Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012: Predictions [Georgia Lewis Anderson]

Introducing SBTV's Georgia, the first expert we reached out to find out who and what they are predicting will be super-hot in 2012. 

Here's Georgia's Top 3 Tips for 2012. Catch Georgia sprinkling her interview magic dust all over on SBTV and on Twitter.

1) "First I'm gonna go for a guy called Shakka that I caught at the last ILuvLive not long ago and just blew me away. I feel like you really have to see him live to appreciate his charisma, stage presence and vocals but he made this 'Shakkapella' video using all his own vocals which is pretty cool (below) . He's funny too which always helps!"

2)" Jeymes Samuel's creation The Bullitts have undoubtedly got some exciting bits up their sleeves for 2012. I had a lot of fun getting involved in a bit of acting with them for some SB vids this year and I can't wait to hear their concept action-adventure album in full. Telling the stories of many a murder, narrated by Lucy Liu..."

3) "I'm majorly crushing on female rapper Iggy Azelia, a white Australian. Could she be the unexpected underdog like Candian ex-soap actor Drake once was?! Who knows but her swag is on point, I can't wait to see more."

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