Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time For: Little Mix Jade

Whilst chilling working away at Wireless we managed to speak to one quarter of recent X Factor winners Little Mix Jade. From upcoming music to shocking experiences find out what the northern lass had to say whilst aboard our bus.

How have you found Wireless festival this year? 

Absolutely amazing! I'm just having a really good day, I've seen Tulisa so far and a bit of Example and I can't wait to see Drake and of course Nicki Minaj will be brilliant. 

How has life been post X Factor?

The past few months we've just been in the studio, writing and recording. We've got the first single coming out now, 'Wings' so we've been doing photoshoots, interviews...absolutely everything you could cram into a few months and it's been incredible.

Tell us a little bit more about 'Wings'.

It was produced by TMS and we co-wrote it with Ian James, who's like our little secret weapon when it comes to songwriting and we were looking for some time for the record and then we heard this beat by TMS and thought this is it! We wanted to make sure the first single was about the fans and without it being too cheesy, so yeah, we're just so excited for it to be released.

What about the album when can we expect that?

Really soon, we're trying to fit in as many different genres on the album as we can. We've got a lot of old skool hip hop and R&B, we've just had so much fun writing different things because obviously we've all got such different tastes in music.

What is the toughest decision you've ever had to make?

Auditioning third time round because I couldn't believe I put myself through it again and then another would be deciding on the first single because it's so important, so that was a tough decision but hopefully it pays off.

What has been your most shocking thing you've ever experienced?

Well, we had a flasher once at our show. I don't know why we had one of them? Also talking about flashers, I went on holiday once in Turkey and I was on the beach when this old man, like 80 year old, flashed us on the beach. It wasn't the best experience for me but yeah that was a pretty shocking experience in my life. 

What do you think the G stands for in G-Shock?

G stands for Geordie. Also, great watches, check this bad boy out! 

You can buy 'Wings' here and follow the band on Twitter here.

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