Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time For: Dot Rotten

In case we weren't 'Entertained' enough last time, Dot Rotten returns with another explosive anthem, this time called Laughing. Oh, he likes a guitar does Dot. As do we.

G-Shock recently spoke to the South London MC about how he approaches songwriting.

“I try to have a beginning, middle and end with every song,” explains the man born Joseph Ellis. “Watching a lot of anime has definitely inspired that; drama, thriller, concepts, twists and turns. The films I watch, the depth I have from life situations, the things I’ve been through, tend to start the song and then flow throughout. I always try to paint a picture but I like to encourage people to go and research stuff that they might not understand. I like to think of myself as a young teacher slash MC.”

As for his name, there is of course the Eastenders nod (“Big up Dorothy. We both smoke Mayfair”), but it’s more acronym than homage; Dirty On Tracks, Righteous Opinions Told To Educate Nations. “I’m for everyone,” he insists. “I’m a normal human being who grafted to get to the position in the music industry that I’m in right now. I’m hardworking, but I can slack at times, I’m very boisterous, I can be negative. Just like you and anyone else that circles this earth, I’m going through things, dealing with them and learning from my mistakes. I’m just a normal guy who has things he’d like to talk to you about.” 

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