Thursday, April 19, 2012

Casio-GW-4000D: Esquire approved

Making this month's 'Want List' in Esquire is the Casio-GW-4000D. Developed and designed with help from the RAF ski-team, this timepiece is not only a beautiful piece of design but it pushes technological boundaries. 

Casio went to join the team in Saalbach, Austria, to see how the watch has become a central figure for both training and competitions. Solar-power, world time and shock resistant features are of course standard, but the GW-4000D can withstand extreme temperature and altitude conditions as well as 12 G's of force. For those that need to know exact time, then the 1/100th of a second stopwatch comes in handy, as does the beeper alarm.

Check the video to see how the RAF's Nathan Jones and his team utilise this imperssive watch.

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