Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Professor Green Ft. Miles Kane: Are You Getting Enough

He's back, gammy leg and all!

The Professor of Green teams up with Shadow Puppet's Kane and producer Kid Harpoon on a straight banging, dirty, angry hip hop record.

On the new track, Green talks about society's craving for more and more material goods, regardless of the cost (literally, spiritually and metaphorically we'd venture). Here's three of our favourite bars (we had to type fast to keep up, believe); we like these because of the wordplay, the internal rhyme-schemes, the flow and the punchlines. Things Mr. Green is pretty darned good at.

"You're born for it, built for it/ Rob for it, steal for it/  Shot for it, deal for it it/ Rob for it, kill for it/ Some are born with it/ Some are born without/ Can hardly afford what they're forking out..."

"Piggishness, audacity, poverty-born depravity/ Gluttony over luxuries all ravenous voracity/ Insanity  avidity/ Salacity lust/ Anything I want I need for me to have is a must."

"I spend money I ain't got/ Anything I want, I get/  I buy what i want period/ I don't mind if I'm in the red..."

Pre-order Green's third album, Growing Up In Public, due later this year, from here.

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