Monday, March 25, 2013

Amplify Dot: Kurt Cobain

A Dot in last months' i-D wearing G-Shock

Amplify Dot just dropped the video for her first official debut single.

Titled Kurt Cobain, the song is about... well, yeah, Kurt and living life to the full.

Here we play the Seven Steps of Kevin Bacon with Dotty and Kurt Cobain.

1. Kurt was in a band, Nirvana (who were quite famous) with Dave Grohl (who went on to form the Foo Fighters, also quite famous).
2. Dave Grohl had 'beef' with Courtney Love (something to do with a song called Teenage Whore)
3. Courtney Love played Althea Flynt in the film The People Versus Larry Flynt.
4. Larry Flynt was directed by Milos Forman, who is, sadly, an orphan.
5. Another famous orphan was Annie, immortalised in the film Annie The Musical, which is to be remade this year with Quvenzhane Wallis (from Beasts Of The Wild) who is about to make 12 Years A Slave with Michael K Williams (AKA Omar from The Wire)
6. Michael K Williams used to be a dancer in videos for artists including Missy Elliott
7.  A 14 year old Amplify Dot performed onstage with Missy Elliott in 2001 - BOOM

We know, we know, we are geniuses!

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