Monday, October 15, 2012

Breton: Population Density

We know little about Breton, but we do know we really love this song.

The London based band recorded this track in-between festivals, debuting it last month at Route De Rock in France.

We love the way this track builds, love the drums, love the vocals, love the tone of lead singer Roman's voice. Love love love, basically.

The video is a collab between the band's video directors bretonLABScollective and ze fans.

“We went to route du rock & asked people on twitter & FB if they wanted to be part of a video project," says lead singer Roman. "We assumed about 20 people would turned up, but in the end 120 arrived to part of the video.
It was a collaboration between photographers, film-makers and the 120 people who turned up on the day.”

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