Monday, July 14, 2014

Mikill Pane: The Godfather EP

Lanky Londoner drops second EP

If nothing else, you know the lyrically gifted Mikill pane for his remix of Ed Sheeran's' A-Team', 'Little Lady'.

If that's all you know of Mr. Pane, then you need to get more involved.

The thought-provoking MC has just released his new 4-track EP, and it's typically stuffed full of conscious couplets, mind-bending rhymes and a total disregard for anything as formulaic as 'genre'. 'Put It There' has pure bounce to the ounce while 'Raise The Heat' is an impassioned piece of poetry. This is music to listen to, rather than merely 'hear'.

So, do yourself a favour, and buy The Godfather for £3.16 from iTunes. You'll not be regretting it.

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