Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Print The Legend: Netflix Explains 3D Printing

'Orange Is The New Black' makers document new revolution in invention...

Anyone else here realise that a baby's life was saved the other day after new technology enabled surgeons to 3D print the baby's heart pre-surgery, thereby significantly improving the infant's chance of survival?

Us either.

In a new documentary from Netflix, the online entertainment company explains the huge significance that 3D printing is about to have, and its effects on life as we know it; from invention to healthcare and even the stock-exchange to, predictably, all sorts of very weird (and some wonderful) things. 'Print The Legend' describes 3D printing as important as the making of the computer itself, while looking at the more controversial attention that it as currently courting.

The official statement from Netflix reads: "A story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. For the first time in history, the building of an industry and its inevitable social upheaval has been filmed. The result is Print the Legend, a documentary which chronicles the race to bring 3D printing to the forefront of society. It's a compelling look at an industry in the midst of its "Macintosh Moment," chronicling the infinite and unlimited potential of 3D printing... as well as the dark possibilities that could lie underneath."

Check the film's synopsis, below.

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