Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 Kings: Visualz

"We started out mopping floors, now we front row at the awards....."

Ohh wee Her'es a 'video' of sorts for the amazing 3 Kings. It's more a montage of the three greats at various moments throughout their incredible careers (Dre's bit is the best obvs), but we love it regardless.

God Forgives, Ricky Ross, he don't...

Hot Chip: How Do You Do?

Pretty well Hot Chip, thanks for asking.

Taken from their ace new album, In Our Heads, this is basically an amazing video and a rather ace tune.

Well done everybody.

Skyfall: New Trailer

Oh yes, here comes another one.

Don't know about you but this trailer makes me want to drop my keyboard, power off the iMac and sneak out to the cinema....!

Time For: JLS

With a new album on its way (and a newly wed Marvin off on his honeymoon awwwww), we caught up with Oritse and JB to find out what we can expect foursome's forthcoming fourth album...

What's happening with the new album?
Oritse: This album, wow, you guys are going to love it. We've got incredible people like Bangladesh (Lil Wayne), Jim Beanz (Timbaland), Rodney Jerkins (the whole world), so many great producers. It's amazing for us to be able to delve into this side of JLS. It's a very fresh and unique sound that we're developing right now.

It's all sounding quite Hip Hop and R&B?
JB: Definitely, but that's where we come from. I mean, it's still pop but we wanted to expand into that and develop and progress with our sound and our music and tap into areas that we've not been to before. It's a refreshing, different vibe for us and we're very excited about the upcoming album and upcoming single. Watch this space.

Any potential collabs on there?
Oritse: I heard Nicki Minaj is about so... my people, her people (laughs). I'm trying to get together with her in various ways. To talk... business and other things (laughs). No, we love Nicki and we've got a record that we think she's perfect for, we think she'd be incredible on it. That would be a great collaboration: JLS and Nicki Minaj.

What's been the most shocking thing you've seen or done onstage?
Oritse: For me, getting naked.
JB: He had a forfeit on our summer tour last year; we literally made him strip down to his y-fronts. And we mean y-fronts, not boxers.

JB: He had to, he had to. That was the forfeit. He's lucky it wasn't a thong...!

What's the toughest decision you've had to make so far?
Oritse: We've had a few! There's been more than one.
JB: We've been lucky though. I don't think any decision we've had to make has been extreamly difficult. We've been lucky with the people we've had around us, and the way things have gone for us. We came from the show and achieved so much already. We've won two BRIT awards, four MOBO's and still counting. It's been an incredible experience for us and we're lucky that we had a platform like the X-Factor to help us go from strength to stretnth, fingers crossed, and without too many difficulties decisions in the future. But I'm sure if we do, we'll be up to it.

What's the toughest part of your body?
JB: My head. I used to play rugby so that's pretty well proven.
Oritse: I'm not sure I can talk about that (laughs).
JB: Your stomach!
Oritse: Thank you J... (laughs).

What do you think the 'G' in G-Shock stands for?
Oritse: Generation.
JB: Yes! That's a good one! And you know why? Years ago, when I was at school, way before JLS - you know yellow is my colour right? - I remember wishing so bad that I could have a yellow G-Shock to take to school and wear everyday. I was 13 when I finally got one for my birthday, and I'm 25 now, so it is a generational thing. Big shout to G-Shock, it's all love.
Oritse: Generation-Shock. Say suttin'!


OriginalFake A/W 2012


Yes please.

(Buy here).

One To Watch: Angel Haze

Having been buried in projects for a while, I hadn't heard of Angel Haze until recently. Since then about a million different people have told me about her.

You can never have too many female MC's, and 20 year-old Native American Angel is definitely an interesting prospect that is offering something very different, not only to the Nicki and Azealia's but the A$AP's and Tyler's for that matter too.

It's all very emo, wrenched, wrought rhymes over spacey, sometime triple-time beats from Hira Sky, J La and Paris Jones. Haze happens to be hippy and hardcore, often at the same time, as she talks about past girlfriend's, haterzzzz, and her heritage.

Currently in the UK doing promo, keep an eye out for forthcoming interviews that will review a little more about this intriguing new rhymer.

MC Tom Hardy

There's not much better than seeing a serious ak-tor being a bit silly.

