Brown was the sore loser as expected refusing to stand with the rest of the crowd as the Grammy audience gave Frank Ocean a standing ovations for pipping him to the post in the Contemporary Urban category - yes we're 100% sure that they made that up. Jay Z jumped on stage with JT for his verse on Suit & Tie and was in good form addressing collaborator The Dream's dress code.

Grammy Winner Drake Has Fun In The Snow In New Vid

Drizzy dropped visuals for his new track Started From The Bottom yesterday after scooping best rap album at the Grammys. It's almost as if he knew it was going to snow today, Affion where is the spoof we need a spoof, now!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Angel Takes On The World In New Video

Last year Angel went from strength to strength, penning hits for Roll Deep and launching himself into the charts with radio smash 'Wonderful'. 2013 will see the west Londoner drop his debut album via Island Records which we hear has an amazing collab with Frank Ocean, you may have also seen the singer/songwriter in the studio with racing drive Lewis Hamilton on a casual tip but his skills have also been summoned by the likes of Rihanna and more. He's kinda special so make sure you support the single when it's released 31st March.

Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte & Major Lazer - Here Comes The King

Sometimes you just need to stop and say, 'What the beep beep beep is going on here?'. Watching this video provides one of those moments, in fact it provides multiple. We appreciate that you have to grow with your music but turning into a Rasta reulting in a good telling of from Bunny Wailer and then releasing music like this to your fans who have loved you long time, is cray. We're not quite sure why Dre Skull has dropped these beats on the Long Beach gangsta rapper turned Rasta, especially considering the good job he did on Vybz Kartel's last project. So many questions, anyway watch this video for the pure entertainment and/or heartache, we prefer the Gin & Juice days though it must be said.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disclosure Perform New Track You Used To Hold Me In US

These brothers can do no wrong when it comes to providing musical treats for our ears. With the AlunaGeorge collab 'White Noise' climbing from #3 to #2 in the midweeks, we've got our fingers crossed that they'll hit the top spot this week. Until then, check out the live rendition of newbie 'You Used To Hold Me' below.

Barely Legal Provides A Heavy Dose Of Grime

Despite still studying - the DJ is currently working on her dissertation - Barely Legal still finds time for grime. Already boasting a dedicated guest spot on Mistajam's BBC Radio 1Xtra show, BL hooked up with veteran Wiley, Scratchy, Riko Dan and God's Gift for a special session recently and being the nice lady that she is, has posted the full set on Soundcloud for you to download. Keep an eye out for this deck spinner as this is just the beginning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

RBMA Questions What Dya Call It Post Dubstep For?

Us silly journos are always making up musical terms to keep up with the fusion of sounds upon us today but once in a while we need to stop and check ourselves before we... you know the rest. Up and coming mix and blend production duo Bondax alongside industry insiders and bloggers question the most overly used terms, including post dubstep, bass music and more in the second series of RBMA's H∆SHTAG$. Interesting watch for those totally against or totally for nonsense words to describe every style of music there is.

Dave Grohl Picks Nas' Brain

One of the greatest lyricists of all time comes face to face with rock leg-end Dave Grohl on Chelsea Lately. Weird right? Either way it's an entertaining watch so click the vid below to see what Nas thinks about the upcoming Grammy Awards and beef in hip hop.

Mishka Unveil SS13 Look Book

NYC brand Mishka have launched their spring collection and have not been shy when it comes to the odd embellishment. Modelled by well known albino model Shaun Ross, the collection features pattern-heavy garments, classic varsity jackets with faded-indigo selvage running through the collection alongside utilitarian work-wear motifs. 

Head over to Mishka and update your wardrobe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drake Goes In On New Track Started From The Bottom

Drizzy is back and ready to tell us all about his journey to the T O P. Already Wiz Khalifa has jumped on the remix of the Mike Zombie track a slight move away from the sweet sounds found on Drake's previous album, 'Take Care'. There's been a few comparisons knocking about but we'll have to wait until we hear more to judge just how much biting has occurred.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Nu Leng Drop Elite EP for FREE!!!

It seems like Black Butter Records are on a roll, following Rudimental's rise to success last year and the mags heavily tipping young guns like Syron and Woz for 2013. Refusing to ease up the stream of  quality music output, Bristolian production duo My Nu Leng step up with something fresh in the shape of free EP, 'Elite'. As the label puts it, "Apocalyptic in its delivery and woven with the pure essence of rave, the EP entices you to both rise into the ether and fall into the abyss." Sounds exciting right? Whether you skank, shuffle or shock out, just get yourselves involved! 

Queen Bey Announces UK Tour + THAT Superbowl performance

Mrs Carter proved just how much of a superstar she was last night at her Superbowl half time show, she even allowed Destiny's Child member to sing backing vocals on 'Single Ladies'. For those that couldn't be bothered staying up until 1am, see for yourselves what all the hype was about below, and for those that did watch live, you'll probably want to do that again, so it's a good thing Queen Bey has announced a world tour almost straight after her show. It's impossible to hate on this woman!

Grab tickets asap to see witness Bey doing what Bey does best!

The Child Of Lov - Give Me (Two Inch Punch Remix)

Anonymous music maker Child Of Lov found a fan in PMR Records Two Inch Punch, so of course when the pair by chance hooked up at Damon Albarn' studio, some music had to be made. See the results for yourself as T.I.P handles remix duty on 'Give Me'.

...And if you haven't already, make sure you check out another remix from Punch, this time around Rudimental house banger 'Spoons' gets a seeing to...