Monday, September 17, 2012

Wu Tang x G-Shock

You know when you actually swoon upon seeing something you love so much, you just have to have it?

Well, this Wu collab might be US only, but we're prepared to do anything we have to, to get our wrists on this.

In Wu's eponymous yellow and black colourway with the Shaolin's crew's symbol on the face, which lights up when you press it (could it get any more mega?), the DW-6900 is a must-have for anyone with even the slightest sense of style! Celebrating 20 years of the revolutionary hip hop crew, this collab is a fittingly brilliant homage to the Wu.

Due for release in select North American stores on Oct 15, is it over the top to just book a flight now?

All together now: Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang!

(Don't forget to check the trailer for RZA's forthcoming directorial debut here).

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