Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time For: Josh Osho

Mr. Osho drops his EP, the Manifesto today. Showcasing his incredible vocal and thoughtful songwriting, you can download it for free from here!

We caught up with the south London singer with the amazing voice for a quick chat to find out more about the EP and what Josh has up his sleeve for this year.

Break down The Manifesto EP.What can we expect?
It's my musical and narrativemanifesto, in that the whole concept of the EP encompass the lessons learnt fromthe politics involved in the transition from creative expression tocreative responsibility. Then musically, I feel I have taken the a lot of thecore elements of my forthcoming album then concentrated and explored them, soalthough I'd say this is a touch more intense, I feel the general dimensionsof it act as precursor to the album.
Who's producing on there?
I self produced for the firsttime actually! I also have a production duo called Jack &Max, another production duo named Parallel and then there's Empdy on there too.
Why did you choose to workwith Etta Bond, Smiler and Rize?
100% Etta was in the plansfrom day one. I met her yonks ago and she has a beautiful soul then obviously Iclocked her talent, and so I was eager to get her on board. Smiler is flyingat the moment, I slept on him but recently stumbled across his freestyles and his single, Delorean and went all out to get him on board. Rize is a friend of who I'verated for a while; his grasp of lyricism is something else, he has so muchpassion and this was a platform I could give him.
The track, RIP Johnny Oakes, is prettyamazing. Can you tell us what inspired that song?
My own experience really, my perspective on life is that we all have a purpose and a journey and alongthe way there are so many potential split decisions, faultlines, that can throwyou off and at times - and I've seen it - be fatal.This song is about thatlesson, and how that lesson has been reinforced thus far on my journey withmusic.
What does The Manifesto sayabout Josh Osho? What you bringing to music in 2012?
II try and speak and create from my heart; no matter what the musicalenviroment or subject I just try and connect with myself then others.
What are your hopes for thisyear? Your next single, Giant is out soon, when are you dropping the album?
This year I hope to growmore, learn more, meet more people and connect with more people - and make some money(laughs)! The album should be dropping summertime.

You've worked with Ghostface,Childish Gambino, Krept and Konan etc - who might we see on the album?
Well we have Nas’s pops, Olu Dara, singing us a lovely little sample on a track. I'm sure they’ll be somemore surprises but I'm happy thus far; I've been blessed a lot on that front (laughs).
What'sthe toughest decision you've made to date?
The toughest decision thusfar has got to be to risk a lot to pursue music, I guess.
What's the toughest part ofyour job?
Realising it's not just aboutcreating and also the self criticism and analysis that you're not goodenough; constantly trying out do yourself
Where can people see you next ?
Giants is dropping on 23 April, so look out for that. Then I'll be supporting Emeli Sande on tourand then Rizzle Kicks so hit up my website for all the dates!

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