Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beyonce: Bow Down Preview

She got the grillz, she got the batty riders, she got good weave... What Beyonce doesn't have, for some reason, is volume.

Some five months since the song first debuted on the internts, Beyonce finally does a video for Bow Down (Bitches). Whether this means her album is now almost ready is anyone's guess, tbf, but we're always up for some new Bee.

Check the (silent) trailer and join us as we await with baited breath the rest of the promo.

Here's also a cip of the Queen Bee performing the single in her hown town of H-Town the other day. The intro to the track went like this...

"She turned Michelle and Kelly’s mic down at the Super Bowl! I know she’s bald-headed, that’s why she always wears that damn weave! Why is she always wearing those tired leotards? She know she lying! She was never pregnant with that damn baby! She is not a diva and she is not a king!"

...which is pretty amazing tbf and tbh.

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