Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Fred Perry

Who'd a thought it, eh? Mr. Perry doesn't look a day over 59...!

 To celebrate the iconic British label's diamond anniversary, they've asked 60 of their frainds and family to design a shirt. Everyone from Damon Albarn, Raf Simons, JW Anderson and Bradley 'Wiggo' Wiggins has contributed.

The results of their efforts will be on display at Dover Street Market from 26 Jan.

This is what Simone Rocha had to say about her shirt:

"The Simone Rocha Fred Perry's are mixing the original polo shirt with silk tulle , creating a contrast of fabrics, textures and styles , which is a theme that runs through Simone's work".

(And when we say 'Simone' we mean 'someone at her company')

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