Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time With: Nigel Sylvester

More than almost anyone we know Nigel Sylvester has a New York State Of Mind. The Queens born and bred BMX badman lives, breathes and bikes the city in top gear. The Big Apple is also the inspiration behind his second collaboration for G-Shock.

"New York City can be so intense, so chaotic, so overbearing at times, but it can also be beautiful, peaceful, calm and I wanted to do a piece that reflected that," he told us. "So we put the safari print on the band in reference to New York being a 'Concrete Jungle'. We did matt black and gloss black on top to show the contrast of it being crazy and calm. Then we did black screws and black intercasing on the back; these are little details that I wanted to do. I believe simplicity is the truest form of beauty."

We met up with Mr Sylvester last week to find out what inspires him musically while behind two wheels.

Here's his three picks to listen to while traversing the terrain. Check the last video with A$AS Ferg to peep Nigel's incredible skills.

1) Jay-Z: Can I Live

"It’s so introspective and it’s food for thought. It teases your mind and makes you think. It helps me to slow things down when I’m on my bike and think it through."

2) Drake Ft. The Weeknd: The Ride

"I really can relate to it; everything he talks about, I relate to. Being a young man and dealing with family, dealing with friends, dealing with success, dealing with those up’s and downs. Like Biggie said, ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’.  So dealing with, and adjusting to, my new surroundings, things start changing. So that’s a song that helps me through those moments and those situations."

3)A$AP Ferg: Work

"That’s my homie. He’s awesome. That song gets me so hyped. We actually just dropped a video that we collaborated on (above). I’m riding and he’s doing his thing. The video is me riding and him performing Work. That was exciting."

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