Monday, July 30, 2012

Time For: Clement Marfo

Who better to catch up with during Olympic-Mania (sidebar: how amazing is the swimming?) than the owner's of this year's No.1 sports-based anthem, Champion.

Clement Marfo and the Frontline's latest single has been borrowed for inspirational moments during Andy Murray's near Wimbledon-win and at the finals of this year's Euro 2012. Available to buy from the shops (and here), we caught up with Clement and Kojo of the Frontline fame.

Firstly, can we talk about your amazing outfits please (pictured above)?
Clement: This is a Nicol Ginelli jacket. I'm not a fashion guy to be honest with you; I just stand there and let them style me. Kojo, he's the fashion guy (laughs).
Kojo: This is just an Urban Outfitters shirts and a few chains. Nothing too mad.

Champion had some good syncs. Is it the most synced song since DJ Fresh?
Clement: We've had some incredible syncs; it started with Streetdance 3D in 2010, then Sky Sports, Formula 1, Top Gear, the Euro 2012 finals, then Andy Murray at Wimbledon. I'm buying my mum a house one day. PRS! (Laughs).

Does it feel like things are really happening for you guys now? 
Clement: I feel the attraction of fans now, I have to say. I feel like a lot of people know us because of all our graft. It's through all the shows, clubs, pubs, small venues and festivals that, slowly, we've been luring them in.
K: It's overwhelming to see the response and to see how the fan base keeps growing. Like, here at Wireless, a certain someone else was playing at the same time as our set, but we managed to get a really big crowd.
C: He's talking about Rita Ora (laughs). People were tweeting about not going to see Rita cos they wanted to come and moshpit with us. People like to vibes in different ways. That feels good.

How's the album coming along? Any planned features?
Clement: I've always said I wanted to work with Kano and Ghetts, and we've done that - on Overtime and Mayhem. We've got Sway on the album as well, so everyone on the dream list, we've been lucky enough to hook up with. I can't wait for the world to hear this album because we've been working so hard on it. We went over to the US and did some stuff, we've been here, writing and writing. We did around 60 songs, so now we just have to get it down to 11 songs.

What's the toughest decision you've ever had to make?
C: For me, before I met the band I was a solo artist. I had a part-time job and I was at university. I was a big fan of Kojo, I'd always wanted to work with him. So I said to Kojo that I wanted to start a band, he was up for it, and so we put the band together. We were in studio, we had loads of shows and I couldn't balance it all. So I said to myself 'I'm going to quit my job, I'm going to quit university and I'm going to do music'. That was a tough decision, but I don't regret making that decision, it worked out well.
Kojo: I left my job as well, I moved house, I had to move back into the family home...
Clement: That does hurt...
Kojo: Yeah, it does. But if you want something so bad then you're willing to sacrifice anything for it. So, for us to have done all of that, you hope to reap the rewards now and in the future. It was a good decision. I chose to do this and I'm happy to be doing it.

What's most shocking thing you've seen or done onstage?
Clement:  Sometimes, when I perform, I get tourette's. At the Isle of Wight festival recently, I shouted 'How you lot doin', you rowdy c****'. It's not like me at all, honest.
Kojo: He just gets gassed. It's contagious when a crowd gives you so much energy, you just forget where you are, you get so pumped up. Clement got a bit carried away that time.

You're known for your crazy live shows. What's been the worst injury sustained to date?
Kojo: This guy... (points at Clement and laughs). He kind of stage dived a bit weird during the MOBO tour. His head went one way, and his legs another way. It was a scary moment for us in the band, we just looked from the stage, like, 'What's happening'.
Clement: Luckily, I've got very loyal fans and they picked me right up.
Kojo: It was like the resurrection.
Clement: The resurrection of Clement Marfo! Just as I was about to bang my head on the ground, someone caught me and I survived.

There's a lot of hot laydeez playing at Wireless. Who's the hottest of the hotties?
Kojo: There's hotness for different reasons. Every woman is different; Nicki Minaj is different to Rita Ora, who is different to Tulisa (lots of laughter ensues). Every woman is hot in their own way.
Clement: I like Delilah you know. Those legs. Have you seen her latest video, Inside My Love? It's very sensual. She does all these moves in the bed with this ballet dancer. Sometimes I close my eyes.. 'Oh, Delilah...' (laughs).

What does the G in G-Shock stand for?
Clement: Generous - cos you gave us one!

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