Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missy Ft. Timbaland: 9th Inning

So the one like Miss E is back, back again.

9th Inning is the first single, closely followed by Triple Threat (video of sorts below).

Thoughts? There have been some mixed reactions to this song so far, but we are giving it a rather large thumbs up. The only thing is that Missy is, unusually, making a bit more sense in her raps than normal. I mean, who ever really understood what she was on about? In a good way obvs. But wait, what's this; Missy's second verse is a bit more brilliant. 'Dumb dumb and python and Left Eye and Netflix' all get a mention in a random  Missy-esqe way.

But it's Triple Threat which truly sees Missy back to the brilliant stream-of-consciousness that suits her so well. Triple Threat, with its chopped and screwed-esqe Paul Wall/ Mike Jones strings is by far the best of the two tunes.

In conclusion, I like the creepy drama of 9th Inning and I LOVE the syrupy swaggerloo of Triple Threat. Thank you Missy. Thank you Tim. Well done everyone.

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