Monday, September 10, 2012

Lady Gaga: Born This Way Ball (Twickenham)

There aren't many people we'd schlep to Twickenham on a Saturday night for. Especially when we have friends making fish taco's and margarita's in the 'Indian Summer' evening.

But not even a boozy Mexfest could stop us jumping on 8 trains and walking 4 hours just to see the greatest pop star off all time eva!

Having first seen Gagz at a tiny club in LA called The Abbey about four years ago, it was pretty amazing to see how far she's come in so short a time.

That first time we saw the Born This Way singer she had a leotard, four dancers and one (what looked suspiciously like a homemade) disco stick. >>FF to today and there's a lifesize castle, an actual horse, a motorbike, 15 odd dancers, a number of costume changes, and a full band poking out of turrets and the like.

Instagrammed Twickenham to make it look more 'arty'.
There was some sort of concept involved, but lets not worry too much about that. It was to do with Aliens and Goats and stuff.

The most important thing here is how massively ace stadium rock she is, how brilliantly she sings and plays and how Gagz WILLINGLY brings up mental looking fans onstage. She was so ace, we even liked her cover of Imagine (admittedly, we might have been in the minority there). There were hits (Born This Way, Just Dance, Bad Romance, Telephone, You & I), and new tunes (Princess Die about, well Di and Amy. It was odd but good), and amazing album tracks (Hair).

"I was told by one of my executives when I first played Born This Way that it was too niche. Well, this is a big f**king niche," she laughed, surveying her 60,000 'monsters'. "I like our stadium niche.'

Well, we liked it too. A lot. It was really well brills. An amazingly entertaining night put on by a really ace performer. And given how expansive the set was, one she's unlikely to be making her billions off. Oh Gagaz, you really do do it for the love of art.

If you get chance to see the show in Manchester tomorrow, DO IT!

Bare hands in the air

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