Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Mix Ft. Missy Elliott: How You Doin'

Anybody else miss Missy? Anybody else reckon she has at least one more AMAZING album in her?

Here's some of our finest Miss E moments:

When she proved that she was ahead of her time, ahead of the game, a fashion icon and a sonic innovator.

For this song, which she produces and features on and is one of the most underrated tunes ever.

For every single song she did with this woman.

For giving us Tweet. Even before we knew what a Tweet was.

When we interviewed her for the Guardian Guide in 2002.

For banging on about certain substances popular in Hip Hop long before Molly and Mandy became slang du jour.

For her pre-fame uncredited work on this album.

Because this is LOL. And Mel, you don't have ANY flows, from overseas, or, indeed, anywhere.

The fact that she was doing this in 1996, which is a very long time ago.

Cos after everything they've been through, her and Tim are STILL buddies and making music together.


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