Seems like the Dark Knight's Tom Hardy has a new baby (cuuuuuute), so he decided to have a little rap to the tune of KRS's Hip Hop Vs. Rap.


50 Cent Ft. Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre: New Day

As RWD pointed out, there hasn't been too much hype about this track, particularly when you consider the trio's credentials.


I think this song is ACE. Dre's bar's sound amazing underscored by the drumline and even 50 actually has something to say.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Futura x Hennessey

Graffiti - (one of) our favourite art forms (sorry Picasso). Converse - (one of) our favourite forms of footwear (as well as Air Max 90's, obvs). Hennessey - (one of) our favourite alcoholic beverages (as well as most of the rest of the bar, tbh).

So, imagine how happy we were to see New York graf legend Futura has sprayed some Chucks as part of a limited edition run. The sneaks come with a bottle of Henny too! Each bottle and box is numbered. Unfortunately, this set isn't available to buy (dev'd), but the Futura x Henny bottle will be in stores soon.

If anyone fancied sending us the chucks though? No? Oh.

VOYR: Kanye West

A short, quite nicely filmed snapshot of Yeezy backstage at WTT in NYC's Madison Square Garden.

"Finally. It took me seven shows to finally feel comfortable doing the all-out kilt".

Odd Future: Freestyle

Seems to me these guys are rarely out of Terry Richardson's studio these days.

Here's Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Earl and co being, one senses, slightly ironical.

Skyfall: Trailer

Bond. He's back.

After 007's sterling performance with his Maj on Friday, we're excited to see the return of Daniel Craig in this new teaser from the 23rd instalment of Bond.

Due in November, Skyfall is directed by Sam Mendes and co-star's Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Javier Bardem. This. Looks. Slick.

Time For: Clement Marfo

Who better to catch up with during Olympic-Mania (sidebar: how amazing is the swimming?) than the owner's of this year's No.1 sports-based anthem, Champion.

Clement Marfo and the Frontline's latest single has been borrowed for inspirational moments during Andy Murray's near Wimbledon-win and at the finals of this year's Euro 2012. Available to buy from the shops (and here), we caught up with Clement and Kojo of the Frontline fame.

Firstly, can we talk about your amazing outfits please (pictured above)?
Clement: This is a Nicol Ginelli jacket. I'm not a fashion guy to be honest with you; I just stand there and let them style me. Kojo, he's the fashion guy (laughs).
Kojo: This is just an Urban Outfitters shirts and a few chains. Nothing too mad.

Champion had some good syncs. Is it the most synced song since DJ Fresh?
Clement: We've had some incredible syncs; it started with Streetdance 3D in 2010, then Sky Sports, Formula 1, Top Gear, the Euro 2012 finals, then Andy Murray at Wimbledon. I'm buying my mum a house one day. PRS! (Laughs).

Does it feel like things are really happening for you guys now? 
Clement: I feel the attraction of fans now, I have to say. I feel like a lot of people know us because of all our graft. It's through all the shows, clubs, pubs, small venues and festivals that, slowly, we've been luring them in.
K: It's overwhelming to see the response and to see how the fan base keeps growing. Like, here at Wireless, a certain someone else was playing at the same time as our set, but we managed to get a really big crowd.
C: He's talking about Rita Ora (laughs). People were tweeting about not going to see Rita cos they wanted to come and moshpit with us. People like to vibes in different ways. That feels good.

How's the album coming along? Any planned features?
Clement: I've always said I wanted to work with Kano and Ghetts, and we've done that - on Overtime and Mayhem. We've got Sway on the album as well, so everyone on the dream list, we've been lucky enough to hook up with. I can't wait for the world to hear this album because we've been working so hard on it. We went over to the US and did some stuff, we've been here, writing and writing. We did around 60 songs, so now we just have to get it down to 11 songs.

What's the toughest decision you've ever had to make?
C: For me, before I met the band I was a solo artist. I had a part-time job and I was at university. I was a big fan of Kojo, I'd always wanted to work with him. So I said to Kojo that I wanted to start a band, he was up for it, and so we put the band together. We were in studio, we had loads of shows and I couldn't balance it all. So I said to myself 'I'm going to quit my job, I'm going to quit university and I'm going to do music'. That was a tough decision, but I don't regret making that decision, it worked out well.
Kojo: I left my job as well, I moved house, I had to move back into the family home...
Clement: That does hurt...
Kojo: Yeah, it does. But if you want something so bad then you're willing to sacrifice anything for it. So, for us to have done all of that, you hope to reap the rewards now and in the future. It was a good decision. I chose to do this and I'm happy to be doing it.

