Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Bought This For The Cover: Exhibition

Photographed and curated by magazine junkie Leanne Petersen, 'I Bought This For The Cover' shows a series of journalists, photographers, designers and illustrators bearing their personal front page picks. We chose Angela Lansbury on the cover of The Gentlewoman because, well, it's just everything. Other people chose The Face, Gentleman, i-D etc etc.

"This documents and highlights the obsession a selected few have with print media in particular with magazines," says Leanne. "The exhibition looks to explore into what draws one to a magazine cover and why. It takes a reader a matter of seconds to look at a magazine cover and decide whether it justifies a purchase. Now put that previous statement into perspective, and stand it against
that of the team who have put in weeks/months of planning to get that magazine to print, now
ask yourself, do we really give enough time for appreciating the beauty of every magazine

The pop-up is open from the 26 to the 28th April at Camden's Cobb Gallery. Check out Leanne's Tumblr right here.

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