Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time For: Brenmar

Amazing DJ, brilliant producer, and all round top dooode, Brenmar is a man that loves his R&B, hip hop and house. If the beat is banging and the vocal hypnotic, it's basically up this Chicago creator's street.

His last release, Slow Grind, Deep Hustle was an absolute must-have, as is its follow-up, Vol.2. Stuffed full of Destiny's Child remixes, there's also newness from The-Dream and Dirty Money. Check it out, above, riiiiight now.

We hit Brenmar up on the old email to find out more about the mixtape and what he has in store for this year's SXSW.

The second instalment - blam! What can we expect?
(Laughs) Throwback late '90s/early 2000 R&B jams mixed in with a fewer new ones to balance it out.  All songs that still sound fresh and relevant even though some of them are over 12 years old.  

How do you go about selecting tunes, esp. from the '90s to now - is it what works well together or just what you're feeling?

Nothing - to me anyway - sounds dated on this mixtape, which just goes to show you how ahead of its time R&B once was.  It's a combination of nostalgia for me, some of these tunes I grew up with, as well as finding certain gems I had never heard before that still bang.  

Shout out on behalf of the UK for the Craig David inclusion! Still a big tune. What's your personal favourite/s on there?
I know! I found that remix and was like OMG, this is amazing!  He definitely had his moment, he's a personal favorite of mine.  Right now I can't get enough of Mariah Carey's Sweetheart.  

How would you describe Brenmar's hustle?
I work everyday, just making music, staying busy. Really trying to make the best music I can possibly make, my own personal hit records.  If I'm not in the studio I'm probably performing.  

You're off to SXSW - what are your memories of last year?
Getting really drunk the last Saturday with the RBMA [Red Bull Music Academy] UK fam (laughs).  I barely remember it to be honest.  

What you looking forward to most this year? Bands, DJ sets, parties, food etc etc?
The-Dream at Fader Fort!!!

Which track do you think you'll be spinning the most at SXSW?

THIS is a steady one in my playlists as of late.

What's the toughest decision you've ever made?
Leaving School to pursue music... always a risky move but it had to be done, no regrets here. 

What's the toughest part of your job?
The best and worst part of my job is the traveling. I get to see the world but everyone knows that flying isn't exactly someone's idea of a good time.  The food, the security, the turbulence... it takes it toll at times but I never take what I have for granted, I've been given an amazing chance.  

What else you working on right now?
I'm working with a lot of vocalists right now; Hip Hop, R&B and House. I'm really excited to start getting some of these original tunes out there.  I've been messing with samples for a long time so it's really refreshing for me - although much harder! The next Brenmar release will either be for Grizzly or Mixpak, it depends which I finish first.  The Grizzly record is more dance/house and the Mixpak more R&B /Hip Hop.  

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