What's most shocking thing you've seen or done onstage?
Clement:  Sometimes, when I perform, I get tourette's. At the Isle of Wight festival recently, I shouted 'How you lot doin', you rowdy c****'. It's not like me at all, honest.
Kojo: He just gets gassed. It's contagious when a crowd gives you so much energy, you just forget where you are, you get so pumped up. Clement got a bit carried away that time.

You're known for your crazy live shows. What's been the worst injury sustained to date?
Kojo: This guy... (points at Clement and laughs). He kind of stage dived a bit weird during the MOBO tour. His head went one way, and his legs another way. It was a scary moment for us in the band, we just looked from the stage, like, 'What's happening'.
Clement: Luckily, I've got very loyal fans and they picked me right up.
Kojo: It was like the resurrection.
Clement: The resurrection of Clement Marfo! Just as I was about to bang my head on the ground, someone caught me and I survived.

There's a lot of hot laydeez playing at Wireless. Who's the hottest of the hotties?
Kojo: There's hotness for different reasons. Every woman is different; Nicki Minaj is different to Rita Ora, who is different to Tulisa (lots of laughter ensues). Every woman is hot in their own way.
Clement: I like Delilah you know. Those legs. Have you seen her latest video, Inside My Love? It's very sensual. She does all these moves in the bed with this ballet dancer. Sometimes I close my eyes.. 'Oh, Delilah...' (laughs).

What does the G in G-Shock stand for?
Clement: Generous - cos you gave us one!

Follow Clement
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Tulisa Ft. Tyga: Live It Up

Tulisa returns for her second single Live It Up, which receives a summertime refix from Big League.

Pre-order the single, out 9 Sept, from here.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Scrufizzer Drops 'Fizzy Flow' Mixtape

Scrufizzer dropped his new mixtape this week so you know we have to blog it! Back with his 'Fizzy Flow' and mixed by the DJ don Semtex we've been preditcing big things for Scru for a while now lets hope this is a sign of what's to come. For now check out the stream of the mixtape below and download here plus don't forget to follow Scrufizzer on Twitter too to stay up to date with what the west London artist is up to.

The Hundreds x Borgore Sneaker Collaboration

Gorestep's Borgore has teamed up with the super stylish lot over at The Hundreds to create the limited edition low top Johnson sneaker. Of course there couldn't be a trainer without Borgore's love for leopard print being fully appreciated. The luxury pony hair uppers are accompanied by the insole baring a graphic of the Israeli producers head. Be quick to get your hands on a pair and check out the new issue of The Hundreds magazine, a 90's special featuring Rita Ora on the cover.

Rick Ross Ft. Dr Dre & Jay Z: Three Kings

The Maybach Music boss has every right to laugh teaming up with hip hop legends Dr Dre and Jay Z we reckon he's got some work to do before we take the 3 Kings title too seriously but he's still a bawse all the same. Recent talk online has surfaced around the UK's Smiler being approached by Maybach Music in an attempt to take their takeover across seas. Have a listen to the verses below and see who's the real king...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joey BadA$$ x High Snobiety @ Bread & Butter

What kind of teenager breaks up from school for the summer and puts together a sick mixtape that has the world's press hunting him down, Vice filming the Brooklyn boy around his school and has the internet going nuts? Joey BadA$$ that's who, alongside his crew Pro Era, this seventeen year old spits some real ish, we suggest if you haven't already then download his mixtape '1999', it's full of tracks for true hip hop lovers. For now watch what Joey and the Pro Era lot got up to whilst out in Berlin at Bread & Butter.

Vans Switch Things Up For Fall

You're probably used to seeing teenagers wearing their busted up Vans with pride, stained and soiled with all sorts and even on occasion the sole refusing to talk to the uppers of the classic trainer. Well, for those which are totally appalled by the above next season is totally your time. Not only are Vans releasing a denim take on their classic shoe, they have also teamed up with Kenzo for a super limited edition range of quirkly and colourful printed designs for their winter collection. Check them out below and head to the Vans website for details and dates of the releases.

