Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time For: Random Impulse

Which is... today!

Happy Thursday everyone. Happy Thursday Random Impulse...!

We asked the North London guitar/ drum/ bass playing Mr. Impulse (born Jovel Walker) to describe his crazy rock-rap-indie-pop sounds. This is what he said.

“[Music like this] is a good example that we live in a world of playlists rather than tribes of people who listen only to one genre. I think I reflect a generation of people that listen to everything without preconception. If it’s good music, it’s good music. I haven’t got it down to a fine science yet, but I do think I’m one of the few that authentically bridges the gap,” he says of his thunderous live show that has more in common with The Clash than Tinie Tempah. With influences including Jay-Z, Franz Ferdinand and The Prodigy, Random’s forthcoming debut album manages to be a diverse yet cohesive record. It achieves multi-genre mutations without feeling in any way contrived; the grime MC, the poet, the writer, the guitar player, the indie head and the engineer all co-exist effortlessly. “It looks and feels authentic. The beautiful thing about this is that it’s organic; it’s not actually that crazy and different as you think. It’s just me spitting over guitar."

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