Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kwabs: Walk

New one from Britain's bestest baritone...

He's winning legions of fans from all over the shop thanks to his incredible vocal and right lovely hightop. If you've seen him live, you'll know just how spellbinding a performer he is too.

The 24- year-old Bermdonsey born baritone debuted his new single, 'Walk', on Mistajam last night, and had this to say about it. 
“I’m really excited about 'Walk'. I wrote it late last year with Jonny Lattimer, about half-way through writing for the album. I guess it's about that age-old problem: 'I wanna stay but I've gotta leave...' I think people will get that. It's my statement of intent: the first time I'm saying, here I am. I wanted to look at the spirit of progression from a slightly different perspective, where you have to stop yourself rising to the drama of the moment," he explains.

This hugely soulful slice of aceness will be released on 29 September.

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