Wednesday, September 24, 2014

George The Poet: The Chicken & The Egg EP

New EP from West London spoken word artist...

Without doubt one of the UK's most interesting, innovative and inventive poets is a young man from West London called George.

Described simply as a 'story about the cycle of fatherlessness', each of the seven tracks are a self-contained story that sees George study domestic abuse, disappointment and desire. Oh, and Imperial Leather. It's about that too. 

Say George: "I wrote the 'The Chicken and the Egg' about premature parenthood. Through the story of a rocky relationship, it outlines the cycle of fatherlessness in seven tracks. Since signing to Island Records in 2013, I have been keen to keep a strong social message. So, with this being my first official release, it was important to me that 'The Chicken and the Egg' was uncompromising and unconventional.
 It’s out on October 20th and I'm excited for you to hear it. If you want to hear more of my music, I’m doing a co-headline show with JP Cooper at Scala, Kings Cross on October 13th. There I'll be showcasing even more new sounds and I promise to confuse everything."

You heard the man. Buy tickets to see George live here.

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