Monday, September 3, 2012

Watch Out For... Child Of Lov

I honestly know nothing about this person/ people other than that I am LOVING this track.

People working with the mysterious and purported lover of chicken are DOOM (woo), Damon Albarn (woo hoo) and Thundercat of Erykah Badu fame (light me a josstick).

Channeling some Prince, some Outkast and a whole lot of understated psychedelic oddity (in a great way), it's no surprise that THe Child of Lov was discovered by Trey Reames who introduced Cee-Lo to Dangermouse. Reames. That guy knows what it is.

Download from here.

Here's what TCOL has to say by way of introduction:

"This is a really long trip we’re on here, sugars and sugarettes. But it’s not about the destination. No need to get an ironic tattoo, wear lavender oil or a Stepford smile if that ain’t you. Just be your bad self. Don’t worry ’bout your birthday. You only have one anyway. And as a wise man once said, time is no linear thing. You, me, us, we love our bodies, and that’s a good thing, but let’s not forget that Father Time’s hourglass figure makes him a sexy mug too. Let’s give him some lov. And while we’re at it, let’s feed that fine ass Mother Nature some honey as well. Remember, we’re all Children of Lov. So let’s make our parents proud. Let’s sing ourselves back to the Mother’s hip. Let’s turn back to the cosmic cantaloupes and draw deep. Let’s travel through the deep south, pass through the lov canal, and immerse ourselves in the voluptuous body of water ahead. As the Scripture hath said, the ocean is our catwalk. The time is ripe for music made of lov n’ haight. Let’s jump off this money tree. Together."

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