Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time For: Miguel

Seeing as he just dropped the video for his super-fine new single, Candles In The Sun, here's a very tiny excert from an upcoming chat with the Grammy winning, San Pedro resident.

We are huge, big, massive fans of Miguel. Oh yes we are.

According to your song, 'How many drinks' would it take to…
(Laughs) Oh no.

Oh yes. Eva Mendes?
Oh my god. Well, for her, it wouldn’t take any drinks. Zero drinks.

Rosanne Barr?
The comedian? I don’t think there’s any number of drinks. I'm sorry. She’s not my taste.

The Queen?
Could I not go to jail for that? Isn’t that, like, treason. I mean, it’s historical thing to do, but… You know that moment in Boomerang where Marcus is at the new owner's house and she’s coercing him with the sexy lingerie? I suppose I would feel like him in that scene, like ‘I guess I kind have to’.

Based on the album, Kaleidoscope Dream, what's been your wildest night out in recent memory?
I love those, wild nights. But I never started forgetting things until recently. I’ve done things and then I’m like ‘I did that, really?’ I’m not the blackout guy. I’m the guy who would normally tell everybody else what they did. But recently there’s been a couple of nights like that that have been really, really great nights, but I can’t precisely exactly what happened. I just remember the feeling. That’s where [the song] The Thrill came from. Last year we were at BET with Wale and we won best collaboration and that night was crazy. We went to Mark Pitt's afterparty and it was also his birthday party, so it was like the perfect storm; everything was already there. Every one of my friends was with me and we were in my home town so procuring any type of party ‘favour’ (laughs) was tremendously easy so… I didn't sleep that night, no. I slept the next morning.

Based on the album Part 2, how DO you d'o a girl like drugs'?
Not sparingly. (Nods wisely)

What's the toughest thing about being a singer?
(Long pause) Sometimes it's the things in-between being an artist, like being a business-man. There’s times when you’re clearly one or the other; sometimes it’s purely artist-mode, like when I’m on stage. You came here to see me do just that otherwise I’d be cheating you. On the other hand, there are times I have to remove all of that and think from a big picture, be logical, take an unemotional point of view. I’ve learned to be better at that but it’s completely different, the polar opposite of being an artist. And then there’s the stuff in-between where I have to do both. That’s the hardest bit, that’s the bit I hate. 'You’re neither hot nor warm, you’re lukewarm and I spit you out'. But that’s part of being an artist and if that's the worst part, well… I've done worst things. Like, I was an extended car warranty car saleman. That’s like, 'we’re going to trick you into giving us your information and you’re not going to get a quote, you’re going to get a phone call, and not only once, but we’ll badger you until you take us off your list'. It doesn’t make for happy people. I could sell you extended car warranty though, I was damn good!

What three albums should everyone own?
Prince's, Purple Rain. I hate to be cliché and although it’s a soundtrack, as a body of work, it’s perfect. Ready To Die by Biggie and any Beatles album... I’ll say Sergeant Pepper.

Most shocking thing you've done or seen on tour?
One of the funniest things I’ve seen, in the middle of  performing Sure Thing, was two women get upset. One takes a picture in front of the other one and this causes tension in-between two couples. So I’m singing and out of the corner of my eye, I see two women with big, huge wigs on full-out beating each other. Their boyfriends jump in, and everyone’s fighting, the whole foursome are going at it. I go over to them and sing at them as they get carried out. All that’s left is weave all over the floor. I didn’t know my music inspired so much anger!

The amazing Kaleidoscope Dream is out now. 

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