Monday, September 24, 2012

ASOS X Puma: Os Pixadores

They fear what we have to say. So we speak.

Directed by Ben Newman (the man behind videos for Wiley amongst many others), ASOS, Puma and Newman headed to Sao Paulo to discover the graffiti that is making its mark in the favelas.

Known as Pixadores, the 'pixas' risk life and limb (you might have to close your eyes at some of the death-defying shots), to give their voice to a community that is increasingly ignored. Whether scaling skyscrapers, speeding trains, or in the volatile favelas, the eponymous graf can be spotted in (usually high) spots all over Sao Paolo.

"The only way to push things forward is to risk something," remarks one pixas, explaining why they go to such lengths to be seen and heard.

It takes less than five minutes to watch this beautifully made film. So, like, watch it!

"When you create something you give it life. You can't control what it does or where it goes." 

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