Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Railway Redemption: Trailer

UNDERCRANKED: Director, Santiago Posada 'Railway Redemption' - Trailer from Undercranked on Vimeo.

We love a good documentary (current recommendations include Jiro: Dreams of Sushi, Searching For Sugarman and McCullin) and this forthcoming film looks to be another beautifully shot, detailed, moving watch.

Columbian born, Hackney raised director Santiago Posada is touted as 'realist fiction' and follows Sri Lankan man Vijay as he travels home to see his dying brother. Vijay, an ex alcohic and petty thrief hasn't been home in over years, decades after the 'questionable' death of his mother.

The film can be seen at on the 30 June at the East End film festival at the Rio Cinema, Dalston, London. Otherwise, keep an eye for Undercranked dropping on iTunes and other film outlets.

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