Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DJ Khaled Ft. Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross: No New Friends

DJ Khaled, the man with a right big gob, gets his buddies together for an all-star track wherein three of the biggest names in rap let everyone know the 'new friend list' is very firmly closed.

As a big fan of Khaled's first album, we pretty much love everything the Miami based, well, he's not really a producer is he? This one was made by Boi-1da and Noah '40' Shebib. Khaled is more like the rap whisperer we reckon. We whispers/ shouts into like Wayne or whoever's ear, before they hit the booth in order to get the best out of performances.

And he also has to do that bit where he shouts over the intro "DJ KHHHHAAALED" and stuff.

This one is slow and sultry and we like it.

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