Monday, August 12, 2013

Giggs x Mark Ronson: (Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes

Firstly; loving the use of parenthesis...

Secondly; what an interesting pairing. Giggs returns with a beat by Mark Ronson, no stranger to the world of Grime (Wiley's Cash In My Pocket), although it feels like a while since Ronson dipped his toe in the world of urban music. A brave move also for Giggs, but one that pays off. Clearly this is a pairing between two people who are mutual fans of each other. You can hear that this is a collab between to people in the same room, as opposed to a label driven cash transaction, beats-by-numbers send over the interweb. We approve.

The super-producer gifts the Peckham MC with a Ronson special. that distinctly soul-horn-driven special, leaving Giggs to do what he does best; Rap. Hard.

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