Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rednek: I'm Not Skrillex

Just in case anyone is still confused - Rednek ISN'T Skrillex! Ok!
Born to a Polish mother and Irish father and babysat by a Jamaican producer, singer and DJ, Rob D’Riche is no newcomer to mixing it up and hard work, (hence the name, allow the modern stereotype). After soaking up the sounds filtered through the Hackney estate where he was raised, it wasn’t long until he began taking music seriously via a redundant music room at school, “I locked myself in and built up this studio at around 12 years-old,” the Pioneer fanatic tells us adding “my studio is fully kitted out now, it’s plush”. Speed through the years past a stint in pop music working for Pete Waterman on <Pop Idol>, then alongside Tinie on <Hood Economics> and we arrive at Radio 1 daytime airings of dubstep stonker <I’m Not Skrillex> (released 29 August) plus plans to tour the US. Simply press play and prepare to wobble like never before!

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