Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Damien Hurst @ Tate

Groundbreaking artist Damien Hurst has brought his works of art to the world since the late 80's when he decided to curate a show including his own work alongside his fellow students at the University of London's prestigious college, Goldsmiths. Since then there's been pieces that even those uninterested in art completely can identify with such as the shark suspended in formaldehyde pictured above. Damien once joked with David Bowie about possibly getting the chance to show at The Tate although now with a full display of his most recognised works they've stopped laughing at the prospect. Showing until this September make sure you pencil in some time to enlighten your artistic side and check out the exhibition for yourself over on the South Bank. To get an idea of what you'll see watch the video here where the artist himself walks you through the gallery.  

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