Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Spotlight: Naughty Boy (Producer)

One of my tips for 2012 is super-producer Naughty Boy. Obvs he's already know for crafting smashes for Emeli Sande, Chipmunk and album tracks for Subo and Chezza Cole, but in 2012 he will be releasing his own album, Hotel Cabana.

Featuring a virtual who's who of the UK Urban scene (Sande, Pro Green, Ed Sheeran), he also promises some unexpected surprises in the form of big British pop singers. A somewhat secretive guy, the man born Shahid Khan enlightened this very blog with a few words regarding his forthcoming album.

 "I want it to be an album for our time; it has a concept to it, so it’s more like a film in some respects,” he said. “I view it like I’m not just a producer – I’m a director too. I don’t say anything and I don’t dance, so I have to compensate for that by being a visionary. I want to keep it weird." Check a sneak peak of what to expect.

Sampling Jefferson Airplane and featuring rhymer mic Righteous and upcoming singer/ songwriter Maiday, this new track taken from Cabana (Someone To Love) is a dark tale of foreboding, underscored by NB's epic orchestration.


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