Time For: Little Mix Jade

Whilst chilling working away at Wireless we managed to speak to one quarter of recent X Factor winners Little Mix Jade. From upcoming music to shocking experiences find out what the northern lass had to say whilst aboard our bus.

How have you found Wireless festival this year? 

Absolutely amazing! I'm just having a really good day, I've seen Tulisa so far and a bit of Example and I can't wait to see Drake and of course Nicki Minaj will be brilliant. 

How has life been post X Factor?

The past few months we've just been in the studio, writing and recording. We've got the first single coming out now, 'Wings' so we've been doing photoshoots, interviews...absolutely everything you could cram into a few months and it's been incredible.

Tell us a little bit more about 'Wings'.

It was produced by TMS and we co-wrote it with Ian James, who's like our little secret weapon when it comes to songwriting and we were looking for some time for the record and then we heard this beat by TMS and thought this is it! We wanted to make sure the first single was about the fans and without it being too cheesy, so yeah, we're just so excited for it to be released.

What about the album when can we expect that?

Really soon, we're trying to fit in as many different genres on the album as we can. We've got a lot of old skool hip hop and R&B, we've just had so much fun writing different things because obviously we've all got such different tastes in music.

What is the toughest decision you've ever had to make?

Auditioning third time round because I couldn't believe I put myself through it again and then another would be deciding on the first single because it's so important, so that was a tough decision but hopefully it pays off.

What has been your most shocking thing you've ever experienced?

Well, we had a flasher once at our show. I don't know why we had one of them? Also talking about flashers, I went on holiday once in Turkey and I was on the beach when this old man, like 80 year old, flashed us on the beach. It wasn't the best experience for me but yeah that was a pretty shocking experience in my life. 

What do you think the G stands for in G-Shock?

G stands for Geordie. Also, great watches, check this bad boy out! 

You can buy 'Wings' here and follow the band on Twitter here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Angel Haze Releases Reservation EP

The girl (not looking too interested in anything at all) above pretty much caused Twitter to come to a standstill yesterday when her 'Reservation' EP, the third and most highly anticipated release from the Michigan born, New York/Virginia residing rapper and singer. At just 21, the Native-American former poet lays her honest as ever bars down ferociously whilst drawing on her more vulnerable side switching things up and singing from time to time. Keep an eye on what happens next for the mulit-talented chick and make sure you head to her website to download the EP full of original productions and less about the features.

Herschel Supply Co. Reveal AW12 Range

Inspired by the outdoors, Herschel Supply Co. the new authority on backpacks reveal their winter range. Continuing with the simple design although branching out into different styles of hold-alls and even laptop sleeves, Herschel's classic backpacks and accessories are updated with camo prints, colour blocking and contrasting and decorative linings. Check out the full collection here on their website.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roll Deep Mixtape Launch x G-Shock Sessions

Roll Deep hooked up with Birmingham's Swifta Beater for this banger below taken from their forthcoming mixtape 'No Comment Star'. You can catch the full crew down at G-Shock East this Friday alongside Discarda, Rival, Shystie, Jammer, CJ Beatz, Logan Sama and more. For now check out the video for the haunting grime number and make sure you get down there because we're so kind we're going to give you trendy folk 20% off of our fabulous watches.

Plan B: Sweeney trailer and new leak 'Playing With Fire'

Plan B alongside another respected British actor, Ray Winstone, act as an "elite police unit in explosive action film" so says the press release. We just like the thought of these two being on the right side of the law following previous flicks, it will be interesting to see how the 70's update goes down. When not in his Ben Drew guise, Plan B is teasing us with tracks from the forthcoming 'iLL Manors' album most recently the socially conscious 'Playing With Fire' below. Don't worry if your invite to his album launch didn't make it through the post yet either as he'll be streaming the party live from his YouTube channel, so you can catch the likes of Kano and Labrinth performing alongside Plan B at the same time as the VIP's.

Tempest Freerunning & Parkour Team Do Their Thing Around LA

Showcasing the US release of Casio's G'z One Commando, the renown Tempest freerunning and parkour team took the rugged and durable handset on the run around LA to see if it could cope with their fast paced lifestyle. To see more information on the US launch of the Casio G'z Commando head here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The xx: Angels

They've been away for a while but the all black everything musicians are back with something rather sultry in their offering 'Angels'. Let us know what you think and we'll keep you up to date with more from The xx as and when it drops.

Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat 'Olympic Rings' in London

Already London is overun with Olympics hype but there are a few gems to check out in the city whilst the games are on. Iconic artists, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat 1985 piece 'Olympic Rings' piece has gone on display in the host city at the Gogosian Gallery. If you want to check out what other arty things are going on in the city then you can head to the Science Museum for their Summer Of Sport or the National Portrait gallery to take a different look at prospective medal winners.

Oz The Great and The Powerful: Trailer

When he's not busy letting women swoon over him - and his equally handsome brothers - or studying for his doctorate, or even still trying to introduce the Academy Awards to a younger audience and failing, the occasional model acts, really good actually. Playing the magician Oz in the eerie yet Disney flick, 'Oz The Great and The Wonderful' alongside Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and more, Franco's character goes on a fantastical journey, of course coming across the good, the bad and downright weird creatures. Check out the trailer to get the gist of what you'll witness next spring when the film produced/directed by those behind the 'Spiderman' and 'Alice in Wonderland' movies is released.

Time For: Kozzie

Pictured alongside SBTV founder Jamal Edwards, just about to go in on his F64, South London's Kozzie has been spitting into the mic - and faces of MC's check him out in 'Lord Of The Mics III' - for a hot minute. Recent single 'Yeah' was playlisted on 1Xtra and did the rounds in the raves too, now managed by BBK and his live sets pleasing the crowd over and over again, we caught up with the MC  for a quick chat.

Tell us about your most recent single, the Preditah produced 'Yeah'.

I’ve always thought he was a great producer but loads of artists were vocalling his tunes…I said I wanted it to sound a bit different and get a little bit of dub in there.

What do you think the future of grime holds, and do you think 'real' grime will make it into the charts?

I think it’s gonna take a certain song, and less violence in lyrics… but as long as the grime artists stick to grime songs, it should do well.

What is the toughest part of your body?

My head, cos I've got a brain.

What's the toughest decision you've had to make?

Probably choosing between football or music. I was on my way to being something, maybe important?

Last but not least.

I'd like to get on the G Shock sessions, I've performed there before with like Lady Chann but if people haven't seen me perform before I'm energetic, hyperactive and my stage presence is good, so yeah check me out!
Make sure you follow @OfficialKozzie and grab the single Yeah!

Wireless '12: Childish Gambino

G-Shock parked up our kitted out party bus just behind the main stage at Wireless Festival and, obviously, invited a few celebs on board. First up was comedian/writer/actor Donald Glover who's also pretty good at rapping too, which he does under the alias Childish Gambino. We spoke to the funny man about his most shocking nights out, tough decisions and his sick new mixtape, 'Royalty'.

So the free mix tape, 'Royalty' just dropped and it's getting some heat. For those that haven't heard it yet, what can they expect?
More kind of music that you can play in your car, I guess? It's much darker than CAMP. I mean, I always saw CAMP as green and this mixtape ['Royalty'] it's blue. That's why the cover is blue, all of the songs just felt blue to me.

You hooked up with Josh Osho last time you were here, how did that come about?

Well, he had an album coming out and a song that he wanted me on, so I met him in the studio in London. He told me about his life and it was eerily, like uncannily, similar to mine. We were both raised Jehovah Witness. We were both the only black kid in our class, we grew up under similar circumstances. He was like, 'Everything that you say in CAMP I can relate to'. So he was like, 'I really want you on this record', so I rapped on it and then I got this song 'Wonderful' from Boi-1da and I was like, Josh would destroy this and he just did. I'm so happy that it's one of the people's favourite songs. He's got such a beautiful voice. You just wouldn't expect it from him; it's a very manly, like. John Legend-y voice.

So moving on to your Donald Glover guise and '30 Rock'. What was it like going into that sort of show as a writer. Was there a lot of pressure?
I was terrified! Like, the first year, I thought I was gonna get fired every day. I would have stress dreams about it, like, maybe I'm not good enough. Each night I would stay up and be like, I've got to be better tomorrow. They kind of run it like 'Saturday Night Live' where they don't tell you if you're doing well or not. 'SNL' is infamous for letting you do stuff and not saying whether it was good or not and then you'll either get fired or promoted. One day the head writer came to the room and said, You've been doing really well this season' and that was it! But my dad always told me you wouldn't be there if you weren't supposed to be there.

