Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Hundreds: Screen Resolution

The Hundreds are legends in the screen printing game but as their recent blog post will tell you none of their success came without a struggle. Now eight years old, the social merchandising company, (the first of it's kind) has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including our fine selves here at G-Shock and Disney plus covering prestigious titles too such as New York and LA Times. 
Check out the exert below if you're an aspiring merchandiser to appreciate the struggle and head over to The Hundreds website to read Bobby Hundreds full blog post.

So we showed up on our friend’s doorstep, unannounced, and demanded to see our product.  One by one, he pulled each crumpled t-shirt from the floor mess. The first tee’s graphic was a little too high in placement.  He shrugged, “It’s not so bad,” and picked up another. This time the print was upside down.  A little flustered, he tossed it aside and grabbed the next shirt.  The print was on the wrong side. “There’s always a margin of error,” he justified, “you have to expect a few f***-ups.”

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