Thursday, July 25, 2013

Compton Cricket Club: Short

Who would have thought cricket could be a thing in Compton...?! It's actually been around for a while, founded by Ted Hayes and Katy Haber, first with homeless people in downtown LA in 1993 and now, for the last few years, with young people in the hometown of the Game and Kendrick.

Offering an alternate to basketball and described as 'the chess of field sports', the club was founded by original LA Krickets member Mustafa Khan as well as Hayes and Haber, to encourage young people away from the world of gangs and drugs. As Haber points out, "These kids were killing each other over shoelaces".

In this beautifully shot short, Khan, Hayes and Haber explain the origins of the club and the success they've had to date, while the young people beautifully explain why they love the sport.

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