Is there a common theme between you as a writer and rapper?
Yeah, I've always felt like I had to be as blatant and see-through as possible. I feel like a persona would make it feel untrue. I feel like my family worked really hard and I feel sometimes that some people believe I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wasn't we were very poor for like a long time.  I went to school, had no money, was broke and living on my grandmother's couch. The theme of it is overcoming and working hard because in America, the ideal of the Amercian dream is the president. I always felt like when I was a kid that wasn't really meant for me. But the point of the music and writing and stuff, the through-line, is anybody can do it if they really want.

So are you living the dream?
I feel like if I ever felt that way, I wouldn't be good at anything anymore. Like if I tried to say I made it, I'd try to make some really s**t music. I'm always like, 'Man we can do so much better'. Even with the mixtape, I don't think you could ask for a better reception from people I looked up to like Beck and the Wu Tang Clan. But the next day, I was like, 'What are we going to do for the album'? Because that's what keeps you hungry.

Your shows at CAMP and XOYO were wild? Not to mention today at Wireless. Explain the importance of your live vibe?
I just try and give them a show. Like when I was a kid, I loved rap but the shows were just like...they didn't have the resources to really make a dope show. Ghostface had his cousin on the ones - they couldn't even afford a twos!  His cousin would be flirting with some girl then he'd rap a bit. I was in love with the album but I just wasn't hype. When I would go see Justice and it's like people's hands were bleeding, like it's insane. That's how hip hop shows should be, like #WTT [Watch The Throne] is incredible so that's how it is now. I'm trying to do shows which you can feel on stage.

What is the toughest decision you had to make?
Probably rapping because it was such a bad idea (laughs). Like I'm in it now and that's cool and I'm glad people are enjoying it, but it's weird. Doing acting and music, sometimes you can lose cred in both fields. But I always made music. So that was probably the hardest thing, like leaving the shows ['30 Rock'] and turning down movies and big stuff because I was like, 'I have to work on the record'. I don't think it was wrong I think it was hard.

What is the most shocking night out you've had?
Wow! I probably shouldn't tell you this but one night in Austin, which is always crazy, after the show I got really really drunk. I was like 'Let me jump over this parking meter'. I hit it and flipped over and hit my head on the ground, making a sound like (*does konk sound). I was like 'Man whoever that was is in trouble because that sounded painful'.

It took me a second to be like 'oh that was me'. My friends lifted me up and got me on the tourbus. I felt all of this stuff come out of my nose. Like,' f**k I'm bleeding'. If you want to know what is a scarier feeling than hitting your head and blood coming out of your nose then the scarier feeling is hitting your head and clear liquid comes out. Everything was shaking. So I'm thinking, 'oh no I have this weird concussion thing' and I'm getting really cold so they're putting blankets on me. Then this girl is like, 'I know you just hit your head but do you want to have sex?' (laughs) I'm like 'yes'. so I had sex with a concussion. That's like the craziest thing that's probably happened. It made sense because I was like I have got to stay awake.

Lastly what does the G stand for in G-Shock to you?
G stands for Gangsta obviously. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mark McNairy Hooks Up With Keds For Summer Kicks

Everyone wants a piece of Mark McNairy when it comes to limited footwear collections. Fresh from his BBC boot collab, Mr McNairy has teamed up with Keds to provide you with a few stylish sneakers for your summer. The original oxford inspired tennis shoe has been revamped with two-tone colourways plus its vulcanised crepe outer and is only being stocked at selected international stockists so head to Keds for more info.

Gangster Squad: Trailer

Set in late 1940's LA, this mob tale sees the LAPD trying to grasp back control on the mob run streets. Featuring everyone's favourite eye candy Ryan Gosling, the go to chick right now, Emma Stone and pros Josh Brolin and Sean Penn it's November release will most likely be anticipated by many - especially after you've watched the trailer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

G-Shock Rolls Through Wireless Festival

We rolled through Wireless Festival this weekend and caught up with a whole load of celebs on board our pimped out bus. Everyone from David Haye to JLS to Little Mix and more jumped on the top deck for a quick chat, so look out for our mini interviews hitting the blog this week. For now though, have a gander at the video above and see what the celebs had to say about how Gangsta G-Shock is!

