Friday, February 8, 2013

Snoop Lion Ft. Angela Hunte & Major Lazer - Here Comes The King

Sometimes you just need to stop and say, 'What the beep beep beep is going on here?'. Watching this video provides one of those moments, in fact it provides multiple. We appreciate that you have to grow with your music but turning into a Rasta reulting in a good telling of from Bunny Wailer and then releasing music like this to your fans who have loved you long time, is cray. We're not quite sure why Dre Skull has dropped these beats on the Long Beach gangsta rapper turned Rasta, especially considering the good job he did on Vybz Kartel's last project. So many questions, anyway watch this video for the pure entertainment and/or heartache, we prefer the Gin & Juice days though it must be said.

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