Tuesday, November 6, 2012

M.O: Wait Your Turn

Frankee, Nadine and Annie. A new 3-piece girl group from London.

We heard them on Mistajam last night with the track above and we're newly obsessed. The beat is bigger than Piers Morgan's ego, the vocal's tighter than Topshop jeggings. Love the Truth Hurts style Indian intro also. Who produced this? We need to know right now. They've been working with Show N Prove*, Rak N Ruin and WOZ, so perhaps one of those. Either way, this tune is a monster.

We're not the only fans - Ed Sheeran and K Koke have also been tweeting about the track. Sooooo huuuuuuuge.

Follow the girls here.

*Update, it is the almighty Show N Prove.

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