Publish Brand double up on cap collab

Cali fashion peeps Publish Brand have taken the collaborations to a whole new level, teaming up with both Reed Space and KICKSHI as part of their 'Good Moods' collection. The east meets west in this flower and camouflage inspired collection of headwear but you have to be quick if you want to grab one of these stylish head toppers as they're super limited. Head to the Publish Brand online store for more...

Ellie Goulding Ft. Tinie Tempah: Hangin On

She's been away for a minute but the electro-pop starlet is back and teaming up with the 'Wonderman' Tinie Tempah for 'Hangin On'. Whilst we were having a gander around the running fanatics Soundcloud we came across an interesting cover of The Weeknd too which you check it out here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Preditah Readies Red Bull EP

This producer's work rate is no joke, having taken over the grime scene over the past year producing and working with artists from JME to Kozzie and of course talented sibling C4 Preditah is just about ready to drop some more instrumentals on us. Named the 'Red Bull EP' it's an energy driven selection of tracks and although there is a brief taster below of the EP you can grab the full EP July 16th. Until then make sure you keep up to date via hie Twitter and Soundcloud.

Nas: Bye Baby

Probably the track that most people have been interested in hearing since the New Yorker announced the album late last year. Finally on 'Bye Baby' the 'Life Is Good' album closer, Nas opens up about the breakdown of his marriage with Kelis and the birth of their son Knight. Check it out below and head to his soundcloud to check out more cuts from the album which is released July 17th.

Stussy & Herschel Get Nostalgic

Stussy are definitely not shy of a collaboration or two so we're used to seeing them switch things up by now by now although the stylish lot have tied up with cool backpack providers Herschel Supply Co. for their 'Tom Tom' collection. Taking a dip into the past, Stussy found original fabrics from the 80's which they introduced into the lining of the two exclusive backpacks. Hence why there's only 100 available. Make sure you head to Stussy stat to get yours.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jin Jin & The Ragdolls Ft. Mikill Pane: Cashpoint Dramas

Come on we've all been there, well, here's that track to remind you of such #Peak times, the songwriting, singing and modelling Jin Jin plus The Ragdolls team up with rapper Mikill Pane for this electro-rap number.

Frank Ocean: Sweet Life

There has been an endless amount of support and respect passed along via twitter to Frank about his recent opening up regarding his sexuality but forget about that, he's giving us more music and that is way more interesting. Taken from overly anticipated debut album 'Channel Orange' out July 17th get your ears around the Pharell Williams collab 'Sweet Life' below.

The Dark Night Rises (Soon): Extended Trailer

It feels like a lot longer than an 11 day wait until we are treated to another instalment of The Dark Knight so luckily for you caped crusader fiends there's a new 13 minute long trailer for your viewing pleasure below. Time to get gassed (again).

Also whilst your obsessing over all things Batman take a look at the aptly nick named 'Dark Knight' G-Shock below yours for a mere £100.

Azealia Banks Announces New Free Mixtape 'Fantasea'

This Harlem Mermaid just dropped the '1991' EP on us via i-Tunes a couple of months ago so it's only right she follows up with a free EP to tide us over until her debut album is in stores. Featuring the Nick Hook and Hudson Mohawke radio regular 'Jumanji', 'Aquababe' and 'Nathan' which features Styles P, look out for the freeness via Azealia's Twitter this Wednesday (July 11th). Plus keeping her collaborations as wide ranging as always it seems Hackney's Shystie has been working with Ms Banks so look out for the outcome of that hook up.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wireless 2012

Selection of pics from Wireless yesterday. Much fun was had on the bus with Clement Marfo, The Saturdays, Labrinth, Mark Wright, Marvin JLS, Queen of Hearts and Rochelle Saturdays.

Friday, July 6, 2012

BAPE x Kreayshawn

Yesterday the filthy mouthed femcee Kreayshawn decided to drop the whole 'Gucci Gucci' thing and team up with BAPE for a pretty cool tee. Check out the tee above and the video of her performance at the BAPE takeover of YoYo's last night, we know she's not actually wearing the tee in the vid but just know you can grab yourself one for a mere £70.

