Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jay-Z: More Magna Carta

And so it continues....

Today, Hov drops some more footage of him being, lets face it, a bit of a chatterbox again, boring off at Rick Rubin, Swizz, Pharrell and Timbaland. That said, as Rubin points out, there's gonna be some good picnics this July 4th! Good one Rick! I'm also giving whoever titled the above clip the benefit of the doubt that it's supposed to mean 'to many' as opposed to 'one too many'. I suppose in the context of this clip the latter wouldn't make sense. Unless it's a subliminal to Hov, about having had too many and now he can't stop talking.


Also unlocked by Samsung users today are lyrics to a track featuring Frank Ocean called Oceans. Ahh.

Here, Jay discusses his feelings towards American history, slavery, Christopher Columbus and by dint the 4th Of July (the album's release date). There's also a nice Billie Holiday/ Strange Fruit/ money reference, before ruminating that it's thanks to Obama that he even votes now.

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