Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eminem: Symphony In H

We've been on a shoot all day, so only just got to listen to this new one from Em. And oh gosh.

We honestly think he remains the world's greatest ever rapper. But that's just us.

Taken from DJ Tony Touch's mixtape, The Piece Maker 3: The Return Of The 50 MC's (check out the first two from a few years back, they're classic tapes)

Here's a couple of our favourite lines. Can't wait to see Em live at Reading this year.

 "Don't ask me wassup with the hoes, I'm still working the kinks out/ Love stinks, that explains all this anger that's spilling out, and I ain't chilling out/ Got an Oscar, but I'm still a grouch/ I use as a door stop and a prop for the broken leg for the couch,"

Course, you know Em. He loves to take a pop at a celeb. This time, he has La Lopez in his sights.

"Hell yeah I nailed J. Lo — to the railroad". Ohh, he's such a cheeky one that Marshall!

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