Ted: Trailer

If you're a fan of Family Guy then you'll already have an idea of just how funny Seth MacFarlane can be. So try to put aside the fact that there's a huge stuffed bear playing a talking character alongside the likes of Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg the latter being his owner. Anyway whichever way we put it, trying to explain how funny a crazy teddy bear is too heard so we suggest you watch the trailer. So here you go, in cinemas 1st August...

Plan B: Falling Down

Plan B is one talented guy isn't he? We know you agree, even if we can't see you nodding your head up and down. Today he hit us off with yet another huge track taken from the forthcoming 'iLL Manors' album with 'Falling Down', if you haven't already then check out the latest single too ('Lost My Way' Raekwon Remix). More news dropped today of his new EMI deal where the £3 million figure was thrown around and there's talk of £1 million upfront! £1 million! He's not doing badly at all, did we mention he's got an awesome film out at the end of the month too...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

RBMA & Major Lazer Announce Carnival Line Up

There's always a reason to get excited about production duo Major Lazer aka Diplo and Switch simply because they're just sick but even moreso each summer when alongside Red Bull Music Academy they throw their very own mini carnival within Notting Hill Carnival.

This year there is something for everyone the bashy flavour provided by Sean a Paul, roots from Rodigan, cool kids will like the fact Mele and Lil Silva are set to go head to head and the ravers will enjoy Lunice being on the line up alongside his current production partner Hudson Mohawke although they're on the bill separately we're sure some TNGHT tracks might make an appearance.  

Tickets as always will disappear rapidly so on release date AUGUST 16 make sure you get yourself to the RBMA website sharpish!!!

Django Unchained: Trailer

So Tarantino does Westerns now...we're not sure if it's the James Brown background music in the trailer or Jamie Foxx's bare chest but we're very excited about where Quentin is going with this. Also, Leonardo Di Caprio stars what more do you need people?! Try not to get too excited though, think of the film as a pre-wrapped xmas pressie as that's exactly when you can expect to catch it in your local cinema.

Converse x 100 Club Collab Continues

Converse have been running eclectic live music nights down at West End's legendary 100 Club for a while but what they have planned next month is super special.

'Represent' will see stars from across the globe both new and old grace the intimate basement stage, Nas, Santigold, Paul Weller, Plan B, The Heatwave, Rudimental, SBTRKT, the list literally does go on and on. 

For all of you Chuck Taylor wearing fans head to converse.co.uk/represent to be in with a chance of witnessing shows which take place between July 30th - August 10th.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MNEK Joins Casio's Search For Synth Stars

Already providing world class musicians with their state of the art synthesiser's, namely new release XW-P1, Casio are spreading the love that one step further in the search for future synth stars. 

The competition to find the best unsigned talent out there begins today. All synthesiser players can simply upload a three minute video of them doing their thing onto the Casio facebook page where friends and fans can then vote for their faves. It's more than worth it too as when the judging panel decide on winners on 22nd July not only will the triumphant one bag themselves a gig-ready Casio XW-P1 synthesiser but also the chance to perform on the G-Shock bus whilst at Relentless Boardmasters Festival this summer. 

Part of the launch of the new synthesiser XW range consisting of the tooled up XW-P1 and the groove synthesiser XW-G1, Artful and Engine Earz Experiment already kicked off proceedings at the new in store 'Synth Sessions' but fear not there will be more live events during the rest of the year. 

For now though future synth stars get your showcase on and check out the video below for a little inspiration including new super talent MNEK, look out for this guy you have been warned!

Tinie X Disturbing London X Nike Blazers

One of our favourite rappers has enjoyed a lot of success with his Disturbing London clothing range. One of Selfridges best sellers on the men's floor, Tinie's launch boasted celeb pals including David Gandy, Jessie J, Rio Ferdinand and Ellie Goulding.

Having smashed it the clothing line, the South Londoner recently teamed up with Nike to design his own Blazer Mid LR. With its red suede, tight white tick and DL embossed logo, we reckon these are a pretty special pair of sneaks.

Already seen on the feet of Rita Ora and Reg Yates, (as well as the man himself), these limited editions will be available soon for a short amount of time.

Keep an eye on Tinie's Twitter for more info...