Wednesday, September 26, 2012

18 Years Of Rinse: Slimzee

This seminal radio station has had a hand in the career of everyone from Wiley to Dizzee, Tinie, Magnetic Man and Katy B.

Some wise person recently went to talk to some of Rinse's key players, including Sarah Lockheart and Geeneus, who founded the station with Slimzee after the pair got kicked off Pressure.

The chat with Slimzee, the first man to get an ASBO for pirate radio, is my favourite. This is history here people. The amount of people that have been spotted and nurtered by the now-legal station is incredible. And they faced tough times in the early days.

I would like someone to collate all the best bits into a documentary. There are some incredible stories from the likes of Plasticman about the station's pre-legal days involving lots of stairs, lots of scares and stealing of aerials.

Watch the rest of the interviews here.

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