Thursday, March 15, 2012

G-Shock Aviator GW-4000D: Preview

We headed to Basel, Germany, recently to announce the launch of the new GW-4000D-1AER at the Basel watch trade show. If you thought you'd seen it all with G-Shock (you haven't btw, but anyway), this is about to blow your mind even more. The Aviator features tough solar charging and radio control for perfect timing. There's also the expansion of the 'Sky Cockpit' line, previously seen on the GW-2000 and GW-3000 - a feature that draws (*dusts our shoulders off) a whole lot of love.

When it came to the design of the watch (we know, it's a beauty!), we asked some of the world's most extreme pilots for their input. With that in mind, prepare to be impressed with the 'Triple G resist' technology, creating a watch that is able to maintain accurate operation under the most extreme acceleration and deceleration. A new polyurethane gel protects the internal components, while the finely balanced hands maintaining accurate operation in excess of 12G. 12G!

G-Shock premium, including the Aviator GW-4000D is available from select Goldsmith and ROX shores, Selfridges London, Liberty and G-Shock East. Pop yourself here for more stockist details.

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