Monday, October 1, 2012

Kidult: Visual Dictatorship

Denigrated as a vandal by some, hailed as a street artist par excellence by others, Kidult is nothing if not consistently controversial.

Whether defacing Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior and even Supreme storefronts or designing 'sperm' T-Shirts, the French artist's work is always provocative.

His latest films points an arch finger to the designer brands and corporate, global companies cashing in on street art, famine and war. Here's what he told High Snobiety recently:

"At some point, all these shops have used graffiti culture as a commercial image, riding the trend without being a part in the least and for which the only point is to make some cash. All I say to them is “hello”; if these brands really like graffiti, I only give them what they like, so what if it’s beautiful or ugly." 

Check out the Kid's site here and maybe be in a with a chance of winning one of his free t's.

In related news, any East Londoner's out there wanting to check out street art should head down to Follow Your Art at Village Underground in Shoreditch (above) this Wednesday for a street art exhibition in aid of Anti-Slavery International. Artists include Sweet Toof, Mr Penfold, RYCA, Toasters and Matt Small.

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